Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Blackwater in Iraq"

The Iraq government is poised to expose the presence of a state-sponsored, terrorist organization: Blackwater in Iraq. Often called Bush's private army, Blackwater in Iraq is sponsored by none other than the US government of George W. Bush, believed to have WMD!

Blackwater in Iraq, lately accused of murdering some 11 Iraqi civilians, has been operating --in Iraq --with impunity under contract to the US government.

Blackwater is not alone --in Iraq. US contractors --in Iraq --operate above the law as does George W. Bush in the US! Granted dubious "immunity" from prosecution, Blackwater in Iraq has been out of control in Iraq, accused of fatal shootings of Iraqi civilians. In the wake of these atrocities, the civilian government in Iraq proposes to end the reign of terror of called: Blackwater in Iraq.
The Iraqi interior ministry has said it has drafted legislation regulating private security companies following a shooting allegedly involving a US firm.

--BBC News

The new measure is expected to make it clear: US contractors will work within the "rule of law" or they will be thrown out of Iraq. The BBC reports that the Iraqi interior ministry has drafted legislation that will regulate private security firms. A draft measure by the State Shura Council will eventually be submitted to parliament for debate. A period of immunity and thus impunity may be over for good.

This is the only reasonable outcome. The operation of US contractors in Iraq should never have been otherwise. The Bush administration's disregard for Iraqi sovereignty and the rule of law in our own nation may at last catch up with Bush and his paid assassins. Is anyone really surprised, given Bush's record, that US contractors would literally run amok? Reports of seemingly random shootings, often fatal, are, at last, reaching even the US mainstream media for whom the Iraq war has been their nadir.

With any luck, this may signal an end to the GOP gravy train [See: The Pure Pork Gravy Train: How the Government Robs the Social Security Trust Fund and Gives it to the Military/Industrial Complex ], the "private contractor" mechanism by which the corrupt Bush administration rewards no-bid contractors like Halliburton, et al. The US position in Iraq is legally indefensible and Bush himself is subject to prosecution. The expulsion of just one outlaw contractor seems a small victory given the magnitude of US crimes. But I will take it.

At the very least, an odious symbol of Bush's illegitimate power will have fallen and Bush will have been revealed to the world a paper tiger. In the vacuum, a "government" might fill a void. As Iraq takes the lead, the US Congress must now follow up with its own investigation of Bush in Iraq, a critical re-evaluation of the Military/Industrial complex itself.

By Military/Industrial complex we mean the Pentagon Bureaucracy, the Military Command, the vast network of defense contractors, and the branches of government that must interface with this leviathan --primarily the President as "Commander-in-Chief" and those committees in congress charged with appropriations and oversight.

It was only two weeks ago, that Blackwater was implicated in the deaths of 11 Iraqis, an event still under investigation. BB --before Bush --this would have been called what it is: cold blooded murder. Blackwater USA, meanwhile, has said its guards reacted lawfully to an attack on a US diplomatic convoy. What does "lawfully" mean in this case? Does "lawfully" mean that Bush may granted to whomever he pleases the power to murder indiscriminately? What "powers" were granted to Blackwater when the contract was executed?

This argument sounds rather medieval, unprincipled and archaic to me, a defense Topcliffe must surely have cited to justify his tortures on behalf of Elizabeth I. My position is that the US presence in Iraq is itself illegal. The US, therefore, may not enter legally into any contract with any such sub-contractor. As the US presence itself violates Nuremberg, Geneva, and our own US Criminal Codes, the contracts thus executed are themselves null and void. In effect, I allege that Blackwater's very presence in Iraq is a crime. The killing of 11 Iraqis is therefore cold-blooded murder, in fact, a war crime punishable by death. See US Codes, Title 18, Section 241.

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Anonymous said...

"...and those committees in congress charged with appropriations and oversight..." - Len H.

This is the only bone of contention I have with this piece...Have you actually seen one of these committees perform their duties concerning oversight? I am not sure they even exist, other then a chairperson with a rubber stamp.


Unknown said...

Good one, benmerc!!! Somewhat in my defense, I said that they were "charged" with appropriations and oversight. I apologize to you and this esteemed forum for ever having implied that the bastards have EVER, actually, done their jobs. : )

Unknown said...

Len, as much as I wish that Congress would step up to the plate and look into the relationship between this private army and the Bush Regime, I don't think they have the stones for it. They're too busy being magpies and lapdogs for this administration.
This Congress has dropped the ball and is completely ignoring the electorate.
Not to stray off topic too much, I was somewhat encouraged by the federal judge who found parts of the Patriot Act unconstitutional yesterday, but I'm afraid that when habeas corpus and posse comitatus are are finally murdered once and for all, it will be these same jackbooted thugs-for-hire that with roam this country with impunity

Unknown said...

bluesbasscat said...

I don't think they have the stones for it. They're too busy being magpies and lapdogs for this administration.

Indeed, I've never seen anything quite like it. Nature abhors a vacuum. The corollary is that whenever Congress deserts its post, a ruthless, lying "President" will quickly pick up the slack. I do not exaggerate when I state that this Pres has waged war on our Constitution and the people. There was a time when high treason of this sort was a hanging offense. Now we know why it was so!

was somewhat encouraged by the federal judge who found parts of the Patriot Act unconstitutional yesterday, but I'm afraid that when habeas corpus and posse comitatus are are finally murdered once and for all, it will be these same jackbooted thugs-for-hire that with roam this country with impunity

Me too. I am of the opinion that it's better now to keep our powder dry and strike at the very heart of this treasonous gang of thugs at a time of "our" own choosing. The groundwork must be laid now, however, for a full court press in the courts (against the way in which votes are counted primarily), at the poll, in the media!

Since 911, almost EVERY institution --government, education, law enforcement, and media --have failed the people miserably.

Traitors MUST be held to account.

TSUMRA said...

"THAT Old Mystic at Leroy's Corral"
Wondering what's under a W bandage?

Diane B said...

We are a rogue nation, and Blackwater will not stop until, our economy goes south, completely. Len, expect more Blackwater, in the USA.

Why, the upcoming War with Iran, and the tightening of the screws to our civil liberties, when our people finally wake up and say enough.

We are going to Iran, quite simply because of Iran's switching to the euro for the purchase of their oil, it weakens our dollar, and now they want to take any currency.Iraq went to the euro in 2000. It weakened our dollar. Bush, went to War with Iraq, in 2003 it back on being purchased in dollars. We will be using more Blackwater,in Iran and the USA. I hope I'm wrong.

jae said...

To reference Diane's comment of "I hope I am wrong".....I've never wanted to be wrong more in my life in my ideas of what this administration is going to get up to.

Perhaps it is the cynic in me, but I think we're all fucked.

I read what Ellsburg and McGovern have to say and I am afraid to the innermost core of my being. These are people who worked for the federal government that saw what was happening and made the corageous decision to *tell the truth*.

My heartfelt gratitude goes out to anyone who has served this country, who has been in the employ of it's government and has chosen to speak the truth about the experience and to all the inspiring bloggers (Yes, Len, that's YOU!) who take the time every day to make an effort to bring about a change.

Diane B said...

After reading, my comment I discovered that I left out oil, regarding Iraq. In 2000, Iraq went off dollars to Euros for the purchase of their oil. Blackwater, then being used in Iraq.

Jae, this Adm. is up to no good, but in the end, it will back fire on them, of course we will have to go through a great deal of misery, because of them.

Unknown said...

Diane B said...

We are going to Iran, quite simply because of Iran's switching to the euro for the purchase of their oil, ...

I wish you were wrong. But --alas --US policies, primarily the GOP base of arrogant elitist elites, are to blame for the dollar's fall. Gore Vidal puts a specific date on our empire's fall with the passage of the National Security Act of 1947 [NSC-68]; then implemented in January 1950. It was then, he says, that the US began a regime of strict "governmental control of our economy and the gradual erosion of our liberties". It was all in the interest of "national security". Truman, in Vidal's view, thus sold us out upon the urging of GOP Senator Arthur Vandenburg, GOP, who "...told Truman that if he really wanted all those weapons and all those high taxes to pay for them, he had better 'scare the hell out of the American people."

Thus began at least two patterns that have sealed our fate. 1) our eventual bankruptcy as a result of empire, and 2) Democratic sell outs to the GOP.

jae said...

I think we're all fucked.

I know that you are hoping you are wrong and I hope I am wrong too. As St. Thomas More said, our "business" now lies in escaping. He actually felt it his duty. But, alas, More was beheaded for his efforts. I hope we fare better but the road ahead is daunting. Having screwed the world, the "world" seems less inclined to come to America's aid.

The rest of the world may come to our aid but only when Bush is securely out of office and a collapsing US economy threatens their own interests. Recently, however, I have seen no indication that Bush plans to leave. He has very nearly secured a complete dictatorship and millions of Americans don't even know it.

France bailed out the rebelling colonies --not because they just loved us, but because the separation of American colonies from the British Empire was in their interests. It's our only hope. On the other side, however, is imperial China, hopefully checked by an even stronger EU.

Unknown said...

BTW, jae, thanks for your kind comments.

Anonymous said...


Rogue nation, my America,
How far astray you went
From Constitution, precept, law,
And our forbears´ intent,
As partially insane
Such impulse to your brain
Your vain ambitions sent.

You strove to dominate the world
But taking that first step
Fell backward, in a corner curled
To cry--but where´s your pep?
Misguided so you strove
Midst unjust ways to Rove,
But truth heeds no sales rep.

You did a wrong. Now like
A child grow up a bit;
Foolish it was to strike,
Hurtful this way to quit
And evermore to see
Traces of villainy--
But you´ll get over it.

You let yourself give in to but
The worst of foolish impulse,
Since empathetic heart was shut;
But these are growing pimples.
Cocksure you fell for swagger
So now must feel the dagger
Of walking with the simples.