Friday, November 07, 2008

The 'Conspiracy of Rich Men' Who Pulled Off 911 and Other GOP Atrocities

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

That the Bush administration would conspire with 'rich men' in order to perpetrate the capital crime of aggressive war and mass murder is nothing new. Rome attacked and invaded Dacia for its gold. The 'empire' itself was sold by the Praetorian Guard to the Patrician Didius Julianus for Greek Drachmas --not worthless Roman sesterces. Is it so unusual that a bankrupt American empire would attack and invade Iraq for its oil? Simply --that is what happened!
'Rich men' have always conspired to acquire and maintain their estates by all means legal and 'ill'. Iraq was attacked because it had oil and Bush's co-conspirators wanted it. In the second week of Bush's illegal occupancy of the White House, Dick Cheney's 'Energy Task Force' met to carve up the oil fields of Iraq. The stated objective was to "develop a national energy policy designed to help the private sector, state and local governments, promote dependable, affordable, and environmentally sound production and distribution of energy for the future." Fancy words for 'oil theft' on a scale not imagined since Rome and, later, the Third Reich.
Judicial Watch, a conservative legal group, obtained a batch of task force-related Commerce Department papers that included a detailed map of Iraq's oil fields, terminals and pipelines as well as a list entitled "Foreign Suitors of Iraqi Oilfield Contracts."
The papers also included a detailed map of oil fields and pipelines in Saudi Arabia and in the United Arab Emirates and a list of oil and gas development projects in those two countries.
The papers were dated early March 2001, about two months before the Cheney energy task force completed and announced its report on the administration's energy needs and future energy agenda.
Judicial Watch obtained the papers as part of a lawsuit by it and the Sierra Club to open to the public information used by the task force in developing President Bush's energy plan.
Tom Fitton, the group's president, said he had no way to guess what interest the task force had in the information, but "it shows why it is important that we learn what was going on in the task force."
Opponents of the war are going to point to the documents as evidence that oil was on the minds of the Bush administration in the run-up to the war in Iraq," said Fitton. "Supporters will say they were only evaluating oil reserves in the Mideast, and the likelihood of future oil production."
The task force report was released in May 2001. In it, a chapter titled "Strengthening Global Alliances" calls the Middle East "central to world oil security" and urges support for initiatives by the region's oil producers to open their energy sectors to foreign investment. The chapter does not mention Iraq, which has the world's second largest oil reserves after Saudi Arabia.
-- H. Josef Hebert, Associated Press, Cheney Task Force Eyed on Iraq Oil
The 'oil fields' of Iraq were 'carved up' long before Bush would have the 'pretext' needed to attack, invade, and divide the spoils of war. I propose that Bush be allowed to refute that charge at a trial in which he is charged with numerous crimes including mass murder, high treason, aggressive war and common theft! The 'official conspiracy theory of 911' does not help his case. Nothing Bush has said about 911 is true and he has actively sought to block every effort to learn the truth. None of the so-called 19 'Arabs' could pilot aircraft of any type. None of them could have pulled off the crime of 911. 911 was an inside job, Bush's 'Reichstag Fire'.

The Nazis had gone back to the well.

The FBI has stated that there is no hard evidence to connect Bin Laden with 911. The 'official' conspiracy theory of 911 is an absurd and ridiculous fabrication believed only by idiots. It is a bullshit cover story designed to shock, awe and confuse with its sheer audacity and vainglorious hubris. Why are we surprised? Every criminal lies about his crime. Every criminal thinks he will get away with it. Every criminal hides the truth.

Every criminal has a cover story. 911 is Bush's. There is historical precedent for Dick Cheney's meeting with Bush's financial support. A good description of that precedent is found in the work of St. Thomas More who wrote of what he called a 'conspiracy of rich men'. More's description of a 'conspiracy of rich men' presages Hitler's infamous meeting in which he 'closed' a deal with I.G. Farben, Thyssen, Krupp et al. Hitler would wage wars from which his sponsors would benefit if they would 'pony up', if they would finance and support his rise to dictatorship.
For the first time—in the last relatively free election Germany was to have—the Nazi Party now could employ all the vast resources of the government to win votes. Goebbels was jubilant. "Now it will be easy," he wrote in his diary on February 3, "to carry on the fight, for we can call on all the resources of the State.
Radio and press are at our disposal.
We shall stage a masterpiece of propaganda.
[note: this is clearly a reference to a 'planned' Reichstag Fire, Hitlers' 911!]
And this time, naturally, there is no lack of money."(2)
The big businessmen, pleased with the new government that was going to put the organized workers in their place and leave management to run its business as it wished, were asked to cough up. This they agreed to do at a meeting on February 20 at Goering's Reichstag President's Palace, at which Dr. Schacht acted as host and Goering and Hitler laid down the line to a couple of dozen of Germany's leading magnates, including Krupp von Bohlen, who had become an enthusiastic Nazi overnight, Bosch and Schnitzler of I. G. Farben, and Voegler, head of the United Steel Works. The record of this secret meeting has been preserved.
Hitler began a long speech with a sop to the industrialists. "Private enterprise," he said, "cannot be maintained in the age of democracy; it is conceivable only if the people have a sound idea of authority and personality ... All the worldly goods we possess we owe to the struggle of the chosen . . . We must not forget that all the benefits of culture must be introduced more or less with an iron fist." He promised the businessmen that he would "eliminate" the Marxists and restore the Wehrmacht (the latter was of special interest to such industries as Krupp, United Steel and I. G. Farben, which stood to gain the most from rearmament).
"Now we stand before the last election," Hitler concluded, and he promised his listeners that "regardless of the outcome, there will be no retreat." If he did not win, he would stay in power "by other means . . . with other weapons." Goering, talking more to the immediate point, stressed the necessity of "financial sacrifices" which "surely would be much easier for industry to bear if it realized that the election of March fifth will surely be the last one for the next ten years, probably even for the next hundred years."
All this was made clear enough to the assembled industrialists and they responded with enthusiasm to the promise of the end of the infernal elections, of democracy and disarmament. Krupp, the munitions king, who, according to Thyssen, had urged Hindenburg on January 29 not to appoint Hitler, jumped up and expressed to the Chancellor the "gratitude" of the businessmen "for having given us such a clear picture." Dr. Schacht then passed the hat. "I collected three million marks," he recalled at Nuremberg.(3)
--William Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, The Nazification of Germany: 1933–34
Hitler may have begun his war on the cheap. Nazis are said to have paid 'subsistence wages' for big projects --the autobahn, new public buildings, the grand visions of Albert Speer, most which were never realized. Much is made of the money borrowed from Swiss banking houses. It is said that the Wehrmacht was but a shell despite its reputation. Panzer divisions were mechanized, the infantry walked. But, if we are to believe the memoirs of Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's money problems had been solved by his industrial and American financiers.

It was Krupp who told the meeting: "Pony up!", pledging himself a million marks to prime the pump. American industrialists --led by Henry Ford --did their part for the Nazi cause. [See: Henry Ford and the Nazis; Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler; Hitler and the rise of the Nazis] By July 1942 'incriminating information' had filtered back to Washington from Ford of France; it was all about Ford's active and financial support for Herr Hitler's war of aggression against the nations of Europe.

Not surprisingly, the information was buried, as Fox et al bury anti-Bush information today.
It is only those who benefit most from 'conspiracies' who have an inherent bias against them. Those who benefit from 'conspiracy' have vested interests in discounting them. 'Conspiracies' are how important crimes are committed. No one acting alone is capable of achieving much --certainly one person cannot wage 'aggressive war' or even significant acts of terrorism.

Certainly --the crimes of 911 were the work of a conspiracy whether the conspiracy was conceived and directed by Bushco or other terrorists. Acts which enrich a group are called 'free enterprise' if legal, 'conspiracies' if illegal. If 'conspiracies' did not exist, then why has the US Supreme Court handed down so many cases defining them and applying to them the laws of these United States? And why are there so many US laws having to do with 'conspiracies' if 'conspiracies' did not exist?
I can perceive nothing but a certain conspiracy of rich men procuring their own commodities under the name and title of the commonwealth.
They invent and devise all means and crafts, first how to keep safely, without fear of losing, that they have unjustly gathered together, and next how to hire and abuse the work and labour of the poor for as little money as may be. These devices, when the rich men have decreed to be kept and observed for the commonwealth’s sake, that is to say for the wealth also of the poor people, then they be made laws.
But these most wicked and vicious men, when they have by their insatiable covetousness divided among themselves all those things, which would have sufficed all men, yet how far be they from the wealth and felicity of the Utopian commonwealth? Out of the which, in that all the desire of money with the use of thereof is utterly secluded and banished, how great a heap of cares is cut away! How great an occasion of wickedness and mischief is plucked up by the roots!
--Sir Thomas More (1478–1535), Utopia, Of the Religions in Utopia
The fascist domination of American life and debate is possible because people have 'bought into' the pernicious notion of 'corporate personhood'. This notion facilitates More's 'conspiracy of rich men'. Mere legal abstractions are absurdly accorded rights that, by right, belong only to real, living, flesh and blood people. Corporations are given license to lie about misdeeds, incompetence and corporate criminality, literally, a 'conspiracy of rich men!

I submit that with the full knowledge and consent of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney met and conspired with GOP financial backers in the oil industry just as Hitler conspired with Krupp, Thyssen and I.G. Farben. It was at that meeting that the oil fields of Iraq were carved up like 'booty'. Just as Hitler made promises to Thyssen, Krupp and I.G. Farben, the Bush/Cheney cabal of traitors and mass murderers made promises to Exxon-Mobil et al.

There is sufficient probable cause to convene a federal grand jury to investigate charges that Bush and Cheney conspired with their corporate backers to commit the crimes of mass murder, aggressive war, torture and the grand theft of the natural resources of a sovereign nation.
Many of these crimes are punishable by death under US law.
(a) Offense.— Whoever, whether inside or outside the United States, commits a war crime, in any of the circumstances described in subsection (b), shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for life or any term of years, or both, and if death results to the victim, shall also be subject to the penalty of death.
TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 118 > § 2441
§ 2441. War crimes
George W. Bush and Condoleeza Rice wore out the phrase: "No one could have foreseen (fill in your favorite atrocity here!)! For Bush and Condo it was the cop out, a cover up of crimes about which the pair of them not only foresaw but planned and hoped to get away with.

As a result of their conspiracies of and for 'rich men', the US is plunged into a new dark age which few foresaw just eight years ago when Bill Clinton left to his GOP successors and criminals the longest-ever period of sustained growth of the

American economy, one of the highest employment rates in the 20th century, a balanced budget, a federal surplus and improving educational opportunities.

Bush would be well-advised to leave the White House quietly at midnight unannounced. If God did not damn America, Bush worked mightily to destroy it. It must be hoped that Barack Obama can salvage what little is left of civility and hope.
Addendum: Following is a comment that was posted on my preceding article:
See where the Halliburton connection comes into play as payola to the Bush overlords for Cheney taking one for the team...namely acquiring Dresser Industries and its asbestos liabilities - the biggest of which were the Twin Towers. Halliburton received the no-bid Iraq contracts as quid-pro-quo for taking the asbestos liability hit.
Read all about it here:
Karl Rove is the single most destructive force in the US Government...the enabler of the entire evil scheme...


The scheme includes 9/11 as the essential pretext. "9/11" ... how clever, Karl! Only someone with American sensibilities would select the number we have all memorized to call in the event of life threatening emergency as the date for this evil....


The war plan to invade Iraq was written BEFORE 9/11. The Secret Energy Task Force meetings that Cheney had with Ken Lay and the other OIL HOGS during which they all decided how to divide up the oil fields of the Middle East...all of that was BEFORE 9/11.

Now you see why Cheney insisted the substance of those talks remain SECRET.

All of their schemes and conspiracies REQUIRED 9/11 as the essential trigger.

Cheney outsourced the implementation of the FALSE FLAG OPERATION to Mossad...the FALSE FLAG experts. This explains why over 200 Mossad agents were operating in the United States prior to 9/11. This explains why five of them were arrested, having been observed filming the planes hitting the towers and their subsequent collapse - celebrating our worst nightmare.

9/11 was not a bad day for those involved in the Conspiracy. It was their shining moment...their PRETEXT.

One of them washed out...couldn't cope with the guilt. Ari Fleisher had to be replaced, and disappeared. Not dead, but out of sight.

The outing of Plame was designed to destroy the best WMD intelligence the US had at its disposal regarding Iraq. Plame knew for a FACT that Iraq had no WMD. It was HER JOB to know. Therefore Rove perceived Plame (the truth) as his WORST ENEMY, and conceived of a plan to silence her. Rove is the individual who insisted that Wilson be sent to Niger.
Karl Rove is not even a good little Nazi. A GOOD Nazi would have already done the honorable thing! A 'good' Nazi would have already shot himself!

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Anonymous said...

Gad'damn, Cowboy!
Whoa! If there was ever a blogger that I pretty much would be if I could blog it would be you jeez louie!
Nothing wrong with laying down Every Single Piece of Detail now is there, eh?
Good thing you're such fun to read.

Thanks for dropping by the Ladder. I'm so happy to have a Black Man in'da White House that you could slam my dick in a car door and drag me down a dirt road and I would still die laughing.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Len. The fight for reform is not over. Please view all eight parts of this video and spread the word. If you haven't seen this yet, the best way to absorb it is to be open-minded, calm and objective.

Anonymous said...

Warner Bros executives were told to stay out of New York on 911.

George W.Bailey said...

Good article Len!

Yes, I've always wondered how they could claim no prior knowledge of the attacks but pin the crime on bin Laden by 4:00 PM that day before any official investigation could possibly be started. (Notice how fast they had an ID sent out on Oswald minutes have the shooting, when nobody could have seen what the shooter looked like.) There are so many holes in this the official story it just doesn't hold water. When covering up, they make mistakes and you can easily find the trial.

Peter Dale Scott coined the phrase, "deep politics." And that is what we see going on here.

Unknown said...

New Orleans Ladder said...

Gad'damn, Cowboy! Nothing wrong with laying down Every Single Piece of Detail now is there, eh?

Thanks, ladder! Keep up the great work yourself. No doubt --Bush left us in a pit. Barack is the best thing to happen to this country in decades. I remember saying once: God help us! Maybe he did.

I'm so happy to have a Black Man in'da White House that you could slam my dick in a car door and drag me down a dirt road and I would still die laughing.

Obama's da man, allright! The best hope we've had since JFK. Just saying that scares me.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Len. The fight for reform is not over.

Not by a long shot! Good news is '911 Truth' is not just a few websites --IT IS A MOVEMENT! And it will NOT shut up!

As I have often advocated: we must track down these evil bastards, capture them, charge them with mass murder, try them for capital crimes and high treason!

I want to see WANTED POSTERS with Bush's evil, guilty mug on 'em.

Thanks for the links. It's been a busy morning...but will catch up today.

damien said...

Warner Bros executives were told to stay out of New York on 911.

And, damien, you should be credited with having made 911 truth a movement. Thanks for the link. I'm checking out now. More evidence that lots of people KNEW and some of them may have known PRECISELY what Bush was up to.

Unknown said...

George Bailey said...

Peter Dale Scott coined the phrase, "deep politics." And that is what we see going on here.

Thanks, George. I've often said that there was enough 'probable cause' in the public record to secure indictments against Bush, Condo, Cheney et al. There may even be enough to secure not just indictments but convictions. The info is almost all there be had, collected, and collated. It's a matter of connecting ALL the dots.

Without doubt ---Bushco committed high treason and mass murder, tried to cover it up and, upon the pretext, tried to STEAL IRAQ'S entire supply of oil. As I wrote --the Nazis went back to the well.

BTW --there is an 'energy' aspect as well to WWII. Hitler invaded Poland for its COAL! Hitler screwed up by not adequately supporting Rommel who might have had a short 'window of opportunity' in which he might have seized the oil fields of the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to review everything posted here:

Mauigirl said...

The idea that the Bush/Cheney administration is that evil is dumbfounding - but the evidence is mounting that they are. Scary stuff.

Unknown said...

Mauigirl said...

The idea that the Bush/Cheney administration is that evil is dumbfounding - but the evidence is mounting that they are. Scary stuff.

I hate to sound like a pessimist --but I really think that we cannot fathom the depth of their evil. Good people are, thus, at a disadvantage. I had supposed myself a hard-bitten 'journalist' and interviewed Bush Sr on a number of occasions. In retrospect, I regret not having pushed him harder. I regret not having pinned him down. Today --of course --NONE of the journalists even bother to ask a follow up. Sad! CNN and Fox are just PR services.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliment, Len. Here are some links that may assist your readers.

Four of the 9/11 terrorists trained at Huffman Aviation, a small Florida flight school located in the quiet town of Venice. Two of those students, Mohammed Atta and Marwan Alshehhi, both obtained I-20 "Vocational" visas from Huffman Aviation, before they entered the country. So they came specifically to this particular flight school out of 200 flight schools in Florida and paid twice the going rates for training.

The OIG report indicates that the school should not have been allowed to issue this type of visa because they were not training people for the appropriate number of hours and were not considered a 'Full Course of Study'.

Why did the INS certify Huffman aviation as a full time vocational school when in fact, it did not qualify? Lack of certification would have prevented it from accepting foreign students on student visas. Why wasn’t an on-site review conducted at Huffman aviation as required by the legislation?

15 of the 19 terrorists came through Jeddah, a CIA visa shop for terrorists coming into the US. There is no good reason to believe that they came through there by chance, or without the knowledge of some persons in US intelligence. The fact that liaison and paperwork had to occur between Huffman and the terrorists before they entered the country implies the visa fiddle was not just at the Jeddah end. Dodgy details had to be agreed to in Florida at some official level prior to their entry.

Three weeks after Atta enrolled, 43 lbs of heroin was found on board a Lear Jet owned by Wally Hilliard, the owner of the school, the biggest seizure ever in Central Florida. The details were reported in the local Florida press, no-one was charged. Apparently, Hilliard’s plane had also made regular weekly round trips to Venezuela and the Caribbean with Saudi passengers -- without the necessary FAA travel permits. The plane had been sold to Huffman by a pair of drug smugglers who had also outfitted CIA drug runner Barry Seal. Huffman Aviation was clearly a drug trafficking operation that could only have been run with the approval of one or more US regulatory agencies.

There was a second drug bust on 10 April 2006. A DC9 (fitted out with Dept.Homeland Security look alike signage) was captured in Mexico with 5.5 tons of cocaine. The company owning that plane had a sister aircraft that was also housed at Hilliard's Huffman Aviation. The capture was widely reported in the Mexican press and a US account was published by Howard Altman in the Tampa Tribune (May 5, 2006) and discussed in a series of articles by Daniel Hopsicker:

"I can tell you that the apparatus that Osama bin Laden set into place, along with the CIA back in the 80’s, still exists, it’s still functioning in the US and is being protected, to this day by the FBI". -- (see also 1 2).

So, who owned Huffman Aviation?

Wally Hilliard, Kamal Adham (former director of Saudi intelligence) and Adnan Khashoggi (arms trafficker and former Iran Contra operative). How do you like them apples! (1 2)

Other corporate backers of 911 include:

The US defense giant Titan Corp also gets a look in, through employee Makram Chams, a close confidante of Mohammed Atta. Titan deserves a whole post in itself, but it was Titan who provided the disinfection systems to Post Offices in October 2001 following the anthrax attacks, and it was Titan that entered into a joint business venture with Skyways Corp, the company owning the Mexico drug plane!

And then there's Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Ptech (also Yasin al-Qadi and Israel) and long time Bush Snr backer Richard Rainwater.

And, of course, there is the endlessly fascinating Jerome Hauer.

The more one delves the ingredients are all the same: Iran Contra players, high level drug trafficking networks, elements of US Intelligence, Saudis and Israelis, all focused on using space technology, telecommunications and defense industry resources to bring about global control and police state methods within the US.

Unknown said...

George Bailey said...

There are so many holes in this the official story it just doesn't hold water. When covering up, they make mistakes and you can easily find the trial. Peter Dale Scott coined the phrase, "deep politics." And that is what we see going on here.

I would love to let go of this issue. But I'm afraid the culprits are going to get away with it yet again. Where is the financing, the organization of an international effort to track down these bastards and put them on trial for their lives?

damien sez...

The more one delves the ingredients are all the same: Iran Contra players, high level drug trafficking networks, elements of US Intelligence, Saudis and Israelis, all focused on using space technology, telecommunications and defense industry resources to bring about global control and police state methods within the US.

The Bush crime family is, seemingly, everywhere.

kelley b. said...

"The universe is not only queerer than we suppose, it is queerer than we can suppose."
-Fred Hoyle

People who aren't psychopaths can't imagine the depths to which these criminals have sunk.

I suspect it gets better. I suspect Obama (like Hillary would have been) was initially propelled to the fore because of the ease in which the Republican propaganda machine could dissemble him.

However, establishing the economic dominion of the robber barons created some severe resonating instabilities in the global markets.

Obama was allowed to win by gaining the support of the bankers. They needed someone to re-establish the Faith in the $ystem. Once Obama has stabilized the markets, he will be disposed of one way or another.

opit said...

That's a proper wandering comment thread.
Whenever the actions of the vultures don't seem to make sense,I am reduced to trying to deduce which scenario best fits the facts.
Living in oil country,I heard scuttlebutt among the roughnecks that Alaskan oil reserves are deliberately underestimated and hidden. Ditto finds in North Dakota.
I don't think the action all over the oil bearing terrain of Asia-Middle East is necessarily about acquiring oil as much as it is about denying Russia and perhaps China access to a vital war materiel. Translation: incapable of self-defense from conventional forces.
That makes no sense in a Dr. Strangelove world: but Nazis have always been fond of super weapons and high stakes poker with little concern about human misery.

Anonymous said...

To of Bad Nazies in this article.The author should know that like America's politicial parties and the media and major industries are zionist Heb controlled--no news that Hitler's regime was differant-it was very Jewish controlled. The rounding up of Jews was a scam just like Sept 11/01 attacks--The no-good Jews were meant to be sent to Palestine on the orders of America. Wake-up :^(

Anonymous said...

You be very interested in this artcle

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

You be very interested in this artcle:

Thanks for the link! I knew Bush Sr. I never liked him. I first met him as he was running for US Senate from Texas. He lost that race. I was not aware at my first meeting that he had been hangin' around the School Book Depository on Nov 22, 1963. Bush Sr is a bad penny...he keeps turning up when bad things happen. I have been planning an article about this lying S.O.B. for some time now. Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Mossad. Looks like Mossad already owns Obama (he picked Rahm Emanuel, the son of a terrorist). Obama will probably let Mossad slide on their 9/11 involvement and Obama will continue their wars. So who won? Israel did, as always.

Anonymous said...

it's not about stealing the oil, it's about controlling who else get's any.

it's all in the PNAC documents,
the monsters decided that if they invaded Iraq,Iran & Soudi-Arabia they could prevent China from getting the oil it needs for it's industrial expansion.

as an added bonus, they could trash those country's & there archialogical history to please Israhell.
(last part is my theory, although the "security of Israel" is mentioned in PNAC)

Tom said...

" None of the so-called 19 'Arabs' could pilot aircraft of any type."

That isn't true, the pilots took flight lessons and this was witnesses by people. This is a hell of a lot of false statements being spread. Please post a link to this video which clears the Bhutto thing up:

Bhutto didn't mean to say "Osama bin Laden"

Anonymous said...

Another well thought out article, thanks Len.

I would suggest another of these "rich men" involved in the conspiracy is one Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, of AIG.

I'll forward you an email I sent to my friend at "Blondesense" blog, stating why I think so.

"Yes Virginia, there ARE conspiracies." Indeed.


Unknown said...

tom sez...

... the pilots took flight lessons and this was witnesses by people.

Those who say that the so-called hijackers could pilot a 757 have a burden of proof. They haven't met it! Moreover, I've seen NO credible proof that they could even get off the ground.

FACT: there is not a shred of credible or admissible evidence that ANY of the so-called hijackers ever got on plane that day. Show me something other than pure bullshit!

Bhutto didn't mean to say "Osama bin Laden"

Oh ---so you are a mind reader! There is NO EVIDENCE, no reason whatsoever to believe that Bhutto confused Bin Laden for Daniel Perle.

ONLY AN IDIOT would confuse Bin Laden with Daniel Perle. And only an idiot or a Republican would fall for the cover story.

Another clue: Bhutto was NOT an idiot and she said precisely what she intended to say. There is absolutely no reason to believe otherwise.

If you insert the words Daniel and Perle into a transcript of Bhutto's remarks, it doesn't even make sense in context. Take a psych course. People simply do not make that kind of mistake within the context of a completely rational and well-considered statement from the start of her interview to the finish. It is entirely self-consistent --planted lies by Bush kiss ups, notwithstanding!

Moreover, there is credible evidence that Bin Laden is --in fact --dead! The tape released in which 'he' is seen laughing it up about 911 is NOT BIN LADEN and I challenge those who believe it is to prove it --or, failing that, support it with a SCINTILLA of logic or evidence.

Another clue: the burden of proof is always upon those who assert. You have asserted that the hijacker pilots could fly a 757. PROVE IT!

A final point: you come on this board presuming to tell us what to think! FUCK YOU! Next time, do your homework.

farang said...

I would suggest another of these "rich men" involved in the conspiracy is one Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, of AIG.

I'm sure of it and thanks. Certainly, my list is not complete, which will require a book if not several volumes.

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...'s not about stealing the oil, it's about controlling who else get's any.

Whoever owns the oil controls 'who else gets any'. If you really want to get pendantic, it's about who controls the oil market and price. Again --whoever owns and/or controls the market controls the price. It's about oil, OK?

Anonymous said...

"It must be hoped that Barack Obama can salvage what little is left of civility and hope."

When are the people in this country going to get their heads out of their arses and realize that the President is not supposed to be the king of the U.S.A., or the king of the "free world," or the national "healer," or any of this crap.

Read the Constitution. The President is actually supposed to be little more than a glorified figurehead. How in the hell we got to this point, I don't know.

I know this, though. The federal government is a cancer that is DESTROYING this country. It's way past time for every state in this country to declare its independence from Washington, DC, the most pernicious and evil terrorist organization on the planet, and starve these people off.

Osama's strings are being pulled from behind the scenes, and if he doesn't toe the corporate line, he'd better get himself a Popemobile.

One more thing. 9/11 was most certainly an inside job.

Unknown said...

Tom said...

Please post a link to this video which clears the Bhutto thing up:

Tom, this is old and discredited shit! You should have been following this blog instead of just looking for an opportunity to spam it.

There is NO REASON whatsoever to suppose that Bhutto misspoke.

Anyone who confuses Dan Perle for Bin Laden or vice versa is an IDIOT! Bhutto was NOT an idiot.

Moreover --Bhutto is supported by the fact that the ONLY 'binny boy' video to surface AFTER 911 was a short, fat Bin Laden.

The REAL BIN LADEN was over six feet and skinny. He could have played basketball.

You've been had!

The idea that Bhutto misspoke is a SCRIPT, planted by dupes like you. It originated with folk who have a VESTED interested in keeping alive the stupid myth that Bin Laden had anything to do with 911.

Anonymous said...

My dear fellow Americans-will we ever unite and reclaim our once proud democratic republic from the jew terrorists and all their agents in the traitorous government that have hijacked it?

Perhaps one day we will act like "free" and "brave" people instead of just talking about it.

I`ll be ready should that day come.

Will you join me?

Anonymous said...

The stock trading in the days just ahead of 911 tell the story with only numbers the most objective information in the universe. And what A despicable evil story it tells!