Saturday, December 06, 2008

LBJ White House Tapes Reveal Nixon 'Treason', Sabotage of Viet Nam Peace Talks

Richard Nixon, who resigned at the height of the Watergate Scandal, is now implicated with his Sec of State Henry Kissenger in an act of high treason. On the tapes, a furious LBJ told Senate Republican leader Everett Dirksen that because Nixon had 'played politics' with Viet Nam 'tens of thousands' of US troops in Viet Nam lost their lives. Specifically, Johnson accused Nixon of sabotaging peace efforts by his administration. LBJ is heard yelling: "This is treason."

According to the Austin-American Statesmen, Nixon surrogates had asked South Vietnam to avoid peace talks with North Vietnam until after the elections even as Johnson tired to arrange 'peace talks between North and South Vietnam'. At the same time, Nixon campaigned for the White House with the slogan that he had a 'secret peace plan' to end the war in Viet Nam.

The tapes also show that Johnson and Hubert Humphrey kept quiet about the Nixon/GOP shenanigans at the time. History might have changed had Johnson gone public.

On November 3, 1968, just two days prior to the presidential election, Johnson confronted Nixon but Nixon lied when he said point-blank: "I'm not trying to interfere." His response has been called, 'a bald faced lie'. All the while, Nixon and/or GOP activists were working behind the scenes to convince Vietnamese diplomats that "Nixon will do better by you".
To test the good faith of the North Vietnamese, Johnson ordered that all bombing in the north cease on Oct. 31 , six days before voters were to go the polls. The cease-fire gave the Humphrey campaign an immediate jolt — polls showed Nixon's 8-percentage-point lead had shrunk to 2 points.

The precise nature of any communication between Nixon's allies and the South Vietnamese government isn't revealed in the tapes — nor is the way Johnson and his advisers learned of them.

In the tapes, Johnson tells Secretary of State Dean Rusk: "It's pretty obvious to me it's had its effect."

In a segment aired at the news conference, Johnson tells Sen. Everett Dirksen , the Republican minority leader, that it will be Nixon's responsibility if the South Vietnamese don't participate in the peace talks.

"This is treason," LBJ says to Dirksen.

"I know," Dirksen replies, very softly.

--Austin American Statesman
Certainly --Nixon's victory over Humphrey was a mere 500,000 out of 73 million total votes cast. By that time, the Viet Nam war was highly unpopular and not just among those of draft or college age. Public knowledge of Nixon's activities would most certainly have sunk his bid for the White House.

The LBJ Library has made public some 42 hours of recordings that were made from May 1968 through January 1969 when the Johnson family left the White House. Historians, investigative journalists and government prosecutors are urged to access the documents here and here .

LBJ Accused Nixon of Treason!


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Life As I Know It Now said...

Recent history does indeed show us that Republicans can never obtain power fairly--they must cheat their way into office every time.

Anonymous said...

This soon after the Russians released information that Reagan's people met with the Iranians in 1980 and asked them to hold onto the American hostages through the election season until January 20th.

Notice how the MSM rushed to get that information out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information. I've always had a fond spot for Johnson, who did right by us domestically and didn't seem to be much interested in foreign affairs, which was his downfall.

Lotus said...

The link to the .mp3 file has nothing about Johnson saying "treason." Does the link need correcting?

lunger2x said...

Come on now Liberality, history has also shown that LBJ was hardly a saint in his own right. We will never really know what role he played in the assasination of JFK.

Unknown said...

The MP3 is an excerpt...the transcripts of the entire conversation published in numerous MSM confirm: 1) that Nixon's actions were treason, 2) Johnson called it treason; and 3) Dirkson agreed that it was 'treason'. And, indeed, it was treason. To be expected from the GOP and not at all surprising. Nixon may have been a bigger crook than even Reagan or the Bushes. The GOP is the party of human scum.

Anonymous said...

Is it at all possible that reagan nixon and the bush family are related some how or is treason a republican thing

Unknown said...

Treason is a republican thing.

The leadership is a crime syndicate at best; at worst --a kooky cult.

In the case of the Bush family --they are both cultists and criminals.