Friday, May 07, 2010

Nasa Seeks 'Warp Drive', Anti-Gravity Space Craft

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

The state of Texas and NASA hope to take an early lead in interstellar space travel with technologies that sound like dialogue from Star Trek or Star Wars peppered with terms like "Warp Drive" and "anti-gravity". Simplistically, a new generation of space-craft may produce "tuned" gravity waves with which it may surf a "grid" of gravity waves. Some writers have referred to this as a cosmic, universal net.
The term breakthrough propulsion refers to concepts like space drives and faster-than-light travel, the kind of breakthroughs that would make interstellar travel practical.

For a general explanation of the challenges and approaches of interstellar flight, please visit the companion web site: Warp Drive: When? The Warp-When site is written for the general public and uses icons of science fiction to help convey such notions. This web site, on the other hand, is intended for scientists and engineers.
This research falls within the realm of physics instead of technology, with the distinction being that physics is about uncovering the laws of nature while technology is about applying that physics to build useful devices. Since existing technology is inadequate for traversing astronomical distances between neighboring stars (even if advanced to the limit of its underlying physics), the only way to circumvent these limits is to discover new propulsion physics. The discovery of new force-production and energy-exchange principles would lead to a whole new class of technologies. This is the motivation of breakthrough propulsion physics research.
--National Aeronautics and Space Administration [NASA], Breakthrough Propulsion Physics [See also: Prospects for Breakthrough Propulsion From Physics, Marc G. Millis, Founder and Manager, Breakthrough Propulsion Physics (BPP) Project, NASA John H. Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field, PDF]
NASA is quick to point out that something like the Space Ship "Enterprise" is not imminently feasible but points out that "new possibilities continue to emerge". NASA confirms that it supported the breakthrough Propulsion Physics Project from 1996 to 2002.
    Setting Goals Beyond Existing Limits
    Prospects for Breakthrough Propulsion From Physics, Marc G. Millis, Founder and Manager, Breakthrough Propulsion Physics (BPP) Project, NASA John H. Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field, PDF]
Should NASA get into "anti-gravity", the way might have been paved by the work of Raymond Chiao
Chiao argues that a superconductor could transform radio waves, light or any other form of electromagnetic radiation into gravitational radiation, and vice versa, with near perfect efficiency. Such a feat sounds as amazing as transmuting lead into gold--and about as plausible." It is fair to say that if Ray observes something with this experiment, he will win the Nobel Prize," says superconductivity expert John M. Goodkind of the University of California at San Diego. "It is probably also fair to say that the chances of his observing something may be close to zero."
--Scientific American, A Philosopher's Stone: Could superconductors transmute electromagnetic radiation into gravitational waves?
The University of Houston has been researching "super-conductivity" for over ten years and just recently received a large grant to continue and expand it's research.
The University of Houston has received a Research Superiority Award from the exas Emerging Technology Fund (ETF), announced today by Gov. Rick Perry on behalf of the ETF board. The University of Houston's Texas Center for Superconductivity (TcSUH) will receive $3.5 million over a five-year period to help establish TcSUH's Applied Research Hub (TcSUH-ARH) and recruit stellar scientists and researchers in superconductivity and related materials.
"The Texas Emerging Technology Fund has helped create an unparalleled research environment in our state by encouraging innovation and providing a path for bringing emerging technologies from the laboratory to the marketplace," Perry said. "The University of Houston is a worldwide leader in superconductivity technology, and this grant will help expand its research capabilities while encouraging the commercialization of this promising technology."
Established by Perry and the Texas Legislature in 2005, the ETF is bringing the best scientists and researchers to Texas, attracting high-paying jobs and helping start-up companies get off the ground faster.
--February 3, 2010, UH Superconductivity Center Receives $3.5M ETF Grant, UH Superconductivity Center Receives $3.5M ETF Grant
Superconductors capable of converting electromagnetic radiation into 'gravitational radiation' (and vice versa) promise to open up an new era in space exploration. The known universe is a veritable 'Moire pattern' of electromagnetic energy. Intersteller travel may become a matter of surfing the 'gravity waves' that permeate the universe.
An estimate of the transducer conversion efficiency on the order of unity comes out of the Ginzburg-Landau theory for an extreme type II, dissipationless superconductor with minimal coupling to weak gravitational and electromagnetic radiation fields, whose frequency is smaller than the BCS gap frequency, thus satisfying the quantum adiabatic theorem. The concept of ``the impedance of free space for gravitational plane waves'' is introduced, and leads to a natural impedance-matching process, in which the two kinds of radiation fields are impedance-matched to each other around a hundred coherence lengths beneath the surface of the superconductor. A simple, Hertz-like experiment has been performed to test these ideas, and preliminary results will be reported. (PACS nos.: 03.65.Ud, 04.30.Db, 04.30.Nk, 04.80.Nn, 74.60-w, 74.72.Bk)
--Conceptual tensions between quantum mechanics and general relativity: Are there experimental consequences, e.g., superconducting transducers between electromagnetic and gravitational radiation?
Superconductivity is defined by little or no electrical resistance. Reducing resistance allows electrons to carry large amounts of electric current with minimal or no "heat loss".

Supporters of "super-conductivity" hope the new research will find obvious applications to the development of new energy sources and applications --transformers, wind generators, cables and magnetic energy storage as well as the more spectacular spin-off: intersteller space travel.

A craft with a sufficient energy source might produce gravity waves relative to a local field wherever it might be in the universe. The degree to which the generated field is either negatively or positively in or out of phase with the surrounding field, it is hoped, will get future astronauts from planet to planet, or as Klaatu ("The Day the Earth Stood Still") told an Earth-bound physicist:
Barnhardt: Have you tested this theory?
Klaatu: I find it works well enough to get me from one planet to another.
Anyone writing or speaking of the exploration of the universe cannot escape the issue of time --the time required to reach a destination, the time required to return. Anyone who has read Einstein is familiar with the "time paradox" in which a space traveler returns to earth as young as the day he/she left home only to discover that everyone else has either aged or died.
[Julian] Barbour's central argument is that a mistaken belief in the reality of time prevents physicists from achieving their ultimate goal: the unification of the submicroscopic atomic world of quantum mechanics with the vast cosmic one of general relativity. The problem arises because each theory provides a radically different conception of time, and physicists simply don't know how to reconcile the two views. Until they do, they will never have one seamless theory of the universe comprising the very smallest objects to the very largest. And certain middling-sized objects— human beings— will never understand the true nature of time and existence.
What makes the two versions of time so different? Time in the quantum realm has no remarkable properties at all. In theories of quantum mechanics, time is essentially taken for granted; it simply regularly ticks away in the background, just as it does in our own lives. Like a clock at a sporting event, it provides an invisible framework in which events unfold. That's not the case in Einstein's general theory of relativity.
To describe the universe on the largest scale, Einstein had to weave time and space together into the very fabric of the universe. As a result, in general relativity, there is no invisible framework, no clock ticking outside the universe against which to measure events. How could there be? Time and space joined together have weird consequences: Space and time curve around stars and other massive bodies and make light bend away from straight-line paths. Near black holes, time seems to slow down or even come to a full stop.
--Discover, From Here to Eternity
Time --on a craft 'surfing' the gravity waves of space-time --will have stopped. I have always liked the description of "gravity waves" --that they are ripples in the fabric of space-time. The above quoted and referenced sources lead to the inevitable conclusion that if a craft is built utilizing the interference patterns generated by dissimilar wave fronts, inter-stellar travel will be akin to surfing the universe.

Just as wave forms on an oscilloscope may be "tuned" to appear to move either forward or backward, a craft generating a "tuned" local field would be capable of moving forward, backward, up or down. If, as Einstein proposed, time is a fourth dimension, such a craft may be capable of moving freely in all four dimensions.

Also see: Truth, Time and 'Absolute Space'


Beach Bum said...

Would be really nice to hear some good news on this front, since we can't seem to even design a reliable and relatively cheap system just to get us in low Earth orbit.

The cancellation of Constellation was a real buzzkill for me, especially after ten billion was already spent.

Robby Scott Hill said...

It's no joke that Marshall Space Flight Center was researching what Star Trek terms "Warp Drive" back in the early 2000s under the supervision of a man by the name of Gary Lyles. People laughed & snickered at the whole thing, but then they discovered something termed "zero point energy," & some patents were filed. At that point, DARPA & their private sector contractors stepped in. Marshall scrubbed all the info from their website and the publicly available research was classified & transferred to DARPA. It was replaced with a statement that effectively said "Warp Drive" is not possible under currently known physics and will not happen in our lifetimes. The same thing happened with nuclear research when they figured out how to make atom bomb that was dropped on Japan in 1945. So that should tell you that they are onto something. In 15 to 30 years we may see the test of an unmanned "warp ship." The problem I have with Mankind testing a warp ship is that when the aliens detect the warp signature, I don't think they are going to be as friendly as the Vulcans. In fact, the aliens most likely already know all about Earth Men and they don't plan on letting us fly warp ships outside our own solar system until Mankind grows beyond its adolescent ways and starts taking responsibility for the consequences of its actions. In other words, the alien races aren't going to let us screw up the galaxy the way we have screwed up Earth.

Unknown said...

Robby Scott Hill sez...

arshall Space Flight Center was researching what Star Trek terms "Warp Drive" back in the early 2000s under the supervision of a man by the name of Gary Lyles.

Had not heard of Lyles. Thanks for posting. Your post is absolutely consistent with what little bit I've been able to dig up. I agree --something is up and were it not for the 'military' implications and the history of U.S. suppression of any information re: UFO research, I would be inclined to think something is near development right now.

At one time, I had a 'source' inside military intelligence and, for years, I have not reported anything said to me because I could not confirm it with a second or third source. But --alas --I am of the opinion that I should at least summarize in one sentence the substance of the information that was given me on a 'not for attribution' basis: the crash at Rosewell was real and the bodies were, indeed, taken to Wright-Patterson for 'storage'. My source in Air Force Intelligence claims to have seen the official documents to back up his claim.

Then there is Lazar's strange tale which is consistent with the information I had already gotten from my source and seems to be consistent with what little we know of 'warp research'. This, unfortunately is a touchy subject on many levels. The 'establishment' is always poised to tar its critics as 'kooks'. What is needed is some material, irrefutable evidence with a traceable pedigree.

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Unknown said...

Vijay Chakravarthy, and I neglected to mention that I have, likewise, added you to the 'Cowboy' blog list. Thanks, friend.

Dagwood Engelberg said...

check out this

doc # cross-referenced here:

Christopher said...

This is science so complex, so sophisticated, that its genesis could well be the reverse engineering of crashed ET craft which the US military has retrieved and dismantled. Many people think that things like the silicone chip, and fibre optics, also have a similar provenance.

Roswell is the most famous case of a crashed ET craft. But it may only be one of many. In this connection, here's
*a two-hour video* of a press conference held by the Disclosure Project at the National Press Club in Washington in 2001, where 20 people who were insiders in the military milieu, speak of what they saw, knew, and heard about when they worked in this milieu.

These 20 are only the metaphorical tip of the iceberg, for there are 400 other former insiders, almost all with top security clearances, who are prepared to swear under oath to Congress or any government or judicial panel, that they are telling the truth.

What they tell of, includes UFOs which disable the electrical systems of rockets and other defence equipment, crashed UFOs and the retrieval of their ET crews, and a base of some kind on the dark side of the moon.

In the nine years since this conference, there don't appear to have been any congressional hearings based on the testimony of these witnesses. Not surprising really, since, as many of the witnesses testify, the US government is extremely secretive about UFOs.

The video, although long, is well worth the time to watch, re-watch, and then think deeply about.

Unknown said...

Christopher sez...

Roswell is the most famous case of a crashed ET craft.

An old college friend of mine wound up in 'Air Force Intelligence'. Years later, he told me (not for attribution) that he had seen the CLASSIFIED files on Roswell. It was most certainly 'extra-terrestrial' and --yes --the bodies of aliens were recovered.

What they tell of, includes UFOs which disable the electrical systems of rockets and other defence equipment, crashed UFOs and the retrieval of their ET crews...

Re: ETs, see my comment above. There is a lot of science out there and when 'gravity waves' are fully researched (see: LIGO ) fewer accounts will be summarily dismissed. A craft capable of controlling and propagating a 'local field' is capable of inter-stellar travel and, because it produces its own 'field' relative to exterior fields, it may even negate the time dilation or, better, exploit. If Einstein is right about space-time, a craft capable of interstellar travel is ALSO a 'time machine'.

Anonymous said...

I'd settle for clean air and water and food that won't kill me.

LanceThruster said...

Very interesting discussion. I like the interstellar travel device envisioned in Henry Guth's sci-fi short "Doomship".

You needed a matter transmitter along the lines of that in "The Fly", but instead of transporting the matter, it was duplicated at the receiver end. You could only go to places that a receiver was already sent. It wasn't used to duplicate valuables because the process was so expensive and energy intensive that only the most prosperous nations could afford to do it.

Travelers using this mode gave themselves different middle initials to keep their duplicate selves straight. The one in this story was sent on a suicide mission to a spaceship leaking deadly radiation. He had the same memories as his original counterpart up until the time he was copied.

It was strange to see the copy resentful of the version of him safe at home knowing he made the choice to copy himself and send him off to certain doom.

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