Saturday, July 05, 2008

Declaring our Independence of George W. Bush

The current government is no longer legitimate. Either the rule of law applies to everyone or it applies to no one! By their actions, the present government has thus made the laws to which you are held to account not applicable to Bush and his anointed in Washington!

This is an intolerable act of high treason and it was done deliberately by this administration upon a panoply of deliberate lies intended to deceive the American people, intended to subvert the rule of law so that Bush could conduct a campaign of economic 'adventures' abroad which have the effect of benefiting an increasingly tiny elite of defense contractors and militarists. The currency of choice is oil!

The people have the right to convene a new people's convention.

Get on with it! Circulate petitions! Convene! Certainly there are talented law experts who are both qualified and love the principles of our founding! Have them draw up a new and bullet-proof charter which affirms principles already violated by Bush and which plugs up any holes that liars might try to exploit!

We hereby fire this government and urge the people of the US to form a new government based upon the principles of the 'rule of law', the equality of everyone under the law, the due process of law, the right of individuals to be free of government snoops and every other violation of the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution and every other conceivable violation of the sovereignty of the individual, the right of individuals to be free of any and all government oppression, interference, or restraint in violation of probable cause. It is the right of people to conduct their daily lives and business free of surveillance, free of government interference, free of unwarranted suspicion by elected office holders as well as those who have usurped power in any unlawful manner.

It is time that the American people declared our independence of an illegal, illegitimate, and tyrannical regime!
1. The Government of the United States of America (herein referred to as the Government) has consistently legislated in favor of a carbon-based economy that multiplies corporate profits while disregarding the increases in greenhouse gas concentrations to the point where the future of all of humanity is now seriously threatened by the consequences of global warming.

2. The Government has promoted the use of nuclear powered electric generation plants creating millions of tons of lethal nuclear waste products that can never be safely stored, and creating decommissioned power plants that remain radioactive for eternity.

3. The Government has abused its leadership position in the world by promoting fear-based military force as the international culture of America, rather than a culture of innovation, compassion, respect, and mutual support of humanity.

4. The Government over and over again, and still now is using illegal DU (Depleted Uranium) weapons and devices in direct opposition to signed United Nations agreements, degrading the United States of America to a renegade country, likely to have its leadership regime brought to war crimes trials and capitally punished.

5. The Government has promoted an un-sustainable consumerism culture that multiplies corporate profits while devouring the future’s natural resources and producing mountains, rivers and seas of toxic un-recyclable wastes. The consumer economy never did have a future and still the government promoted it wholeheartedly.

6. The Government has promoted covert military actions and subterfuge that includes traffic in illegal drugs, illegal weapons trade, assassinations, illegal takeovers of corporations and governments, and ruthless competition rather than intelligent cooperation or creative collaboration.

7. The Government has allowed itself to be infiltrated and corrupted by corporate and elite regimes that now direct the branches of Government to serve purposes contrary to the true and proper purpose of government.

8. The Government has turned over control of the currency of the United States of America (the original world currency) to private individuals who manipulate it for their own personal benefit rather than for the benefit of the world.

9. The Government has promoted a system of education that keeps people stupid rather than developing their innate potential and well being so they can create satisfying lives, fulfilling relationships and loving families in the 21st Century. The Government has allowed corporations and organized religions to control school curriculums, and has permitted drugs, gangs and guns to define the school experience for many children.

10. The Government has promoted economy over humanity in a value system that shamelessly sponsors injustice, inequity, and slavery, not only in America but around the world, regarding people in developing nations not as brothers and sisters but as sweatshop slaves for producing cheap clothes and the latest technological devices.

11. The Government has designed cities and towns around automobiles and roads rather than around people, cutting people off from their own community and trapping people in suburbs that are not sustainable.

12. The Government has consistently sponsored an imbalanced budget and has accrued a national debt over one trillion dollars that future generations must somehow pay back, meanwhile losing track of an additional trillion dollars.

13. The Government has greedily destroyed the future of civilization by developing an infrastructure, energy, food, housing and transportation systems relying entirely on consuming vast quantities of hydrocarbons that exist in limited supply, thus building a dangerous house of cards that will now tumble down as oil, gas and coal supplies dwindle. If half of the war budget would have been redirected towards developing renewable power for the last twenty years, the entire country would be oil free by now.

14. The Government has promoted a diet of fat-saturated fast-foods, and hormone and antibiotic saturated beef, pigs, poultry, and dairy products that endanger the health and general well being of its people, ground water and farmlands. The Government has also promoted fishing grounds to be exhausted to near extinction, and promotes deforestation and dependence on pesticides and fertilizers that undermine foreign economies but makes huge profits for corporations.

15. The Government has promoted the so-called patenting and engineering of the genetic designs of life forms to be used for the profit of corporations while endangering the future of the humanity.

16. The Government has promoted the introduction of genetically modified organisms into the general food chain for the profit of corporations while endangering the future of humanity.

17. The Government has used military force, assassination, and political manipulation to overthrow other governments as a desperate attempt to control remaining oil supplies for the purpose of maintaining the illusionary value of a world petro-dollar to assure profit for the corporations rather than assuring a bright future for the people.

18. The Government has promoted a medical establishment that profits pharmaceutical corporations and has blocked the development of less profitable but more humanistic, holistic and intuitive healing modalities.

19. The Government has persistently implemented legislation and presidential orders to override constitutional rights, and has built and staffed over 600 new prison camps across the country prepared to imprison citizens who might be regarded as the enemy of Government.

These and other actions reveal that the United States Government has irredeemably abolished itself by no longer fulfilling its original and true purpose.

I urge everyone to read the Declaration of Independence again. It states:
"That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."
The 'conservative' Bush regime has become "destructive of these ends". A 'conservative' regime should have been 'conserving' the very principles of our founding. Rather, an open and shut legal case can be made of 'High Treason' against Bush personally, high ranking members of his endemically criminal administration, and his co-conspirators in perpetrating various deliberate and well-planned frauds upon the American people, not the least of which is the war against the people of Iraq, a war fought by US troops but on behalf of the barons of big oil and the contractors of the Military/Industrial complex. They alone have benefited. They are likewise to be held to account for war crimes and the violations of US Codes which require for such crimes the death penalty! Are you reading this, you CEOs, you robber baron war mongers and profiteers?

Bush has cited this phony war as justification for his illegal re-write of the Constitution on-the-fly with 'signing statements', an apparatus not mentioned once in the Constitution.

Bush's many and varied deceptions of the American people, his numerous violations and subversions of Constitution law are, in fact and by law, high treason!

Bush put his hand on a black book and lied when he swore to uphold the Constitution which his administration has overtly sought to subvert with acts of high treason.

It is not only the right of the people to ABOLISH this government, it is their civic and patriotic duty to bring the enemies of the Constitution to trial for high treason, war crimes [See US Codes, Title 18, Section 2441], and other capital crimes.

It is also the right of the people under common law to convene a new people's convention which, it is hoped, will draft a new, Bush-proof Constitution, re-affirming those very rights Bush has deliberately subverted and establishing the framework for a new government, a re-birth of freedom when Bush and his gang of war criminals are unseated and brought to trial both in the US and in the Hague.


tiago said...

I see no comments posted here, an that in itself is a crime. My comments may not be apt, and slow.
(I cut the pad off my left middle finger with a saw last Monday, so it is hunt and peck. I do not know the key board by sight. I was taught to type by a elderly spinster who carried an eighteen inch ruler and used it. She was damned good with her fists too, as more than one almost man in our school found out.)

You said;
… promoting fear-based military force as the international culture of America, rather than a culture of innovation, compassion, respect, and mutual support of humanity.
The first casualty of war, even Bush’s war on America, is ‘humanity’! The end justifies the means, God will sort the souls, and all the rest of that crap. Bush has appealed to ‘Mericans’ to abandon their morals and humanity. It makes me want to puke to see how so many ‘Mericans’ have gleefully abandoned all in the name of their false ‘Chistianity’.
You said;
… Government has promoted economy over humanity in a value system that shamelessly sponsors injustice, inequity, and slavery, not only in America but around the world, regarding people in developing nations not as brothers and sisters but as sweatshop slaves for producing cheap clothes and the latest technological devices.
I typed Amen at first, but that is wrong. Amen means’ ‘So be it’.
I can only agree with your statement.
I do not believe petitions, (just another ‘God damned piece paper), or law professors, (this regime has it’s own shysters), will do much. The only language these people under stand is armed rebellion and they have taken steps to off set that with their eaves dropping, Black Water, CIA assassinations, and the destruction of ‘posse comitus’.

The tree of Liberty needs to be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
Thomas Jefferson

Unknown said...

tiago said...

The only language these people under stand is armed rebellion and they have taken steps to off set that with their eaves dropping, Black Water, CIA assassinations, and the destruction of ‘posse comitus’.

Indeed! What is too easily called 'terrorism' is simply the response to US terrorism. US terrorism --perpetrated primarily by the CIA and US surrogates, paid cutthroats, toadies and kissups who hope to enrich themselves with booty --is the root cause of terrorism, the motivation for it, the fuel that keeps it alive. 'Terrorism' is a political term applied to anyone who had a different point of view. Anyone who opposes the criminal interventions of the US is --conveniently --a 'terrorist'!

William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, stood up in Parliament during the American 'revolution', and uttered these brave words knowing that they would appear in the record, knowing that they would be seen and read by King George III:

"If I were an American, as I am an Englishman, while a foreign troop was landed in my country, I never would lay down my arms -- never! never! never!"

The US military are wimps --hiding behind hi-tech gadgetry and robots. Even so --the US 'leadership' is outraged when our criminal methods, oppressions, and various tyrannical methods are met with armed opposition! How bloody stupid are our leaders! How bloody incompetent! How incredibly venal! How traitorous and criminal!

I repeat: Bush has committed capital crimes for which he MUST be arrested, charged, and tried if there is to be any justice whatsoever in this world.

I do not merely allege that Bush's stupid polices are counter-productive, I can prove it with the FBI own stats! Terrorism is always worse under GOP regimes.

To address your point specifically --indeed! The current ILLEGITIMATE REGIME of George W. Bush, having assumed power upon a violation of US Codes having to do with 'seditious treason', having stolen two elections, having flouted Constitutional law in violation of the Constitution, Bush has assumed powers that place him above the law and he has done so upon a pack of bald faced malicious frauds and lies, all of which are cited in justification for his tyrannical usurpation of every right guaranteed individuals in the Bill of Rights.

This unprecedented seizure of ABSOLUTE POWER upon lies and frauds amounts to high treason. It is tyranny! Some of the crimes Bush has committed subsequent to these various usurpations are punishable by death!

Sadly --Bush, an illegitimate 'ruler', has left the sovereign people of the US no other choice but revolution.

'The tree of Liberty needs to be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.'--Thomas Jefferson

Indeed! I have long proposed that a Federal Grand Jury, perhpas one that is already convened, simply indict George W. Bush for his MANY violations of US Codes, Title 18, Section 2441. That's a CAPITAL CRIME and it's an open shut case against Bush.

Secondly, Vince Bugliosi has proposed that Bush be charged with MASS MURDER in connection with the deaths of US servicement whom Bush sent to their deaths upon a malicious fraud!

If Bush refuses to respond to an indictment by a Federal Grand Jury, then Federal Martials should be ordered by the court to simply march not White House, serve him, and ARREST the lousy bastard with murder!

Then --when the gauntlet has been thrown --we will see just how many loyal 'Praetorians' will rush to his defense when he seen to have been indicted by a bona fide Federal Grand Jury who will have, in fact and in law, the duty to decide whethere this lousy liars lives or whether he dies for the many capital crimes that he has committed!

Anonymous said...

Just in passing, Len, and following your previous story about Barbara Olson, here's a great account from Shoestring who asks why the 911 passengers were so calm when they made their "cell phone" calls. One commenter notes the absence of background engine noise in the calls, and another has this to say:

I was a fight attendant for TWA for 18 years. None of this makes sense to me... I have never seen a person use a cell phone in flight.

It's just a useful reference and for general interest.

Hopefully, Bush will go down for his crimes. And, yes, there is a need for root and branch reform of the US political system, as you say, especially in regard to the pernicious influence of corporations. Cheers.

Linda-Sama said...

simply fabulous article, Len. if I saw you I'd kiss you for writing it....

"The only language these people under stand is armed rebellion and they have taken steps to off set that with their eaves dropping, Black Water, CIA assassinations, and the destruction of ‘posse comitus’."

I've been saying "start the revolution" now for years, but no one's taken me up on the offer!

will link this to AHC soon.....

tiago said...

Linda Sama said;
I've been saying "start the revolution" now for years, but no one's taken me up on the offer!

Had I the wherewithal, I would have started my own revolution, here in my own state, the day the cowards passed the ‘Patriot Act’. It made me sick to see grown and women act as if they never heard the story of; ‘Chicken Little. I’ve heard the story, and the propaganda that was whispered before WWII.
From the ‘Patriot Act’ forward, I have felt the; ‘home of the brave’ should be removed from our National Anthem!
Even though I went to Vietnam for the wrong reasons, this is no longer the country I served OR laid my life on the line for. Two cowardly draft dodgers made a mockery of my sacrifice.
I wouldn’t believe it for years, but one vet was right; “not one man that went to Vietnam came home.’
Well, I’m home NOW, and I want my country back.

George W.Bailey said...

In regards to cell phones being used on 9-11, in the Zacarias Moussaoui trial--known as the “the 20th hijacker”--the government threw out all of the phone calls on 9-11 from all 4 planes, only retaining two (Flt 93), because in their opinion, they were made at 5,000 feet. Interestingly, they also denied that Barbara Olson made any calls from an AirFone to her husband Ted, then solicitor general, contradicting his statements that his wife had phoned him twice. The FBI basically called their former boss a liar.

And anyone that dares question the "official" story is kook. Ha!

Unknown said...

linda, tiago, damien, ...

I posted a reply earlier to each of you. But for some reason, blogger didn't post them! Blogger has been acting strangely of late. Example: accusing blogs that dare link to URUKNET of 'spamming'. URUKNET often picks up my articles as does whatsreallyhappened, buzzflash, rense, and --yes --Alex Jones and hundreds of others I don't even know about!

This is not the first time URUKNET has had problems with 'google'. Lately, Google, has NOT been 'indexing' URUKNET. Strange!

Technoratic is another weird operation. I had 'authority' of 300 plus (the higher the better) and a high ranking of better than 7,000 (the lower number the better). Over a period of two days in which my traffic was better than several thousand per day, both 'ratings' dropped.


Oh well ---whaddya gonna do?

re: George Baily and tiago ...

What would happen if 10 million people (a fraction of those who detest what Bush has done to the nation) simply TOOK A WEEK OFF.

1) did not buy anything --no groceries, no gasoline, no baubles, NADA!!!!!

2) did not go to work...take vacation time, call in sick!

It might get some people's attention.

We need a co-ordinator! It all has to take place on the same week!

Then ==if there is no response from Congress with regard to impeachment, if there is no response with regard to criminal prosecution of Bush, if there is no action with regard to getting out of Iraq....


do abso-fuckin-lutely NOTHING!

don't feed the beast!

It's time to bring this government down and restore it with one that gives a damn about Democracy, the rule of law, due process of law, and peace!


I want to see everyone of those lousy cock sucking bathroom stall leeches behind bars!

me said...

Tiago, Len, Damien, ,George

As an unemployed citizen, I have plenty of time on my hands to help coordinate an effort to strike for a week to prove our point. As a mother of a 21 yr old son who arrived in Iraq 2 weeks ago, I have the drive. His specific job is route clearance. He is going on 3-4 day missions into the desert to clear the routes of I.E.D.'s. I see my son's life, and all the others who have gone before him or who are with him,as very cheap to the current criminal establishment. We need to all understand this administration has had a clear motive to get their hands on ungodly profits as a byproduct of an oil war, and I won't stand by and see my child die for it. I will do anything in a non-violent capacity to spur interest and involvement in this 10 million citizen "Movement for Non-Movement for a Week!" In the words of Edward Abbey, "The tragedy of modern war is that the young men die fighting each other--instead of their real enemies back home in the capitals"

Pls feel free to contact me to start moving toward non-movement for a week! This false religion worn as a mantle by these asshole politicians needs to be torn off! They consistently have used their version of "GOD" i.e. "GOP" against us through false pretenses such as 'gay marriage" and "right to life" (I call it right to birth, then you're on your own!) while entertaining male prostitutes and driving their extramarital affairs to the closest Planned Parenthood to cover their multiple sins.
"Let us form a new religion, that which would be called HUMANITY, with peace as its prophet" Nima Shirali

I am fully ready to start something. Pls feel free to contact me.

BTW, you are all so well spoken, keep up the fight for those of us who are a little less eloquent!!

Omyma said...

Len, this is brilliant and tragic, and at the same time, I feel for the first time the beginnings of hope. All the commenters - where are the rest of these people??? - are ready and willing to fight. In fact, I've been going over in my mind how to get people together to take action, then you come up with this great petition.

Yes, petitions aren't necessarily, alone, powerful, unless ... signed by huge, vast, undeniable, frightening numbers of people. So the issue now is not only, are a few of us willing to take action, but what action can we take to get millions of signatures, how do we get all those people on board, and so present an unrefutable "presence" for the cause of true liberty, not false commercialized liberty.

Some of your points need more elaboration for the general population to get it, but my feeling is they are ready on every corner! I live in redneck country where you get masses of uneducated knee-jerk Republican-voting folks who don't know how bad it really is. And even here I find people essentially saying what you're saying - well, not all, but some of it. They've got guns, guts, they're mad, and all they need is a really great gut-wrenching presentation.

The part about corporations has to be emphasized, about the rich baiting and robbing the poor. Family farmers already know this from Montsanto's ruthless dealings.

And it's not just Bush, as you seem to imply. It's a whole huge thing that no election victory can really put in line. It's not fixable by the usual changing of the guard. That's the issue that needs to be addressed, while Bush is still in office - not long...

Btw, what do you think about presenting this in dailykos, or what do you think of that venue?
Thanks again for another great post.

BossKitty said...

A somnambulistc society can wake up and complain “How the hell did this happen?” Sex (sensory pleasures), Drugs (Big Pharma) and Videotape (entertainment & games)! Complacency has allowed distraction to become the goal, common sense has been lost. These are the symptoms that tyrants look for. Mein Kampf documents the details. Funny, the condition America finds itself can be found in many chapters from Mein Kampf.
Nazi propaganda also expressed themes more common among the warring countries and also juxtaposed: the imminent defeat of their enemies, the need for security, etc. Doctored newsreel footage was also used to garner support for the Nazi cause.
On 22 August 1939, Adolf Hitler told his generals: "I will provide a propagandistic casus belli. Its credibility doesn't matter. The victor will not be asked whether he told the truth"
This sounds so familiar ... Bush & Truth are antonyms ...
Great research Len ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Len,

Always good to read your words.
I do try and reason my reply to
be sensible and real, and I don't
expect anybody to agree with me
unless they are moved to do so.
I, like most folks who follow your
good work and that of other Patriot
writers, are horrified to the point
of disbelief that We The People,
who obviously grew-up so mindless
to the crimes of the Elite, are
now staring into the Abyss that
we have allowed to materialise, if
not actually having encouraged it's
I read numerous articles these days
about the baneful influence of
television. It's been a long time
since the movie "Network" was out.
TV is more atrocious, and blatant than ever.Yet there will be many
who read this that would sooner see
me dead than contemplate what fools
they are if they continue, and
allow their children to continue,
to imbibe this toxic,mind-altering
substance, with impunity. People usually defend THEIR drug-of-choice vigorously.
TV is not harmless.While generations were sitting and staring at it, our assumed way of
life, our very Liberty was systematically and methodically
being eroded, perhaps at this point,gone,period. Len, people
just didn't watch as much TV
230 years ago. Or drink
flouridated water, which according to some sources induces docility
and apathy.Or listen to someone
like Rush Limbaugh at the touch
of a dial. Every age has it's
liabilities; seems like the big one in our's is the ease in which
Freedom and Liberty can be removed
with most people's consent.
Because in a Constitutional Democracy, We get the government We
deserve,period. It's fragile thing,
as it turns out. If you don't
handle it with respect, if you drop
it, the Republic will break.
Other nations have lasted for thousands of years; 1776 was not
that long ago, at all.

From: Jack D.