Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Bush Legacy: One Nation Destroyed; Another Betrayed

A war that many thought would last but a few weeks is now in its fifth year. In that time two nations have been laid waste to. Iraq from without. The US from within. The people of the US, meanwhile, are under attack by their own "President", an ambitious mediocrity obsessed with "religio-psychotic" visions of vainglorious conquest for Jesus and Exxon-Mobil.

When the war began, Iraq was a dictatorship and because of the US occupation it has since descended into Chaos. The US, meanwhile, had been a free republic but now falls victim to tyranny. This is a tale of two cities --Baghdad and Washington. It is a tale of two guilty dictators. One hanged by a Kangaroo court, the other suspended between our disbelief of his every lie and hell itself. It is a tale of two nations: a small nation rich with oil. The other -a super power in danger of becoming a failed state.

A quick victory on the ground might have kept the architects of Bush's crimes against humanity off the gallows. There is now no hope of victory, only a rising chorus threatening official villains with justice and truth.

There is no single article or documentary capable of putting all these pieces together. Among many excellent efforts, PBS Frontline: The Lost Year in Iraq must be commended. It is an exhaustive history of a single, pivotal year in which bunglers of Bush became the butchers of Baghdad.
The following videos are best viewed in order. Three videos made up what was originally broadcast on PBS Frontline in the US. However, since posting this article, someone complained and DailyMotion "pulled" an episode. I wonder which part of Bush's nefarious administration had been offended by the truth? Since that time, I have found a good selection of excerpts of the entire documentary with which to lead. I really don't know if these excerpts replace the offending portion of episode number one.

The videos are best viewed in order.

Of course, the Bush administration manipulated the media. But the degree to which mainstream media fell for the catnip is a disgusting story of complicity and lies.

Any search for accurate war reporting, however, must include Bill Moyers who typifies the clear thinking required of a professional journalist.

Dick Cheney's office, meanwhile, proved itself capable of committing treason to protect the cover story.

Once again, George W. Bush gives the rule of law a poke in the eye, commuting I. Scooter Libby's "sentence" in connection with the "outing" of Valerie Plame, a patriotic agent betrayed by this lawless administration for having done her job. In the 19th century traitors were hanged. Today, under Bush, they walk!

For some time now, Europeans have regarded the US as the single biggest threat to world peace. A new poll by Harris Research for the Financial Times reports that 32 per cent in five European countries consider the US a bigger threat than any other country.

In the US itself, only the youngest respondents share the European view of the danger posed by the US under Bush's incompetent and belligerent leadership. European concern about the US has remained level over the last year. We have this very worst regime in American history to thank for that sorry outcome.

The US failed in Iraq because the Bush administration is ideological, not pragmatic. They went to war upon a pack of lies, conclusions in search of premises. When things didn't work according to preconceived notions, Bush vowed to stay a course already failed. Vainly hoping for success but never capable of defining it, Bush fell victim to his own inflexibility, right-wing ideology and visions of vainglorious conquest.

Why Conservatives Hate America

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Anonymous said...

"Bush vowed to stay a course already failed." -- and he will continue, Len. Never forget the fundamental psycholgical immaturity this man. He's been protected from the consequences of his actions all his life, even into his Child-Presidency. I've just been reading about Bush's continuing dalliance with end time prophecies. It makes for scary reading. Bush is working through Daddy and the Big World, alcoholism and What It All Means. Here's a portion (I have edited brief bits for readability):
In early May 2007 the president invited dominionist James Dobson and 12 or 13 other "family value" ministers for a special meeting. They were called in to discuss the "disturbing threats Iraq, Iran and international terrorism posed to US, Israel and other democracies around the world." Dobson is best known as the founder of Focus on the Family, an end-time lobby. Dobson opposes homosexual rights and abortion, and advocates the "submission of women." He has backed candidates who call for the execution of abortion providers, and works to establish an American theocracy.

...Dobson said: "Iran has promised to blow Israel off the face of the earth, and they have made no bones about that.... They fully intend to wage war with us. They will do it when they have the nuclear and biological weapons to do it."

...Dobson pointedly discussed the president and the Iranian "threat" with Joel Rosenberg an end-time "prophecy expert" who claims he makes frequent visits to the White House to help them "understand what will happen next in the Middle East." He informed Dobson's listeners that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - the latest in a long line of end-time anti-Christ candidates that recently included Saddam Hussein - is "telling people inside Iran that he believes that the end of the world is just two or three years away."

... In an unscripted moment talking to the troops in April 2007 - as Iraq descended into chaos and the Democrats pressed him to pull the troops out - Bush seemed to offer a view of biblical Babylon and prophetic Tribulations. He said of Iraq: "It makes me realize the nature of the enemy that we face, which hardens my resolve to protect the American people. The people who do that are not people - you know, it's not a civil war; it is pure evil. And I believe we have an obligation to protect ourselves from that evil."

...Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey told the BBC World Service in 2002 that he believed the president subscribed to end-time prophecies when "the whole world goes through a difficult time during those days of Tribulation."
May 2007 is recent. Bush is clearly not able to distinguish the real world from religious fantasy. As political pressures mount so will his temptation to resolve these contradictions through an attack upon Iran. The Bush Legacy: One Nation Destroyed; Another Betrayed -- One to Go.

Anonymous said...

...ok, so I'll link next time. It's a tad long. What can I say except I'm taking the medication. Fill up the space, guys.

Anonymous said...

Olbermann's brilliant "J'accuse":

Don't miss it!

Anonymous said...

wait a minute: During the time when Bush was governor of Texas, 150 men and two women were executed by the state. In each case, Bush got a so-called clemency memo. He allowed all but one of the executions to proceed.

Meanwhile, he commuted the 30-month sentence of "Scooter" Libby ... by saying that the sentence was "excessive"....

Diane B said...

I recently read that Scooter Libby, and Marc Rich were possibily members of Israel's "Mossad", which is equivalent to our C.I.A.

I found this interesting, because many investigative reporters, feel we will be going to war with Iran and I also believe this is exactly what Israel wants. Israel is very concerned that Iran will eventually have nuclear weapons.

I find it fascinating that Scooter Libby, could very well have those ties with Israel and be so involved with our government! Makes one wonder how involved is Israel with the inner working with Bush and Cheney.

Anonymous said...

I may be able to help you with some details, Diane. Some of the more sinister claims about US-Israel links through their intelligence services can be given a miss for one very simple reason: the US-Israeli links are all out in the open. Senior neocons in the Bush administration all have long-standing ties to Israel (also here) through organisations like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the American Enterprise Institute(AEI) and the Hudson Institute.

You can find details on particular neocons and Israeli supporters here. eg. Lewis Libby.

The two countries are politically locked at the hip. In fact, the US has dangerous political ties to Israel according to some critics. They argue that the current US involvement in Iraq - and planned attacks upon Iran - do not further US interest but only the Israeli goal of reducing all their neighbour states to militarily ineffectual client states of the US. You can find a discussion of US-Israeli foreign policy connections here.

I discussed the neocons and their Israeli links in relation to the Niger uranium fogery here.

Related topics: Clean Break, MEMRI. I hope this helps. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Fuzz sez...

"Bush Legacy: One Nation Destroyed; Another Betrayed -- One to Go."

What a joy it is to read the work of you pair. Stellar stuff; watched all the vids and read all links. Mighty empowering. Reckon you wouldn't pass your maths students kenj unless they knew it bloody backwards.

Yes Dante, Olbermann was blistering. Brought a lump to the throat, he did. And on MSN too.

Anonymous said...

make that MSM.


Unknown said...

damien said...

"Bush vowed to stay a course already failed." -- and he will continue, Len. Never forget the fundamental psychological immaturity this man

The "fundies" you describe...I know them well, having grown up in a hot bed of them. Almost all are theocrats, "Christian" fascists, and various weird and cult like variations. I can tell you with some authority: THEY ARE ALL FUCKIN' INSANE!

Bush is clearly not able to distinguish the real world from religious fantasy.

He's clearly nuttier than a fruit cake, but I no longer care. I want his sorry ass rotting in a jail cell where he cannot harm anyone until a final sentence can be carried out. There are thousands of Bush clones all over West Texas. They are all nuts! This was a part of the country that believed JFK has committed treason, they tried to impeach Earl Warren, well...you get the idea. NUT JOBS! And the "sane" ones who stay are nuts not to leave.

There have been some exceptions. Roy Orbison, whom I met once, was a good ol' boy, redeemed by his musical gifts. RIP, Roy.

It was at the Midland/Odessa Airport that I first met and interviewed George Bush Sr whom I later met on several occassions in Houston. Bush was a remains a cold fish. There was absolutely no flash of personality whatsoever. He was like a robot.

dante lee said...

Olbermann's brilliant "J'accuse":

Brilliant ...and thanks for giving me the link, mon ami. I have "lead" my next post with it. It is a "Declaration of Independence".

when Bush was governor of Texas, 150 men and two women were executed by the state.

Most, I am quite sure, were innocent. And Bush made fun of them. He giggle and mocked them.

Diane B said...

I find it fascinating that Scooter Libby, could very well have those ties with Israel

These guys are just not rational when it comes to Israel.

Fuzz sez...

Olbermann was blistering. Brought a lump to the throat, he did.

My next post is a one-two punch. Olberman AND the complete INDICTMENT against Bush and Cheney. This indictment moves me to tears. Sheer fuckin' poetry! I suggest a latter day Ginsberg read this masterpiece --a legal version of HOWL --at every coffee house and hang-out from Houston to Hamburg, Cali to Calcutta, Seattle to Sydney. Like HOWL, this cold, piece of legal literature reveals the very face of Moloch to whom we are expected to sacrifice the children of our intellect and our hearts. My kudos also to Fritz Lang. He was a prophet.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry if I distracted from your specific question, Diane. There's clearly a deeper element to what you are asking. Libby was Marc Rich's lawyer when he was seeking a pardon from Clinton. Given that Marc Rich was at least an Israeli "protected asset" we know - at least - that Libby would have strong Israeli moral approval - and likely much more of a connection. The Plame outing has been explained as a personal revenge by the Bush admin against Joe Wilson for debunking the Niger uranium claims. Valerie Plame's real work was on WMD trafficking, particularly of the nuclear kind, and some claim that outing her was an effort to out her employer, the CIA front company Brewster Jennings. Plame and BJ were investigating US-Turkish illegal arms trafficking through the American Turkish Council (ATC). This has all been pointed to by Sibel Edmonds. However -

"Brewster Jennings was 'outed' (privately, within the criminal network) long before Valerie Plame was officially outed. In fact, Brewster Jennings' cover was blown in the Summer of 2001 by Marc Grossman, former #3 at the State Department and Ambassador to Turkey. Brewster Jennings was investigating Pakistan's AQ Khan nuclear proliferation network - a network which also involved Turkish companies.... It isn't known whether Brewster Jennings was also investigating AIPAC. According to Edmonds Grossman was known for his extraordinarily cozy relationship with Turkey and Israel; followed by Pakistan." link (also here)

There's a LOT(!!!) more in this and I'll try to put together a summary and post it on one of my blogs. Sorry I can't give you more now Diane, but your question is a very good one. People need to understand -- the Bush regime is a criminal conspiracy that is involved in illegal arms trafficking and running US foreign policy for the benefit of Israel. The neocons are in the thick of it up to the level of treason.

Thanks for your cheery comments Fuzzflash. I'll get back.