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Lessons the GOP Learned from Adolph Hitler: the 'Big Lie' Called 911

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

Those still believing Bush's big 911 lie are of three types plus combinations: crooks, idiots, and liars! There was no fuselage, there was no airliner wreckage, there were no large titanium/steel alloy rotors each some 10 feet in diameter to be found at the Pentagon on the morning of 911. Yet --we are expected to believe the most evil, the most harmful fraud since Hitler coined the phrase: 'Big Lie'!
All this was inspired by the principle--which is quite true in itself--that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.

--Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf, Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston, MA, 1971, pgs. 231, 232
There was no airliner wreckage at the Pentagon --we are told --because a 757 airliner body 'vaporized' in the intense heat. Nevertheless, forensics experts claimed a 97 percent success rate identifying victims using DNA. Now --DNA is very fragile! The heat necessary to 'vaporize' an aluminum airliner body --some 11,000 degrees F --would have utterly destroyed testable DNA. The heat required to vaporize an aluminum airliner body is about 1000 degrees higher than the surface temperature of the sun itself! [See: NASA, Solar System Exploration]

The Bushco liars cannot have it both ways. If Bush were telling the truth about the airliner, then the casualty IDs are impossible. Bushco cannot claim to have ID'd victims and --at the same time --explain away the missing airliner wreckage by claiming it was victim to an extreme heat of mysterious, unknown origin.

Extreme Heat of Unknown Origins?

So effective are Hitler's 'Big Lie' techniques for Bush that millions swallowed the lie despite the fatal contradictions! Millions dared not conclude that a fire of 11,000 degrees F --sufficient to 'vaporize' aluminum --would likewise destroy the fragile DNA upon which the identification of victims was absolutely dependent! Either the airliner vaporized or the victims were identified --but not both!

We were expected to believe that heat sufficient to vaporize an airliner body left intact enough fragile DNA to make possible the identification of 97 percent of victims. If this were true, the age of miracles is not over. That this ludicrous lie --laughable were it not so tragic in its consequences --gained currency for even a second is proof that the American educational system is a colossal failure. Texas, which recently beat Mississippi in a race to dead last in the percentage graduating high school, is the specimen to be studied, the example to be avoided. Apparently, logic is no longer taught in Texas. Yee-haw!

Either the fire was not hot enough and the IDs are correct or Bushco is left to explain the presence of an almost unbelievable and mysterious source of heat. That Bush is still free, un-indicted for the capital crimes of mass murder and high treason, proves Hitler to have been correct. As Hitler himself made clear: the bigger the lie the less likely it is to be questioned, the more likely that the 'perp' will get away with cold-blooded murder for political reasons and the enrichment of a base of filthy rich, elite fat cats.

Bush Confirms Hitler with a Nazi Tactic

Nevertheless, the 'vaporization' theory creates yet another problem for devotees of the Bush official conspiracy theory: if the airline, indeed, vaporized then what is the source of this incredible heat without which the Bush theory falls apart?

Certainly --a mere kerosene fire could not have melted the steel at WTC, NY but 11,000 degrees F is required to vaporize aluminum. Certainly, the dinky, un-impressive Pentagon fires left open books in adjacent offices flapping in the breeze. The axis of GOP/Bush has a problem: how to explain the fatal contradiction, how to hide the truth, how to distract the idiot masses, the poor unwashed, every child that was, in fact, left behind but not before they were exploited for votes!

The Pentagon fires could not and did not -- in fact --vaporize anything on 911. If there had been such intense heat, it begs the question: what is the source of alleged temperatures in excess of 11,000 degrees F? A violation of Occam's Razor, it is a big problem for the crooks, liars and idiots in office.

911: A Day of GOP Miracles and Suspensions of the Laws of Physics

Mysteriously, the remains of alleged hijackers were separated from the remains of Pentagon employees! How was this miracle achieved? Indeed, none of them were ID'd and none of them appeared on the official autopsy list released to Dr. Olmsted in response to his FOIA request.

If Bushco's theory were true, there would have been no DNA to test because no DNA would have survived the 11,000 degree F temperatures required to 'vaporize' an aluminum 757 body. The best explanation --of course --is that there was no airliner and no airliner body. But the GOP cannot seize power with either science or logic. The question is not whether Bush lied! The question is, rather, which lie does he expect you to believe today, this week, this month?

DNA is often said to decompose when heated but, in fact, the effect may be even worse: it literally melts. As heat is applied, bonds that join the two nucleotide strands may break.
The two molecules [nucleotides] are stabilized in this structure due to noncovalent bonds, mostly hydrogen bonds and vanderWaals forces. These bonds are not strong; accordingly, when the temperature rises sufficiently, the double helix is said to "melt" into its two component molecules, and will reassociate upon slow cooling under appropriate salt conditions. So, the issue is not decomposition so much as disassociation upon exposure to too high a temperature; and the reason for the disassociation is that the energy input of the heat overcomes the ability of the noncovalent bonds to keep the molecules together. .

--US Energy Department, Molecular Biology Archive, DNA Decomposition
Take the case of Flight 93. Saeed Alghamdi has been protesting his innocence of 911 since the event. If Saeed were guilty, he would be dead! If Saeed were guilty he would have been blown to smithereens over PA. A dead Saeed might be evidence of Bush's theory. Alive, he is living proof that Bush's official conspiracy theory is a pack of black hearted lies that have harmed the American people, the world and, most certainly, the cause of peace.

FBI Director Robert Mueller had said that there was no evidence to connect the 'said' 19 'hijackers' with the events of 911. His statement alone should have been sufficient cause to re-open a case involving one of the most heinous, cruel atrocities in human history. And there is STILL no evidence to connect ANY 'Arab hijackers' with the crime of mass murder called '911'. As Dr. Olmsted pointed out: mere names on a list is not evidence, certainly not admissible evidence. Anyone can type up a list of anything. But an 'official' list of bodies autopsy is evidence and may be admissible in court upon the sworn statement of the coroner. In this case, such a document does not have on it any Arab names whatsoever. There is, then, absolutely no official or admissible evidence whatsoever that there were any terrorists on board Flt 77. There is no evidence that any 'alleged' hijacker was ever on board any aircraft that is alleged by Bushco to have been involved in the tragic events of 911.

To anyone subscribing to Bush's load of bullshit, I say: show me bodies or a bona fide autopsy report with the names of Arabs on it!

There is none because there were no hijackers on board Fl 77 and there is absolutely no evidence that Flt 77 crashed the Pentagon. If you think so, produce it! Or --as they say in Texas --put up or shut up!

It has been my experience that only those who are guilty of crimes bother to cover them up and lie about them. When Nixon tried to cover up Watergate, he infamously said: "I am not a crook!" But Nixon was a crook and we all knew it.

Reagan lied about Iran/Contra but the concluding statement of Special Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh left no doubt that Reagan, he believed, was complicit in an act of high treason --'directing' the arming of an avowed and declared enemy of the United States: Iran.
The Iran/contra investigation will not end the kind of abuse of power that it addressed any more than the Watergate investigation did. The criminality in both affairs did not arise primarily out of ordinary venality or greed, although some of those charged were driven by both. Instead, the crimes committed in Iran/contra were motivated by the desire of persons in high office to pursue controversial policies and goals even when the pursuit of those policies and goals was inhibited or restricted by executive orders, statutes or the constitutional system of checks and balances.

The tone in Iran/contra was set by President Reagan. He directed that the contras be supported, despite a ban on contra aid imposed on him by Congress. And he was willing to trade arms to Iran for the release of Americans held hostage in the Middle East, even if doing so was contrary to the nation's stated policy and possibly in violation of the law.

Demonized for years, had Iran suddenly become so cozy with Reagan-heads that it was now OK to arm them? It was a treasonous money-laundering scheme in which Reaganheads funneled the profits to an insurrection in South America --the Contras! Reagan was a crook too, possibly a traitor. But in the US bizarro-world, it's only treason if a Democrat does it!

Amid speculation that Vice-president George Bush and numerous other members of the Reagan cabal were involved, Independent Counsel Lawrence Walsh investigated the affair over a period of some eight years. Fourteen people were charged, some with 'operational involvement, other with participating in the "cover-up". Oliver North's conviction was overturned but only upon a 'technicality'. It was left to Bush Sr to let six 'suspects' off the hook with pardons. One of them was Robert McFarlane who had already been convicted. Thanks to a Bush, Caspar Weinberger beat the rap. He didn't even stand trial.

More recently, it is the administration of Bush Jr which actively suppressed evidence and quashed every investigation of 911. Bush and Condoleeza lied when they said that the crashing of airliners into buildings could not have been foreseen. In fact, it was precisely that 'scenario' that was the basis for security when Bush attended the G8 Summit in Italy, July 23, 2001 [See: "Italy: Bush Targeted at G8." New York Newsday 19 Sept 2001, unsigned; "Extremists 'Planned Genoa Attack on Bush'", BBC News, 27 Sept 2001]

Flight 77 Did Not Crash into the Pentagon!

Every Bush lie with regard to every facet of 911 can be exposed easily enough. But it is the Pentagon that is most obviously a bald faced lie. No airliner whatsoever crashed into the Pentagon. I defy Bush and Bush-head to prove it, and failing that, cite --at least --one scintilla of verifiable evidence in support of the idiotic idea that a 757 crashed into the Pentagon!

Bush's theory has been utterly disproven, utterly debunked. In the meantime, I submit to you a much better suspect: the US Global Hawk, a pay-load carrying missile. The Global Hawk was, in fact, flown --without a pilot --from California to Australia entirely by remote control. No box cutters, no Arab hijackers were required! It was all computerized from take off to landing. It is a weapon that traitors and 'inside-jobbers' might have only dreamed about. A Global Hawk gives these lying, murderous, treasonous bastards total control. They need only program the co-ordinates and leave the 'driving' to Global Hawk.

The Global Hawk would have had no problems with maneuvers credited to Hanjour but which experienced pilots say is impossible in a 757. The ONLY engine rotor found at the Pentagon --about one third the size of the huge titanium/alloy rotors found in a 757 --certainly came from a GLOBAL HAWK.

Like its larger cousin inside a 757, the much smaller Global Hawk rotor (made by Rolls-Royce) is likewise made of a titanium/steel alloy to withstand high temperatures inside the engine. It would have survived the Pentagon fire and did! It was the only rotor of any sort to have been photographed on the Pentagon lawn following the crash. The murder weapon was found but ordered destroyed by Bush!

The cover-up of 911 consisted largely of the overt destruction of forensic evidence, the bulk of which is seen in the photo to the right. I am confident It followed an obvious pattern. Physical, forensic evidence was ordered removed and destroyed and was, in fact, never seen again. Other evidence, photographs, video footage, and various once-public documents presumably beyond the reach of complicit officials, was suppressed.

I consider the overt destruction of evidence to be 'evidence' of guilt. Certainly --innocent people have no interest in the suppression of evidence in any case whether it be petty theft or mass murder/high treason. Those guilty of crimes have a lot 'riding' on whether or not the evidence proving their guilt is found. Only the guilty are sufficiently motivated to willfully destroy evidence.

'Concerted programs' to remove evidence were largely successful at ground zero in Manhattan, the Pentagon, and the so-called debris fields of Flight 93 in Pennsylvania. Much evidence was removed from Ground Zero even before a massive "steel removal operation" was begun.

It is significant that these instances of obstruction of justice and the criminal destruction of evidence was done after the scenes in question had been sealed off and put under the control the Bush administration. Only the Bush administration had an 'interest' (legal sense of the term) in silencing the truth and obstructing the course of justice. Short of extraordinary extenuating circumstances that I am hard pressed to name, innocent people are simply not going to bother covering up a crime, certainly not crimes of this magnitude where the cover up itself has required a panoply of illegal actions, instances of obstruction of justice, and demonstrable overt lies. Are we expect to believe that innocent people will engage in this kind of felonious, treasonous activity willingly?

Only the guilty are motivated to expend this kind of effort and the resources of the entire nation in the cover up of obvious act of high treason and mass murder! This gang should be rounded up now and prosecuted even if should involve the arrest, incarceration and indictment of every member of the Bush administration, their co-conspirators in other branches of the government, the bureaucracy and the lobbyists who benefited from the defense contracts that result from war. The guilty include the complicit elite one percent who benefited from war the war booty, the deliberate transfer of wealth that occurs during every GOP administration.

Obstruction of justice is a serious crime, a felony. Because this cover up is ongoing, I post the following resource: The Citizen's Investigation Team. This 'team' advises that we 'take it to them'. We demand that our Senators, Reps and other officials
  1. stop lying about 911; lies about crimes are crimes if they aid, abet and/or cover up
  2. actively and substantively support active investigations of the crimes called 911
  3. support the prosecution of those who not only conspired to plan and pull off 911 (Bush, Rummie, Cheney, Rice et al) but those who are complicit by their inaction, by their silence.
As St. Thomas More reminded Qui tacet consentire vidétur, silence gives consent. Those inside the the government who are knowledgeable about this crime must come forward. The failures of public officials to act upon verifiable evidence brought to them are, in fact, crimes of obstruction of justice, misprision of treason, and misprision of a felony. If they persist, if they continue to cover up this crime, they must be charged, tried and sentenced.

It's time to take off the gloves and fight or resign yourselves to perpetual slavery, subservience to big brother and the lying bastards who seized the US government and with it the world's largest nuclear arsenal.

Had a 757 crashed the Pentagon there would have been no need to order decontamination procedures that were, in fact, carried out. No such procedures were carried out in New York. Clearly, 'officials' knew at the time that a civilian airliner had not crashed the Pentagon. That decontamination procedures were ordered and, in fact, carried out is evidence that it was not an ordinary commercial airliner that crashed into the Pentagon. If airliners have begun emitting deadly radiation, I strongly suggest you stop flying.

AFTER 911, the BBC interviewed several of the alleged hijackers, 'dead men' according to Bushco. The Washington Post reported that Hanjour was not on Flt 77 because he did not have a ticket. It is hard to imagine short, skinny Hanjour forcing his way on board, overpowering the Captain and crew, and having done so, taking over the controls with force and a mere box cutter! It didn't happen.

As I recall, the BBC interviewed at least one of Hanjour's alleged Flight 77 partners --after 911! Dead men --we are expected to believe --give interviews. In fact, there is no verifiable evidence of any sort to support Bush's absurd lie. There are no Arab names whatsoever on the only official document of Flight 77 passengers: the autopsy report that was released to Dr. Olmsted in response to his FOIA request.

The official conspiracy theory of 911 is more full of holes than Swiss cheese. Among the biggest holes are these having to do with the Pentagon:
  • NTSB data -Flight 77 never dropped below 273 feet [Source: Pilots for 911 Truth, FOIA request]
  • NO WRECKAGE traceable to a 757 was EVER recovered.
  • The ONLY engine rotors SURVIVING, 'officialists' say, WERE VAPORIZED. That's a lie! The rotors are made of titanium/steel alloy in order to survive the extreme interior heat of jet engines.
  • Just one rotor was found; it was about ONE THIRD the size of a 757 rotor. I believe it was the Rolls rotor from the Rolls engine that is found inside the Global Hawk. A Rolls spokesman is on record as having said that the only rotor found at the Pentagon was not from a 757.
Only the guilty try to cover up their crimes'; only the guilty are motivated to cover up this murderous and treasonous act. As David Ray Griffin said, 'no expenditure of time and money would be considered too great.' Certainly, no lie was too great for Bush. In the end, it is the lies he told that convict him daily.

Someone did pull off 911. The best suspects are the usual suspects: Bush, his NEOCON co-conspirators, the leadership of the GOP, various Pentagon brass, and other complicit murderers inside the Axis of the Military/Industrial Complex and K-Street! This gang of crooks, this nest of human cockroaches, liars, and traitors are responsible for perpetrating the treasonous, murderous crime of 911. Bush is the primary suspect for several reasons:
  • Those who lie about crimes do so to cover up guilt. Bush has never told the truth about 911.
  • Bush has not merely lied; he has actively, consistently and deliberately tried to cover up the crime of 911 with overt and identifiable instances of obstruction of justice, lies, and overt intimidation. This --I believe --is persuasive evidence of his guilt and/or complicity.
Major fuck ups; A mass hanging!

Tim Roemer let the cat out of the bag when, like Donald Rumsfeld, he referred to a 'missile' that struck the Pentagon. In addition, there were the early news reports before 'officialdom' was able to insist that the media report ONLY the official conspiracy theory. Those early reports consisted of anchors like Dan Rather and Peter Jennings talking about 'controlled demolitions', field reporters declaring that no airliner had struck the Pentagon, and, of course, the famous BBC report that WTC7 had fallen even as it was seen still standing behind the reporter. Clearly --the press release had been sent to the media in advance of the event. BBC simply read the release even as the building was still standing behind her. It is a major fuck up among several major fuck ups!

The space shuttle broke apart in the stratosphere at six times the speed of sound yet left identifiable wreckage and identifiable body parts strewn over three states. Wreckage was gathered, investigated and a plausible cause for the disaster addressed. Why was not that professionalism seen with regard to 911? The Carvellian quick response: it is because NASA was not covering up the crimes of mass murder and high treason! The Bush administration was doing precisely that. Government insiders and an entrenched bureaucracy are still lying about and covering up the crimes of 911.

The answer to that question is this: the truth should have already indicted half or more of the Bush administration and the DC bureaucracy of the crimes of mass murder and high treason! The US would have witnessed a mass hanging not seen since the Civil War.

Would someone please indict these criminals before they kill again?

While there is absolutely no valid or convincing evidence to support Bush's conspiracy theory, there is some cause for optimism. A growing public awareness of this fraud may yet reach critical mass and may yet result in mass murder indictments against the Bush gang of murderous thugs.
67% (Zogby International) of Americans blame the 9/11 Commission for not investigating the Bush crimes called '911'. At the time of the poll, a large majority of Americans wanted a Congressional investigation of Bush and Cheney, specifically their actions during and after the attacks.

Zogby Poll: 51% of Americans Want Congress to Probe Bush/Cheney Regarding 9/11 Attacks; Over 30% Seek Immediate Impeachment

67% also fault 9/11 Commission for not investigating anomalous collapse of World Trade Center 7

Kansas City, MO (Zogby International) September 6, 2007 - As America nears the sixth anniversary of the world-churning events of September 11, 2001, a new Zogby International poll finds a majority of Americans still await a Congressional investigation of President Bush' and Vice President Cheney's actions before, during and after the 9/11 attacks. Over 30% also believe Bush and/or Cheney should be immediately impeached by the House of Representatives.

For the following video, a hat tip to an assiduous, stalwart seeker of truth, Damien.


Anonymous said...

I feel like I am cramming for finals. Been reading so much material about this, following your leads, for the most part.
Makes me very frustrated with myself to have been a sceptic without following through, I went ape studying JFK's murder, yet I was asleep at the switch on this one.
The fall of three towers on the same day when skyscrapers have been holding up quite well for a century is only obvious, and they fell in their own footprint- we see what we think we see, especially with a little suggestion and "guidance" from 911 "truthers" of every stripe.
I have regarded the bulk of them as deliberate misinfo agents for a couple of years now, you have shown a light on the dark path to somewhere, God knows where.
I understand the falsity of what passes for "government", "news" etc. so it is not a complete jump into the unknown.
The absence of real evidence is, as you write, the most damning aspect of this.
Thanks for your efforts,
Donald L. Smith

Unknown said...

Don sez...

The fall of three towers on the same day when skyscrapers have been holding up quite well for a century is only obvious, and they fell in their own footprint- we see what we think we see, especially with a little suggestion and "guidance" from 911 "truthers" of every stripe.

I cannot give enough credit to David Griffen. He is almost solely responsible for having brought the melting point of steel to public attention. This courageous man should be given a medal.

I have regarded the bulk of them as deliberate misinfo agents for a couple of years now, you have shown a light on the dark path to somewhere, God knows where.

It's hard to go wrong if you just stick to physics. To believe Bushco re: the Pent, for example, you have to believe that the laws of physics are completely suspended in selective instances. Heat sufficient to vaporize aluminum --we are expected to believe --will leave just enough fragile DNA intact to prove Bush's stupid cover story.

The absence of real evidence is, as you write, the most damning aspect of this.

I have NEVER known an innocent person who covered up a crime. Now someone in Nazi Germany might have lied to shield a Jew, but that being a Jew was 'unlawful' in the Third Reich was sufficient cause in my book to revolt en masse, to rise up and overthrow the tyrant. The tyrannical state is, by definition, illegitimate. By definition, the 'laws' passed an illegitimate state are illegal and citizens are coerced, forced, threatened into compliance.

I am still awaiting a mass repudiation of the infrastructure this asshole [Bush] put into place. Until that is done, I really cannot ascribe to this govt legitimacy.

Obama may be a vast improvement over Bush. But the fact is: the government is longer the the Congress nor the White House. The government is the Axis of K-street and the the Military/Industrial complex.

The population of the US complies due to fear, IRS audits and other means by which the ESTABLISHMENT POWERS maintain their status. We should have listened to Ike who warned of the MIC and JFK who warned of the danger posed by 'secret societies' who use 'covert means' to achieve their aims and exercise their powers.

Anonymous said...

Alarm bells began to ring when Paul Zarembka mentioned his publishers were Elsevier.

Reed Elsevier are one of the Worlds largest Arms Fair Arrangers. Instruments of torture are regularly on display at their little tea-parties. Very close ties to MIC.

They also publish Military and Medical journals - and there was some falling out between both camps recently.

Heard of 7/7 in London? Did you know that "exercises" were running at the exact location of each bombing at the exact time?

Google Peter Power Elsevier 7/7

Keep it Country!

Anonymous said...

I shoulda signed ^

I'm very glad you approved my comment! I guess you did some checking up!


damien said...

You're reading too much into all this, anonymous. Reed Elsevier appears to have ceased running arm fairs. Yes, they are linked to MIC. And, yes, Choicepoint, the company behind the 2000 Florida voting lists scam, put in a 2008 bid for Reed_Elsevier. OK, so the big guys are corrupt. But RE controls a huge slice of the academic publications market and realistically could not expect to vet any particular study too much, especially a reputable one. This is exactly what we find here. Paul Zarembka cites a respected researcher who has access to primary data from the US stock market and who has reportedly done a standard statistical analysis which has then been published in an appropriate scientific journal. If the findings had dismissed the 911 option trades as just coincidence I might be concerned, but not where the finding is a 99% probability that the trades could not be attributed to chance. That's an affirmation of 9/11 as an inside job. If RE had any nefarious intentions regarding this published study (and there is no evidence of that) they would hardly refuse publication thereby creating controversy over a "suppressed" scientific study.

Anonymous said...

I believe that even if Bush came out and admitted he and his fellow psychos were guilty of 911, nothing would change. Most Americans are too entrenched in their Lazy Boys, watching God knows what on TV,to do anything. Or they're too afraid of losing their jobs, or getting arrested or looking stupid. We are definitely programmed.

Lisa Ursu said...

I read somewhere that, "the warrior's path is never crowded." Those words have resonated with me since. Regardless of what the rest of the world is doing (or not), know that you are a world in yourself. That's power. It really is.
Thanks for this post Len.

steve said...

very nice & interesting. good luck .

paul said...

Using DNA for identification in such a situation is problematic:

Evidence given by Prof Jamieson casting doubt on the reliability of DNA testing was instrumental in the collapse of the Omagh bomb trial in 2007.

To illustrate his point about DNAboost, he said: "If I have profile AB and you have profile CD, our mixed cells would have a profile ABCD. However, the same profile could be produced by two people with profiles AC and BD, or AD and BC."

LanceThruster said...

For my friend Bernie the Attorney, the two smoking guns that establish foreknowledge beyond a shadow of a doubt are the "5 dancing Israelis" (who stated on Israeli TV after being allowed to leave the US that they were there to “document the event") and the airline stock short selling.

Though there are certainly conflicting details in regards to speculation of what really happened (deliberate misinformation being a large part of that), the fact that evidence was purposely destroyed (debris, tapes of air traffic controllers and emergency workers) and eyewitnesses were ignored or ordered to remain silent (reports of secondary explosions, on scene determinations that the fires had largely burned out).

I keep waiting to wake up from this nightmare; surrounded by brain-dead zombies unable to process even the most rudimentary data which would reveal the big lie. Liberal blog sites that show great initiative in covering government perfidy in other areas regularly equate 9/11 "Truthers" with flat earthers, birthers, no moon landing, and Holocaust deniers with some of the most fallacious logic imaginable.

I respond that it doesn't matter that much what a person *thinks* happened, other than recognizing that the official narrative is an impossibility and that a thorough investigation is both warranted and essential. I despise douchenozzles such as Penn & Teller (Bullsh*t – Showtime) who only used half their 30 minute program to cover 9/11 and then picked the most ludicrous ‘truther” (a guy who was convinced aliens did it) to mock. Who the f*ck are this sh*theads carrying water for? Talk about classic misdirection. Add to that other supposedly courageous and critical voices who still know when to parrot the party line (Bill f*cking Maher).
My hat’s off to you Len, as your thoroughness is matched only by your persistence. These crimes cannot be swept under the rug. By simply asking the question, “who benefits?”, one can easily see the direction that leads. What we are up against are powerful people with powerful resources to bamboozle the gullible public. All we have is the truth. I sincerely hope that for once that is enough.

Unknown said...

Lance sez...

I keep waiting to wake up from this nightmare; surrounded by brain-dead zombies unable to process even the most rudimentary data which would reveal the big lie.

Lance, many share your the hope that we make one day 'wake' and find a better world if not that it had never happened. Tragically, what happened has changed everything but NOTHING for the better.

Those still believing this heinous lie amount to almost 50 percent of the population in some polls. Much less --thankfully --in other polls!

The nation is divided on this issue and until it is resolved, I see no way to 'move forward'. The last time this nation was so divided, a Civil War followed.

I have been accused, for example, of exploiting these 'unfortunate events' to promote a leftist agenda. To promote a 'rightest' agenda would make me COMPLICIT. LIES about 911 AID and ABET those who pulled it off. LIES about 911 may very well be obstructions of justice!

The accusation against me comes from a perverse and reversed thought process that proceeds from conclusions rather than ARRIVING at conclusions based upon fact!

This terminally flawed mentality bends reality to fit the prejudice; it lies about reality to promote an evil fiction. At last --as I can prove --right wing economics have enriched but ONE PERCENT of the nation, the VERY on percent who benefit most from 911 and the wars it caused.

I will ACTIVELY oppose and would destroy, if possible, the last vestiges of an evil system that has stolen the wealth of the nation and GIVEN it to some one percent who DID NOT EARN IT, DID NOT DESERVE IT, and has NOTHING NOTHING PRODUCTIVE WITH IT!

I have cold hard official, government stats to prove my every assertion.

EVERY GOP President since 1900 has presided over greater inequalities of wealth and income than ANY Democratic President. At the same time, the productivity of the nation has DECLINED with every GOP tax cut from which ONLY the upper 1 percent benefit.

Today --just ONE PERCENT of the US population OWNS more than the rest of us put together. As this transfer was taking place, the US became the WORLD'S LARGEST NET DEBTOR NATION. That number is the result of the FACT that the US trails the rest of the world in almost EVERY industrial category. What --indeed --do we export? See the CIA's World Fact Book for confirmation of that.

These are NOT coincidences. The one causes the other. The BIGGEST BENEFICIARIES of 911 were those who make up this INCREDIBLY SMALL AND ELITE ONE PERCENT OF THE US POPULATION.

These bastards have a lot to answer for.

Let the war crimes and mass murder/treason trials begin.

Anonymous said...

I think there's something else going on that we just can't seem to put our fingers on. Something we can only glimpse in our peripheral vision. It's like a nightmare in which we're being chased and we're running in slow motion. For example, I'm at work and I'm trying to convince my friends(people that I share some pretty personal stuff with)that the official 911 story is false. I present solid evidence that 911 is a lie. Yet they just get a blank look on their faces and refuse to go there. What's wrong with these people? Do they have implants or something? Then I run into people who see the truth. They get it. There's something strange going on just beyond our grasp. It reminds me of that book about Don Juan and the Yaqui shaman.

damien said...

There's a couple of things going on here, anonymous.

(1) There's a figure/gestalt thing here. People gather evidence to support the conclusion they have accepted early on. It is unsettling for them to acknowledge they may have been wrong, much less actually change their views. There is a general inertia towards change in regard to any ideas, much less contentious political ideas.

(2) Humans are social creatures and social rejection is a terrifying prospect operating at a subconscious level.

(3) People are far more programmable than they care to admit. They are suggestible to advertising, propaganda, etc, and they don't like to admit it. The truth is we are far "simpler" than we'd like to believe. Milgram's experiments are a good example of this.

Overall, my take on this is that (2) is the most powerful of the above three factors. People are simple, programmable monkeys who consistently over-rate their intellectual ability and their social independence. That doesn't make them bad or mad, just human. That being said, the sheer volume and dishonesty of our media propaganda (Iran,Iraq etc) bodes badly for world peace and US domestic politics in particular.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote-
"There's something strange going on just beyond our grasp."
The primary distortion of reality might be found in the old Freudian idea of "transference", wherein a dependency created during a traumatic childhood, a neurotic need for approval from the abusive parents, school, church and all the other callous
, demeaning groups which pass as "society" is focused upon an authority figure.
This need not be an actual person, it may be an ideaology, a state, so long as the fear of freedom is assuaged and personal responsibility is turned over to a "higher authority".
The pain of percieving that we admire a cruel, sociopathic target is too much for most to bear. Many will kill rather than question the value of their particular alliegance. It usually comes back to seeing the pain and cruelty of one's own childhood, and to reject the mythologised parent is taboo.
So we have an entire culture beaten and prodded from earliest infancy through adulthood, a culture that is much the same wherever authority is regarded as the "right" way to go about human social organization.
Most will destroy themselves rather than examine the true nature of their own motivations.
I suggest the work of Alice Miller for a much more learned and useful study of the nature of child abuse and it's effects upon humanity.
There is a reason one may not "tell" someone information they do not dare to percieve. At it's core, this fear is what gave Hitler power, it is why people go to war with their own brothers and sisters on this benighted planet.
It is why those in power do not have to make much of an effort to hide the murders and thefts which are their stock and trade.
Donald L. Smith

Anonymous said...

Fuzzflash sez…

Superb stuff, Len. You’re one warrior who will never walk alone.

Dig your beautifully expressed passion, D.L. Smith.

damien, tireless super-sleuth of tyranny most foul, agree that the fear of being “Sent to Coventry” is a mighty powerful motivator when it comes to rube wrangling. Takes real courage to pursue the truth when the tribe refuses to see you. Or when people refuse to do bidness with you; afterall, this is America. Wonder how Tom Paine would have dealt with the 9/11 snowjob, whose truth lies buried in a field once sown by Johnny Appleseed but now, by the United Fruit Company? Reckon Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert & their writing teams have the capacity to catalyse some widespread 9/11 agitation with well written , slickly delivered comedy but their owners (Time/Warner/Viacomb) wouldn’t wear it. No Suh.

A Deep Throat would come in handy though. Apart from concerns about the security their biospheric tenure, where tf are all the 9/11 Deep Throats?

Now that Olbermann is wearing his corporate muzzle, it’s good to see Greenwald and Digby picking up the standard. WaPo gave Danny Froomkin the flick but he’s soon gonna be a blog-up-start with a staff of five at Joan Walsh’s stable. The MSM still wield enormous power through visual media, but Citizen Rupert and other Fourth Estaters have missed the web boat bigtime.
Fuck broadsheets! Teh tubes are where the action’s at.

Anonymous said...

Dang! Meant ta epilogue me blurb with this.

DISCLAIMER: if you never leave your abode please refrain from reading furthur as it may cause offence.

What do you call a Right Wing nut job with agoraphobia?

A Home Birther.

Unknown said...

Fuzz sez ...

A Deep Throat would come in handy though. Apart from concerns about the security their biospheric tenure, where tf are all the 9/11 Deep Throats?

Too bad the MSM has capitulated. A bit o'heat might smoke out a Deep Throat! But --as the GOP has proven of themselves --they don't care about real crimes and certainly NOT high treason or muder!

Rather, the GOP raison d'etre is the getting of blow jobs and ass reams while prosecuting Dems for same!