Friday, July 06, 2007

Democrats Fight Heroically for the Moral Middle Ground!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is wrong about Bush when she says he is not worth impeaching. He is not worth not impeaching and neither is the rest of his junta. At a time when the only scientific study of Iraqi deaths now estimates almost a million Iraqi civilians are dead as a direct result of the evil, criminal conspiracy of a handful of administration miscreants, it is unthinkable that Democrats should try to triangulate a moral middle ground.

The legal standard to begin criminal charges is probable cause. Probable cause will normally empanel a Grand Jury with sweeping subpoena powers. In the case of Dick Cheney, there is often an open and shut case in the public record. Specifically, his participation with George W. Bush in a fraud perpetrated upon the America people. Not a mere felony under RICO statutes, this fraud amounts to high treason. The conspirators have been named: Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, and Donald Rumsfeld.

Representative Dennis Kucinich has most certainly learned by now how lonely it must be to have courage. Kucinich has moved to impeach Dick Cheney.

Throw these liars out of office. Demand that they be impeached. Demand that the Congress act now!

Nancy Pelosi is playing cynical politics with this issue. Bush is not worth impeaching, she says. If he's not worth impeaching, then he is most certainly not worth the deaths of some one million innocent Iraqi civilians [See: Iraqi Deaths Due to Invasion]. He is most certainly not worth the lives of US service personnel sacrificed for Bush's psychotic delusions of vainglorious conquest. He is most certainly not worth the harms done the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the rule of law. He is most certainly not worth the betrayal we have suffered, the lies we have endured, the threats we must survive. Bush is not worth another hour, another minute in the White House.

It is clear to the world that a prima facie case --for which the penalty is death --can be made against the lot of them: George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell and Donald Rumsfeld! To play politics at this tragic, crucial moment in our history is cynical, cruel, unforgivable. If Pelosi will not move, then she risks being considered an accessory to Bushco's perpetual betrayal of the American people.


Why Conservatives Hate America

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Anonymous said...


You got to wonder what is going on in her head when she make a statement like that..."Not worth impeaching"

It either means these people do not think this administration has crossed the line far enough...or... there is no line, when it comes down to certain groups of people and accountability in this country.

I have a pretty good idea it is the latter.

I used to like Pelosi, but the more party politicized within the power structure she has become, the less I like her. I can't figure whether this bunch is still scared of this shithead administration, or they have just weaseled them selves up into the "play to stay" Washington corporate club. Who in the hell knows or can tell anymore, I know I can't.


Diane B said...

Hitler's Germany did not just become the facist Germany, which it became in World War II. He did it in a power play, Hitler was legally elected I believe in 1931,The Chancellor died in 1933, he just took over.His whole organization took control and he then became a dictator, along with his SS. He went to War with all the Countries of Europe,Soviet Union, and U.S.

I believe this is what Bush has done, taken over our Country, in a series of well orchestrated steps, in what appeared to be a legal election, although not without some problems, where as the Conservative Supreme Court Stepped in and gave him the election. 9-11, which I question the story given us, and then the War in Iraq which we now find out is based on lies. o.k. Another election, which we now know was voter fraud and once against not legally won, wiretapping, habeas corpus taken away after 1200 years, Detention camps all over the world, torture, kidnapping,in Oct, 2006 when he took away habeas Corpus he also,took control of the National Guard, which had always been given to the Governors of each State, on May 9, 2007
security Directives NSPD 51 and HSPD 20, A catastrophic emergency, is declared, Martial Law is intiatiated and can you imagine, who has full and legal control of our Constitutional Government George Bush and Dick Cheney.

Could this happen, I think so. Perhaps they bomb Iran, and then declare Martial Law. There would be no elections, we're at war in an all out war in the Middle East. This potential is a real nightmare, which could happen. As the democrats are apparently overwhelmed in Congress by the republican goon squads, I do not see this country surviving such an assault from within.

PTCruiser said...

It's a numbers game. The democrats know they are outnumbered and are trying to save face by poo-pooing Impeachment. This is a criminal act in and of itself. To not at least try and push for impeachment they are putting this country in great peril. I love it.

Unknown said...

anonymous said...

I can't figure whether this bunch is still scared of this shithead administration, or they have just weaseled them selves up into the "play to stay" Washington corporate club. Who in the hell knows or can tell anymore, I know I can't.

This Congress is terrified. Democrats and even GOPPERS. They know something we don't. The Anthrax letters targeted Democrats with military grade Anthrax. I see the hand of Cheney/Bush/Rumsfeld in that. As I recall, the Anthrax attack preceded a crucial vote on the Patriot Act which had been opposed by some Democrats. We haven't heard much real opposition out of the Democrats since.

Let a GOPPER dare call me a "conspiracy theorist". I don't give a shit. There is enough hard evidence to send GWB and his henchmen to the gallows right now! Bring it on!

Diane B said...

. He did it in a power play, Hitler was legally elected ...

Your're right, Diane, it was a power play but he never got more than 37 percent of the vote in severals elections called over a period of about three months or so (as I recall). Toward the end of this process, riots broke out in Berlin, Hindenberg was "elected" President and agreed, under pressure, to appoint Hitler "Chancellor" The rest was sheer power play, taking advantage of Hindenberg's advanced age and the disarray in the divided Reichstag. The Reichstag Fire was exceedingly timely, as was 911, preceding a key vote. It was Hitler's pretext to assume a Dictatorship with a panoply of "emergency measures".

Sound familiar???

Fact is --Bush IS a Nazi. His family are closet Nazis and made a fortune doing business with them.

Just as Hitler cut a deal with Thyssen, Krupp, I.G. Farben et al, the DUMB-umvirate of Cheney/Bush/Rumsfeld carved up the map of the Middle East with big oil and Halliburton.

Poland, similarly, was rich in coal from which synthetic fuels (to drive the Panzers) could be produced.

Bush used Hitler's play book. And, as it was then, it's all about energy. The esteemed historian John Keegan has written that Hitler might have won WWII if he had kept Rommel supplied. Rather than invading Russia, Hitler could have ordered Rommel to seize the oil fields of the Middle East. It would have all been over. Save for the "insurgency" that would have opposed Rommel. Doncha just love history?

PTCruiser said...

This is a criminal act in and of itself.

Yep! The Democrats used to represent working men and women and did not take any crap. The GOP struck deep into that natural, liberal constituency by deliberately wiping out the middle class by exporting manufacturing jobs, transferring wealth to the upper one percent of the nation via unfair tax cuts calculated for their effect, and outspending Democrats with corporate support.

Having said all that, I still believe the people would follow if the Democrats would lead. Triangulating the center is a cynical strategy that will NEVER restore our civil liberties, will NEVER end the dominance of corporations over American lives and families, will NEVER restore the Bill of Rights or Democracy.

It seems contradictory, but the biggest weakness of a dictatorship is its very dominance. People left with no other choice will eventually revolt. Even Rome fell. Even the Third Reich came crashing down, appropriately, in that case, in a flaming Götterdämmerung!

How Wagernerian!

A story about Marie Antoinette is, I am sure, apocryphal. When told "The people are revolting" she replied: "I KNOW!"

Diane B said...

"The Dem"s are not confronting head on the wrongs that have been done by Bush and Cheney and all their henchmen,You are right, PT Cruiser.

Democrats should stand firmly together, publicly declaring over and over again what they have done to us, wiretapping spying, torture, detention centers, kidnapping, stealing elections, taking over the national guard, all those National Security Directives which in essence give him the power to become a dictator! These have to be talked about day after day. To try and stop him, force the monster's hand! Instead,the Democrats,simply hope he won't do it. Impeachment must be attempted, they must try.

Yesterday, I read an interesting article on OPED, the writer of the OPED Article heard a Congressman speak before a group not to long ago, where this Congressman stated, that he believes were headed towards,Martial Law.

I wasn't surprised to hear this, for I was at a town hall meeting, On June 3,2007, where I asked Congressman Brad Sherman about the two Security Directives which were announced by George Bush, on May 9, 2007, and whether we would still have elections, if this Directives were enacted. he replied that he was unaware of them. Really, these were Directives he was unaware of, and he is on the Judiciary Committee, in Congress.These Directives came out on May 9, three weeks earlier. I personaly believe he did not want to discuss it. Although he did say, Elections, would be held even if these Directives are enforced. I found that hopeful, but doubtful, if we have Martial Law.

We live in interesting times, to say the least. I hope my fears never occur.Yet, Bush seems to use all the Laws and Directives he ever passes.

Diane B said...

You are right Len, there is so much evidence right now, to proceed with exposing day after day, the wrongs that have been done to our Country and Iraq. You also are right,the Democrats are afraid to proceed.

If Bush, does the unthinkable which is Martial Law, and becomes a Dictator, he will fail.

Why, because our economy is fragile the dollar is at an all time low, our Country has massive debt, were living off borrowed money as a Nation, as a People. We will be unable to support the Wars Bush has started. We will hit a terrible crisis banks will close, Nations will call in our debt.

Bush, will be jailed, if some of these events happen, and we will not make it as a unified Nation. I really believe People in this Country will never want a strong large centralized Government ever again if Bush becomes a Dictator.

Psychomikeo said...

If King George II can fire anyone he wants then... "We The People" should be able to fire Nancy!!!
Her EGO has gotten in the way of her doing the right thing & the right thing is to IMPEACH Bush & his Dick to start to heal this nation

Anonymous said...

Len said:
"This Congress is terrified. Democrats and even GOPPERS. They know something we don't."

Only one thing really comes to mind when I think of this current situation, and it maybe that in no uncertain terms the dem maj. have been given some guidance. And, if such advice were to be ignored, we may somehow end up black-bagged into a large international incident, (Iran?) along with marshal law. It certainly sounds far fetched, or that it originated in some dipstick Tom Clancy or Ayn Rand novel...but remember, that is where these idiots get some of their ideas from. Also, I would not put anything past Cheney, and I mean anything, he is by far the largest global political gangster in operation today.


Unknown said...

Diane, Bush is already a dictator. The dems were out to lunch and are still. If the Democrats were to take a strong position NOW, they would be overwhelmed by the support they would get. Alas! They can't see past the polls.

The democrats are still acting like Bush has 90 percent ratings and the dems are a minority party. Why is that?

anonymous said...

Also, I would not put anything past Cheney, and I mean anything, he is by far the largest global political gangster in operation today.

Absolutely! I still don't think the American people get it. Bushco is a vicious, mass murdering MOB. They have turned the US into Murder, Inc. and globalized it. The Bush administration is all about International Industrialized Murder!

NOTHING is off the table. They will stop at nothing. As long as Americans think this just a temporary, if unpleasant, aberration, they are sorely mistaken and if they are LUCKY, they will live to rue the day they dismissed this gang however stupid they are intellectually.

Anonymous said...

Even with majorities of voters in favor of impeachment and peace, Congressional Democrats are too dumb and lazy to recognize reality. Pelosi's latest fascist trick is to try and extend the war into next April. Another thousand dead soldiers for another hundred billion in war profits. Yummy.