Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Dissecting the Scrambled Brains of the GOP

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

It was not so long ago that GOP Senators Chuck Hegal and Richard Lugar described the Bush administration as "incompetent"! And they were being polite. CONSERVATIVE commentator George Will referred to the Bush administration as "...the gang that couldn't shoot straight!" In Iraq, Bush's "puppet" Allawi said of WMD: "...they must be somewhere!"

WMD are where you find them! But that's not to say that WMD were ever in Iraq! It does not follow that because something is not 'here', it must be 'there'! It does not follow that because something is 'not' then something else 'is'.

The Bush regime was as utterly incompetent as it was evil. Otherwise, Dick Cheney, who supervised 911, would have just ordered his minions to 'plant' WMD in the areas his 'task force' had already targeted for theft! In retrospect, the Bush regime turns out to have been half-assed crooks, half-assed murderers, half-assed liars, a ludicrous gang that couldn't shoot straight.

It might have been Kant who said that there is a moral imperative to be intelligent. By that standard, the GOP grows more evil as it grows more stupid!

The cure that kills!

The GOP under Bush was determined to stay the course if it killed us. It killed many of us --those 'left behind' by Texas' 'dead last' educational system and millions more for whom murdering Iraqis and stealing oil was, perhaps, their career path of last resort!

It was Ronald Reagan who put a smiley face on "psychosis", i.e. the indulgence of delusion as long as it makes you feel good or, at least, better about yourself. Reagan did this for millions who returned his utterly failed administration to office. Thus, the GOP perfected the 'big lie' with research and focus groups. There was simply no way to get a GOPPER elected on fact or reason. Insanity became and remains the campaign strategy of choice for a party that could not, cannot think straight, a party that is either delusional or is dishonest and just pretends to be insane as a cover!

Wealth would trickle down, Dr Feelgood (Ronald Reagan) assured us, if we would but help him make the privileged elite even richer. Wealth didn't trickle down and never has ...but millions swooned as the aging actor made them feel better about themselves [GOP Convention, 1992, Houston]. The effect was as short-lived as are many 'feel good' remedies and sex toys. Come to think of it --every GOP administration is a circle jerk of old cronies, limited intelligences and the morally bankrupt.

'Let them eat cake and live in houses'

Ronald Reagan told us that those made homeless and forced to live in tent cities were "mentally ill". It was the middle class that had been made homeless during those Reagan nightmare years and while Carter occupied the White House, they had lived in houses. I suppose that as long as they were in a house, they were considered by the GOP to be sane. If you don't have a house, the GOP thinks you are nuts!

Official government statistics [Bureau of Labor Statistics, BEA, Census Bureau] prove that job creation and GDP were higher during the Carter years than in any GOP regime since WWII. As they would say in Texas: the GOP 'cain't carry Carter's shit!' Carter is --therefore --a GOP whipping boy not because he failed but because he succeeded.
Job Growth Per Year Under Most Recent Presidents8

Johnson 3.8%
Carter 3.1
Clinton 2.4
Kennedy 2.3
Nixon 2.3
Reagan 2.1
Bush 0.6

Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Employment Statistics Survey

It must be pointed out that under Clinton, the recently insane went sane again and moved back into houses! The GOP never figured it out! I was surprised when the GOP failed to lambast the Democrats for the dramatic drop in tent sales during the Clinton years.

GOP thought processes are scrambled. GOP logic works backward from conclusions to premises. The late Barbara Olson said that Gary Condit was guilty of murder not because there was evidence against him but because there was none.

Similarly, it was during the 2000 election debacle that Robert Novak said Democrats were 'trying to steal this election by counting votes!' Antonin Scalia would not be outdone. He said that continuing the recount would be harmful to Bush! Indeed! Bush would have lost!

Scalia did not know when to shut the flock up, adding:
Count first, and rule upon legality afterwards, is not a recipe for producing election results that have the public acceptance democratic stability requires.

--Antonin Scalia, U. S. Supreme Court Justice
'Scuse me!

Anyone getting the fewer number of votes is supposed to lose. Scalia was just puking up something that sounded 'scholarly' but, in fact, meant: stop the count while Bush is still ahead!!

Bush v Gore majority opinions are pure bunkum, lousy law, worse legal scholarship. The BEST critique of Bush v Gore is found in the dissenting opinions, primarily Ruth Bader Ginsberg who laid bare Scalia's idiocy and hypocrisy.
I might join THE CHIEF JUSTICE were it my commission to interpret Florida law. But disagreement with the Florida court's interpretation of its own State' s law does not warrant the conclusion that the justices of that court have legislated. There is no cause here to believe that the dissenting members of Florida' s high court have done less than ''their mortal best to discharge their oath of office,'' Sumner v. Mata, 449 U. S. 539, 549 (1981), and no cause to upset their reasoned interpretation of Florida law.

JUSTICE GINSBURG, with whom JUSTICE STEVENS joins, and with whom JUSTICE SOUTER and JUSTICE BREYER join as to Part I, dissenting. [emphasis mine, EC]
GOP brains should be dissected, studied, diagnosed and then quarantined! Scalia's condition should be written up by someone like Carl Jung who estimated that as much as thirty percent of any population is certifiably psychopathic and/or delusional. The GOP, meanwhile, consulted swamis or anyone who could justify ex post facto the conclusions already drawn, the results desired but not really ever achieved.

Scalia displays psychopathic symptoms which Dr. Gustav Gilbert identified among the Nazi war criminals he studied at Nuremberg.
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia recently claimed that the Constitution does not prohibit the execution of an innocent man provided that he has had a fair trial. While this is astonishing enough coming from a man who holds himself out as a Catholic -- even more astonishing is how Justice Scalia substitutes his personal religious beliefs for the law and the Constitution.

This extraordinary tale of what we might call substitutionalism, begins with the case of Troy Davis who was sentenced to death by the State of Georgia in 1991 for the murder of a police officer. Davis has always maintained his innocence and sought a new new trial. "Seven key witnesses have since recanted," according to an editorial in The New York Times, "and several people have charged that the main prosecution witness was the shooter. Rather than arguing that there were procedural flaws in his trial, Mr. Davis is making the more basic claim that he is innocent and that new evidence proves it."

U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens declared "the substantial risk of putting an innocent man to death clearly provides an adequate justification." The majority of his colleagues agreed and ordered a federal judge in Georgia to review the new evidence and rule whether it "clearly establishes" Davis' innocence.

But Scalia and fellow traditionalist Catholic, Clarence Thomas, didn't see it that way. "This Court has never held that the Constitution forbids the execution of a convicted defendant who has had a full and fair trial," Scalia opined, " but is later able to convince a habeas court that he is 'actually' innocent."

--How Do You Solve a Problem Like Scalia?

Again --Scalia, typical of his ilk, thinks 'backward'. Certainly, a 'fair trial', however desirable, is not an ideal but, like 'justice' itself, a means by which the taking of an innocent life by the state is made less likely. The state murder of a provable innocent because all the 't's' are crossed and all the 'i's' dotted is not just Kafakaesque, it typifies the endemic evil of the state itself.

A paper will be written about the many lies that the GOP has told about Social Security. Unless they are stopped, the GOP will one day raid Social Security not because it's broke but because it's not! If SS were broke, the GOP would have nothing to covet, no booty to be divided up among their base of Wall St insiders! When they have seized SS, the GOP will argue that they had to kill it to save it! Social Security 'reform' will consist of transferring more wealth to the wealthy, putting those monies into the hands of the Wall St geniuses who brought you every recession/depression since the Great Depression of 1929 and its more recent reprise under Bushco.

Against Kerry, Bush and the GOP resorted to almost every lie and every GOP fallacy. Millions apparently believed Bush when he told them that because HE failed in Iraq, we should NOT elect Kerry! Perhaps the GOP believed that because the GOP left us record budget shortfalls, deficits, and the world's largest NEGATIVE current account balance, we should never elect Democrats who left instead the more nearly balanced budgets and, often, surpluses! Big Brother must be pleased to learn that all of his 'big lies' have been put to work by the US GOP.

Are we safe yet?

Millions believed Bush when he said that we were certain to get hit by terrorists again and, seemingly in the same paragraph, we were safer! It never occurred to the media to ask: which is it? Are we safer or not?

Obviously --the GOP strategists never figured this one out: did the GOP get more votes by saying we were safer or were more votes gained by saying we were less safe? The GOP consultants and focus group gurus let them down. They never resolved the issue! With any luck, the GOP's central processor will overheat and melt down before the party destroys the US as we knew it!


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Cirze said...

I think they figured it out very well, Len.

They said both things, knowing that their dumb-mass audience would hear what they felt most comfortable with.

They got the best of all possible bad worlds.

And we are stuck living in it.

Until we figure it out.

And eject them from power.


the GOP strategists never figured this one out: did the GOP get more votes by saying we were safer or were more votes gained by saying we were less safe?

SadButTrue said...

" WMD are where you find them! But that's not to say that WMD were ever in Iraq! It does not follow that because something is not 'here', it must be 'there'! It does not follow that because something is 'not' then something else is somewhere else or that something else 'is'. "

It was on a different subject, but famed infidel Prof. Delos McKown once noted, "The invisible and the non-existent look very much alike."

(You'll not regret clicking that link. Very amusing.)

Unknown said...

Suzan sez...

They got the best of all possible bad worlds.

Your view is much closer to my own. Despite his genius and brilliance, Voltaire either misunderstood Liebniz or unfairly characterized his 'best of all possible worlds'! Voltaire thought it 'optimistic' and Lampooned Liebniz in Candide.

I always thought the phrase pessimistic --hardly optimistic. If this is the 'best of all possible worlds' then we are all without hope in a Kafkaesque nightmare in which almost one half the population are cockroaches --the GOP!!

My view is that if this is not the 'best' of all possible worlds, it is, rather, the ONLY possible universe. Certainly, we have no knowledge of any other and no way to know if any other universe is possible. Both Liebniz and Voltaire were wrong!

"And we are stuck living in it."

I terrifies me to think that the inevitability of GOPism was present in the form of primordial, immutable laws at the very instant of the Big Bang.

I may never sleep soundly again.

SadButTrue sez...

"The invisible and the non-existent look very much alike."

And what you see it what you get!

Sums up the GOP precisely!

From your link:

Excerpt: "Where did you see Jesus?" I asked.

"Out back of my cabin," said Alphonse.

Reminds me of one of my old 'friends' in Houston. There are lots of 'bubbas' in and around Houston and some of them have influenced US foreign policy. We should all tremble.

William said...

Another sane and cogent indictment of the GOP in general, and one of their leading delusional psychotics, Antonin Scalia, in particular. From my perspective, this bottom dwelling pond scum is a despicable human (sic) being, and a disgrace to the bench.

It is difficult for me to decide which I despise more; the baseless sense of entitlement exhibited by these cretins, or the endless fawning by our compromised corporate media.

I would sincerely like to believe that the average American is intelligent enough to make appropriate choices given adequate, correct information. Considering the current state of politics, I can only state that Goebbels would be proud.

And now they are at it again. The bleating from wingnuttia is in full roar mode, in advance of Obama's address of our students, encouraging them to work hard to achieve a quality education. What is evidently lost on these morons, is the fact that their heroes, St. Ronnie and both Bush criminals, have all entered the classrooms of our nation, with Bush the lesser hiding out at Booker Elementary as his Reichstagfire was taking place.

God help us all if these raving lunatics are ever again allowed anywhere near the levers of power.

Unknown said...

William sez...

God help us all if these raving lunatics are ever again allowed anywhere near the levers of power.

GREAT comments William. Indeed, the GOP has far, far exceeded Herrs Hitler and Goebbels in the literal BRAINWASHING of such a huge percentage of the population.

Hitler didn't have an ARMY of professional liars like Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Beck, Hannity and on and on and on...it just never frickin' ends.

Public education has failed to provide basic cognitive skills. First the nation was DUMBED DOWN; secondly, it ws BRAINWASHED.

What hope is there that a single blog or even many can counter the ORGANIZED MASS MEDIA SUPPORTED BRAINWASH of a population?

Anonymous said...

No WMD's were found post-invasion. It would have been easy to plant a few....

Just one problem - The "MADE IN THE USA" labels.