Monday, March 15, 2010

The War on Terrorism is a Racket!

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

At the beginning of every fiscal year, the U.S. makes a lump sum payment of cold hard cash to Israel, a procedure not duplicated for any other nation receiving U.S. 'aid'. It looks like a payoff in response to a shakedown because that's what it is! What leverage, we wonder, is used by Israel on the U.S? The Carvellian quick response: terrorism! Terrorism is a racket! Israel exploits 'terrorism' to shake down the U.S. tax payer. Now we know why Israelis danced on 911.

Israel is among the world's richest nations. Nevertheless, Israel receives more U.S. tax payer money than any other 'single recipient' of what is euphemistically called 'U.S. aid', more, in fact, than all of Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa combined. Though Israel is barely larger in population than metropolitan Los Angeles, Chicago or Houston, it receives more aid than two continents. Those areas include some of the poorest regions which receive much less U.S. aid than does wealthy Israel who clearly does not need it.

Then what does U.S. aid to Israel consist of? At the top of the list is, of course, the aforementioned cold, hard cash. Other 'aid' includes the weapons of war themselves.
The U.S. administration has notified Congress of the following proposed government-negotiated Foreign Military Sales (FMS) agreements, export licenses for industry-negotiated Direct Commercial Sales (DCS), or leases of military equipment to Israel. The Arms Export Control Act requires only that the administration notify Congress of FMS and DCS valued at $14 million or more. Sales below that threshold are not recorded here.

--Arms Transfers to Israel: 1993 to Present
Former Secretary of State Shultz 'credited' Netanyahu for 'effecting a change in American policies on terrorism'. That's 'political speak' for 'Israel extorted billions of dollars in aid by raising the specter of 'terrorism'. Fear of 'terrorism' is responsible for the transfer of billions of dollars to Israel because the U.S. tax payer is brainwashed, literally trained to fear anyone with a tan wearing a turban. Terrorism is how the moneys 'given' to Israel are officially justified. What is 'terrorism' but the practice by the U.S. and its client state, Israel, to extort billions from U.S. taxpayers?
The set of deliberately misleading and discredited assumptions followed by the proponents of the War on Terror must be repudiated. The government is wasting 10s of billions of dollars, propping up this sham, in the wake of the enforced fearmongering that has crept in since 9/11. In return for the tax dollars that pay for blooding our hands, we had habeas corpus struck down, arbitrary “no-fly lists” are implemented, our government is perpetrating terror hoaxes on the people, and over 100 Canadian soldiers have died fighting what Stephen Harper admits is an unwinnable war.

Despite the obvious ill effects on society, the tenets of the GWOT are still off-limits for inquiry, or you are a ‘troofer’ and subject to derision and ridicule. It doesn’t matter that you are speaking truth. Ask Lesley Hughes.

Canada seems to be under the ideological and political grip of a foreign power, that is leveraging control over Canadian parties and politicians. Many powerful Israeli lobby groups operate in Canada bending the government’s ear to the Isr-elis.

They need the pretense of the “existential threat” to Western Civilization represented by Arab terrorism to justify what was a long-standing plan to invade the middle east. Thus, we are following a set of deliberately misleading erroneous assumptions that have manipulated us into war.

--Origins of the War of Terror: Bush, Netanyahu and the CIA
It was in 1979 that Netanyahu organized an international conference against terrorism, under the auspices of the Jonathan Institute — a private foundation dedicated to the study of terrorism. Hard to believe that it was not the very purpose of that 'foundation' to frighten the U.S. into coughing up the billions for Israel which habitually milk the U.S. tax payer. Yet recently, Netanyahu is said to 'defy' the U.S. over Israeli settlement policies that have clearly destabilized the Middle East. See: Netanyahu defies U.S. over Jerusalem settlement

Leo Strauss, the so-called 'intellectual' godfather of neo-conservativism, believed that neocons ought to 'lie' to the unwashed masses because, it is said, they 'can't handle the truth'. Well --the truth is Benjamin Netanyahu believes he owns the NEOCONS. Tails wag dogs. I say: a pox on both their houses. Israel should be 'cut off' now. No gradualism, no time for therapy sessions! Cut them off now and balance the budget with the savings. (BTW, the last balanced budget was in a Democratic Regime)

The prime minister's speech last night returned the Middle East to the days of George W. Bush's "axis of evil." Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a patriarchal, colonialist address in the best neo-conservative tradition: The Arabs are the bad guys, or at best ungrateful terrorists; the Jews, of course, are the good guys, rational people who need to raise and care for their children. In the West Bank settlement of Itamar, they're even building a nursery school.

No empathy for the refugees from Jaffa who lost their entire world, not a word for the Muslim connection to Jerusalem - neither a fragment of a quote from the Koran, nor a line of Arabic poetry.

--Netanyahu and a Return to the Axis of Evil

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anarchore said...

Hi cowboy, great piece!

Thanks for quoting my site.

Will be showcasing this on my site.

Unknown said...

Thanks, anarchore and thanks for the great 'quote'. Keep up the great work.

P. Honan Keeley said...

Not a specific comment, but a general 'you da man,' sort of jive internet high-five for laying it out in plain English so the ignorant masses might at least have a chance at the truth.

Please keep up the good work.

William said...

It is long past time to cut off "aid" to the rogue state of Israel. All the proof needed is in the many false flag "incidents" which have been shown to be of Israeli origin, or bear their fingerprints; the lengthy list of UN resolutions Israel is in utter defiance of; their policies of murdering innocent men, women, and children (see Operation Cast Lead, etc.).

The United States Government is in violation of the law, in that, according to the Symington amendment, aid is forbidden to nuclear power which are not signatory to the NNPT.

It is also troubling to see many dual-citizenship Israelis serving in high government positions. This practice should be strictly forbidden, due to the clear conflict(?) of interest, the nagging questions regarding allegiance. To my knowledge, no other nation is allowed this access.

My list of grievances with Israel is lengthy, and the Zionists would surely accuse me of anti-semitism. To be clear, I do not hate Israelis, or Jews. I hate lying, murderous assholes regardless of nationality. If you don't want to be called a murderer, don't be a murderer.

Omyma said...

Great piece! This is what we need to hear more of - loud, clear, and mainstream. It is absolutely gutting the notion of democracy, not to mention of the U.S. having any compassion or so-called "higher ground", totally and irreparably, to the rest of the world.

Unknown said...

Urban Inspector sez...

Please keep up the good work.

Thanks, Urban. You can bet I will and, rest assured, I appreciate your encouraging words. Keep tellin' the truth. The liars are on the defensive and we can keep them there.

William said...

All the proof needed is in the many false flag "incidents" which have been shown to be of Israeli origin, or bear their fingerprints; the lengthy list of UN resolutions Israel is in utter defiance of; their policies of murdering innocent men, women, and children (see Operation Cast Lead, etc.).

You are absolutely correct. K-Street, where the paid lobbies 'nest', has essentially replaced Congress. The most powerful lobby, arguably, is the so-called 'Jewish Lobby', which is supposed to represent American 'Jews' but is most certainly bankrolled by the state of Israel. The U.S. is routinely sold to the highest bidder, but, in the case of Israel, the U.S. taxpayer picks up the tab.

Omyma sez...

This is what we need to hear more of - loud, clear, and mainstream. It is absolutely gutting the notion of democracy, not to mention of the U.S. having any compassion or so-called "higher ground", totally and irreparably, to the rest of the world.

Thanks, Omyma. I had hopes for the MSM when Woodward and Bernstein broke Watergate and the NYT published the Pentagon Papers. What have we seen of equal significance since then? I dunno.

Anonymous said...

Great piece Len.

The war on 'terra' is just an attempt to distract the world from viewing the genocide going on in Palestine.

Israel is biggest violator of UN resolutions on the planet. It's just a dirty money laundering crime syndicate put in place by the Rothschild cartel after WWII, to steal, extort, bribe, kill and point the finger at everyone else.


Christopher said...

A great posting.

The fact is, that Israel is a European outpost in the middle east on an American life-support machine.

Another fact is that, due to American election financing laws, America is, in respect of middle-east policy, an Israeli client state.

A paradox, n'est-ce pas?

Unknown said...

Christopher said...

The fact is, that Israel is a European outpost in the middle east on an American life-support machine.

Thanks, Christopher. Good to see ya again.

As to be expected, your comment is right on target. This is something of a dysfunctional symbiotic relationship but it would appear that Israel dictates terms. I am still at a loss --WHAT is the precise nature of their leverage. They don't have OIL! But, then again, that has probably spared them an invasion by Halliburton-USA, INC.

Anonymous said...

Len, just some links to add your collection (if you haven't already done so):

I notice your're reading a Sibel Edmonds piece and I was wondering if you cottoned on to her American Conservative magazine article. The FBI were recording US, Israeli and Turkish officials discussing the invasion and partition of Iraq before 9/11.

Then there is Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed's terrific historical summary of the US's support for al Qaeda and jihadist groups all through the 90s and even following 9/11. (As you are well aware, "terrorists" are the innocent bunnies we hold in Gitmo as part of the "Showtime on Terror". The Jundallah "freedom fighters" the US pays to bomb civilians in Iran are another matter altogether.)

Then, there is a great read on Iran and Israel by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach -- the best account I've seen in quite a while of the US-Israeli war drive against Iran.

Finally, this tidbit: All of Obama's appointments -- economic, defense, intelligence -- have been Right wing. Obama's special envoy to Afghanistan is Richard Holbrooke, a close friend of Henry Kissinger, who meets with him regularly. And on Feb 8, 2009, Obama's National Security Adviser, James L. Jones, gave these remarks at the 45th Munich Conference on Security Policy:

"Thank you for that wonderful tribute to Henry Kissinger yesterday. Congratulations. As the most recent National Security Advisor of the United States, I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger, filtered down through General Brent Scowcroft and Sandy Berger, who is also here. We have a chain of command in the National Security Council that exists today."

What can one say? Let's quote the French, shall we! -- "plus ça change..."


Christopher said...

You (Len) said:

"......WHAT is the precise nature of their (Israel's)

From what I read, if a legislator doesn't vote in the Senate or Congress in the way AIPAC wants, he likely won't be re-elected because AIPAC will lavishly fund his opponent.

Therefore, to anger AIPAC is to commit political suicide.

That said, legislators anxious to be re-elected, could now be on the horns of a dilemma in the light of Petraeus's recent statement that being too pro-Israel (Israel government, that is) endangers America's security.

Unknown said...

Christopher said...

Therefore, to anger AIPAC is to commit political suicide.

I think that's probably right on the money. What bothers me about K-street generally is the fact that voters count for just about nothing these days. Elections are either a sop or they are stolen. The media tells us what to think and, in the case of Fox, they lie outright. They believe they have a right to lie to us.

The rise of corporate PACS is the subject of my more recent article: When 'We the People' Lost America at:

Good to see ya, Christopher. Again --my apologies for the comment moderation. For awhile, I was getting pages and pages links to everything from detergents to dirty pix and other spam.