Monday, December 22, 2008

How 'Suspicious' Plane Crashes and Assassinations Benefit the Right Wing

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

Sometime in the early Fifties someone wrote, 'assassination became an instrument of U.S. national policy.' More recently, the 'weapon' of choice is the small aircraft. The most recent assassination by plane may turn out to be that of Michael Connell, the Bush IT guru who may have helped the GOP rig Bush's 'elections' of 2000 and 2004. He was a man who knew too much. That's always been sufficient to get you murdered.
Michael Connell, the Bush IT expert who has been directly implicated in the rigging of George Bush's 2000 and 2004 elections, was killed last night when his single engine plane crashed three miles short of the Akron airport. Velvet Revolution ("VR"), a non-profit that has been investigating Mr. Connell's activities for the past two years, can now reveal that a person close to Mr. Connell has recently been discussing with a VR investigator how to tell all about his work for George Bush. Mr. Connell told a close associate that he was afraid that the George Bush and Dick Cheney would "throw [him] under the bus."

A tipster close to the McCain campaign disclosed to VR in July that Mr. Connell's life was in jeopardy and that Karl Rove had threatened him and his wife, Heather. VR's attorney, Cliff Arnebeck, notified the United States Attorney General , Ohio law enforcement and the federal court about these threats and insisted that Mr. Connell be placed in protective custody. VR also told a close associate of Mr. Connell's not to fly his plane because of another tip that the plane could be sabotaged. Mr. Connell, a very experienced pilot, has had to abandon at least two flights in the past two months because of suspicious problems with his plane. On December 18, 2008, Mr. Connell flew to a small airport outside of Washington DC to meet some people. It was on his return flight the next day that he crashed.

On October 31, Mr. Connell appeared before a federal judge in Ohio after being subpoenaed in a federal lawsuit investigating the rigging of the 2004 election under the direction of Karl Rove. The judge ordered Mr. Connell to testify under oath at a deposition on November 3rd, the day before the presidential election. Velvet Revolution received confidential information that the White House was extremely concerned about Mr. Connell talking about his illegal work for the White House and two Bush/Cheney 04 attorneys were dispatched to represent him.

--Bush Insider Who Planned To Tell All Killed In Plane Crash: Non-Profit Demands Full Federal Investigation
Connell was a 'source' for lots of 'dirt' involving the names George W. Bush, Karl Rove, perhaps the leadership of the GOP. Motive enough to 'off' him. I think that's precisely what they did. By 'they' I mean those GOP elites, 'world leaders', politicos that he was prepared to finger. That's the way the mob works. The GOP is a mob.
One of my sources died in a plane crash last night.

I don't usually reveal sources, but I think this is incredibly important! Michael Connell died in a plane crash last night. He was a key witness in the Ohio election fraud case that I have been reporting on. More importantly, however, he had information that he was ready to share.

You see, Mike Connell set-up the alternate email and communications system for the White House. He was responsible for creating the system that hosted the infamous accounts that Karl Rove and others used. When asked by Congress to provide these emails, the White House said that they were destroyed. But in reality, what Connell is alleged to have done is move these files to other servers after having allegedly scrubbed the files from all "known" Karl Rove accounts.

In addition, I have reason to believe that the alternate accounts were used to communicate with US Attorneys involved in political prosecutions, like that of Don Siegelman. This is what I have been working on to prove for over a year. In fact, it was through following the Siegelman-Rove trail that I found evidence leading to Connell. That is how I became aware of him. Mike was getting ready to talk. He was frightened.

--One of my sources died in a plane crash last night
My advice to anyone daring to dissent in this country is this: DON'T FLY! This is no 'conspiracy theory', it's the mathematically calculable odds. In Vegas, the 'odds' are always with the house and that is by design. No 'conspiracy theory' is required. It's the way Las Vegas stays in business. By the way, Las Vegas began as a mobster's dream. 'Bugsy' Seigel himself was 'offed' by the 'mob'. Another thing the GOP has in common with the MOB. It eats its own.

In politics, the GOP is playing the odds you won't ever figure out what they're really up to! The GOP has placed its bet that you are too stupid to figure out that the odds against so many strange deaths happening by accident are astronomical, or that the odds are always with the GOP whenever it comes to suspicious vote recounts and dubious Diebold voting machines. In Vegas, no one beats the house, no one beats the odds against him. But in the GOP mob, the GOP always beats the odds because it is the GOP which rigs the 'game'.

Here's a note to the GOP and its 'muscle' --the CIA: we have computers now. We can load up software that can figure the odds that a primordial singularity would expand into what we call the universe. Working out the stats against a string of obvious murders from which ONLY the right wing benefits doesn't really require an Einstein or a super computer. You don't have to have access to a Cray in order to smell a rat.

By the time a suspicious airplane crash claimed Sen. Paul Wellstone, it should have been clear: Sen. Paul Wellstone and innumerable other 'liberals' could not possibly be the victims of a perverse turn in the laws of probability. Only the gullible and stupid think so. Wellstone was a 60s still radical, the first to have been elected to the US Senate.

The Bush White House had 'targeted' Wellstone for defeat. Karl Rove himself had hand-picked Norm Coleman --conservative Republican --to run against Wellstone. The motive for 'death by plane crash' was the fact that despite seemingly unlimited spending by the GOP, Wellstone's lead over Coleman was increasing daily. The election was but two weeks away.

Powerful forces would do anything to sweep Wellstone out of the Senate.

Who's agenda was most threatened by Wellstone? Answer: Bush!
On the morning of 25 October 2002, Wellstone was killed after an apparent loss of communication and control that led to the crash of his small plane. He died alongside his wife Sheila, their daughter Marcia, three staff members, and the two pilots, while trying to land at Minnesota’s Eveleth-Virginia airport.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer insisted to his reporter at the scene that foul weather was the lethal factor in the crash, despite statements to the contrary from the CNN correspondent who was actually there. To this day, the public tends to blame the weather. First reports convey enduring impressions but are not always right.

Ph.D. Professors James Fetzer and Don "Four Arrows" Jacobs present the harrowing truth. The plane was not responsible. The weather didn’t cause it to crash. Nor were the pilots incompetent, as the report of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) would eventually maintain.

--American Assassination
The story that you are supposed to believe is that an 'accidental tragedy' occurred on the morning of October 25, 2002 when Sen. Wellstone lost 'communication and control' while trying to land at Minnesota’s Eveleth-Virginia airport. Also killed in the crash were his wife Sheila, daughter Marcia, three staff members, and the two pilots.

Despite statements to the contrary, CNNs Wolf Blitzer insisted that it was foul weather alone that was responsible for the crash. As to be expected in the absence of real or responsible 'reportage', the public believes the first cover story to have been rolled out, i.e, it was the fault of the weather! In fact, the crash was highly, improbably convenient to Bush Jr's legislative agenda.
The balance in the Senate for years 2002 to 2004 was 51 Republicans, 48 Democrats, and one independent. If both Wellstone and Carnahan had not been killed, and Wellstone had gone on as projected to win his race, the balance would have been 50 Democrats, 49 Republicans, and one independent. This would have significantly changed what happened in Congress and in the US, where the presidency and both houses of Congress were Republican controlled over those two years.

Isn't it quite a coincidence that these two Democratic candidates both died in plane crashes only two years apart, both just weeks before the elections? It's even more of a coincidence that both were very progressive Democrats. Wellstone was often labeled the most progressive member of Senate. As a National Review article stated, "Probably no other member of the Senate had been on the losing side of more 99-1 or 98-2 votes. None had voted more consistently against the Bush administration."

--National Review
The 'Bush' reaction to Paul Wellstone's opposition in the Senate is instructive, suspicious, incriminating, shameful, abominable and --given that it is a 'Bush' reaction --completely predictable! After all, it comes from a family that has conspired to betray the nation, the Constitution and the American people.
Wellstone, who ran on a progressive platform, did not think Bush 41 cared one wit about education, health care, and workers' safety issues. [my comment: Bush didn't care 'one wit' about education. See: the Houston Miracle]

So when Wellstone met Bush in a typical White House pro forma reception line, he used the occasion to urge Bush on three different occasions to spend more time on issues like education and cautioning him against the Persian Gulf War. Of course, Bush was more concerned about fighting the war against Iraq (sound familiar?) and could care less about Wellstone's issues. After Wellstone violated Bush 41's sanctimonious White House protocol, Bush was overheard saying, "Who is this chicken shit?"

Now after Senator Wellstone was tragically killed in a plane crash and "General" Karl Rove is obviously busy trying to figure out how the tragedy can benefit the GOP's chances of winning control of the Senate, I think it's time to answer old man Bush's question. Far from being a chicken shit, Wellstone actually cared for people, unlike your pathetic son who could not even find a few minutes to attend one or two funerals of his Washington, DC area neighbors who were tragically shot and killed by a couple of snipers. No, Mr. Bush 41, Paul Wellstone was not a chicken shit, that epitaph is better reserved for you and your moronic son.

--WAYNE MADSEN, Pappy Bush on Paul Wellstone: "Who Is This Chickenshit?"
Wellstone was right! Bush did not and does not care about education! Under the back-to-back regimes of Bush/Perry, Texas won the race to bottom, beating states like Arkansas and Kansas for dead last in high school graduations. It is not merely a case of Bush not caring! It's even worse than that! As education declines, crime rates increase, ensuring that the corporate owned prisons will be full! The corporate owners of the Texas prison system are --not surprisingly --big contributors to the Texas GOP! In the wake of Bush/Perry, one is not surprised to learn that CRIME and PUNISHMENT are the last growth industries left in Texas.

Plane crashes are now obviously the preferred method of political assassination.

Even a cursory Google search will turn up hundreds, if not thousands of cases. The traitors at the CIA 'School of Assassination' find cover in absurd 'scenario' that easily fool the stupid and gullible. They also hope to find cover in the shrinking American attention span.
On April 3, 1996, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and 34 others were killed when their Air Force Boeing 737 crashed into a mountainside in Croatia. One day after the crash, before any real investigation had begun, Defense Secretary William Perry told the Associated Press that the plane crash was "a classic sort of accident that good instrumentation should be able to prevent." The Air Force soon agreed and, in its ensuing investigation, determined that the tragic event was due to navigational error. Since that time, certain anomalies and evidence have come to light regarding the crash:
  • Ron Brown was found with a .45-inch inwardly beveling circular hole in the top of his head, which resembled a gunshot wound. Despite this suspicious wound, the Air Force medical examiners decided not to order an autopsy.
  • Normally in plane crash investigations there is a two step process. The Air Force first determines whether the crash was the result of an accident, hostile fire, sabotage, or mechanical failure. In Ron Brown's case, this determination (called a safety board) was skipped. Instead, the Air Force immediately proceeded to the second part of the investigation, where only accident and legal issues are considered.
  • The Air Force reported that a navigation beacon had been stolen from the airport sometime before the crash. This led some to speculate that the pilot may have been intentionally drawn off course and into the mountainside by a spurious beacon.
  • Three days after the crash, Niko Jerkic--the man who was responsible for maintaining the airport's navigational aids--died by gunshot. This was ruled a suicide. Jerkic's untimely death meant that investigators did not have a chance to question him.

--Did CIA Hawks Assassinate Ron Brown?
Plane crashes are very nearly the perfect vehicle of murder. The crash itself often destroys the evidence of sabotage. The public is conditioned to believe that 'plane crashes' happen. It is also true that murders happen and plane crashes may be the preferred method taught by the experts at the CIA school of assassination. Indeed, airplanes may crash all by themselves but CIA assassins preferred to rig the wheel. They prefer to bet on a sure thing. Certainly --sufficient expertise can ensure that airplanes may explode and/or crash due on cue.

There are some indications that Americas are, at last, awakening to the harsh and grim reality: agencies of the US government are either tasked or have taken it upon themselves a program of political assassination the objectives of which are:
  • Advance an increasingly militaristic, imperialistic, dictatorial right wing agenda;
  • Subvert the Bill of Rights, primarily freedoms of speech and dissent;
  • Protect and defend an increasingly tiny monied, ruling elite;
  • Subvert indigenous 'Democratic' movements abroad;
  • Conspire with 'reactionary' forces abroad to seize and/or exploit the natural resources of 'nations' like Iraq, earlier Iran via the Shah, et al
The US became a 'banana republic' on November 22, 1963. According to a 2001 Gallup poll, 81 percent of the American public does not believe the Warren Commission's cover story that 'a lone nut' --Lee Harvey Oswald --was the lone gunmen in Dealy Plaza that day. Of that 81 percent, many believe what Oswald himself told reporters: "I am a patsy"! They believe that he was set up to 'take the fall'. There is evidence --some of it incontrovertible --of right wing planning and involvement by elements of the CIA.

A few years ago, a British forensic scientist stated that at least two gunmen were certainly involved in the JFK assassination. In a peer-reviewed paper in the British Forensic Science Society's journal, "Science and Justice, scientist D.B.Thomas added much weight to the so-called 'grassy knoll theory' that a 'second gunman' fired at JFK. The Zapruder film supports that conclusion; it is, in fact, proof that the fatal shot was fired from the 'grassy knoll'.

There is common-sense support as well as forensic evidence:
  • A 'grassy knoll' shooter was about one third the distance to his target at the time the 'fatal shot' was fired!
  • A 'grassy knoll' shooter had a completely unobstructed view; A sixth story shooter would have been obstructed at the time the fatal shot was fired by a large tree that was fully 'leaved' as photographs taken that very day prove![check the B and W photo posted. All the cars depicted are outside the shooters extremely limited 'window of opportunity'. The tree poorly depicted. It obstructs any shots a sixth floor shooter might have had.]
  • A 'grassy knoll' shooter had a target whose lateral motion relative to his own position was minimized, perhaps to zero, at the time of the shot.
  • A 'grassy knoll' shooter had 'secure' and, as we now know, unobserved egress. A sixth floor shooter would have had to run down six flights of stairs. A 'grassy knoll' shooter, by contrast and, in fact, just broke down his .222, returned it to a briefcase and walked away!
At last --the Zapruder film indicates without any doubt whatsoever that the 'fatal shot' struck JFK was the front. The 'flack' with regard to the 'magic bullet' is a lie, invented full cloth by Republican Arlen Specter. It is not only impossible, it is completely irrelevant, a red herring. It was not the 'fatal' shot! It was said to have defied the laws of physics --yet it failed to inflict a single, mortal wound. The 'magic bullet' can be seen at JFK Lancer. It remains pristine and completely undamaged by its having shattered flesh and bone in two human beings.

Whoever fired the fatal shot should have been prosecuted for first degree murder. Had it gone to trial, this shooter, a 'man' with connections to both mob and CIA, might have fingered the mastermind, the man who co-ordinated the whole thing for the CIA. That 'co-ordinator' was photographed 'hanging around' the front entrance to the school book depository building just prior to the arrival of the JFK motorcade. Later, that man would ask this of Paul Wellstone: 'who is this chicken shit?'

It is amazing that the 'cover story' and cover up was so ham-fisted, so utterly incompetent. The murder itself was a simple matter of placing 'hired guns' in positions giving them a clear shot at the JFK motorcade which was re-routed to go down Elm toward the underpass. One of the 'hired guns' did his job, firing but one shot, in fact, the fatal shot that came from the front. That is the only scenario that is supported, indeed, proven by the single most important piece of evidence ever recovered in the case: the Zapruder film.

Always skeptical, I became convinced that the FBI, itself, was involved. What cinched it was my interview with a witness to this historic murder --the so-called 'Girl in the Red Dress' --Rosemary Willis. Her father took numerous photos that day, though none are as famous as that short sequence by Zapruder.

She had grown up by the time I met her. She was concerned about how best to archive a large collection of aging, fading slides that her father had taken many years ago. I placed the slides on a "light-table" to assess their density --I was stunned! The photos literally placed me in Dealy Plaza, right on the edge of Downtown Dallas --a location that I know very, very well.

I looked up at her with what must have been a dumb struck expression.

Rosemary Willis can be seen clearly in the famous Zapruder film. She is running merrily along the south side of Elm Street and --for some reason --pulls up short and looks back, presumably at her father whose vantage point was on the south-side of Elm Street looking north and -- as the motorcade neared the overpass --the northwest. There, in the pictures, was the motorcade in front of the School Book Depository building; here was the President's limousine with the north pergola and the famous grassy knoll behind it; then there was the First Lady climbing out onto the trunk. The individual frames were large and sharp compared to the tiny 8mm frames of the Zapruder film.

Looking at Rosemary's father's pictures, I had become an eye-witness to one of the pivotal events of this century.

I lingered over a photograph of the President --the pergola clearly identifiable in the background. Not having a copy of the Zapruder film at my disposal for comparison at the time, I can only estimate that Phil Willis's picture may have been taken at approximately frame 190 of the Zapruder film. My estimate is based entirely on Phil Willis' known position as marked on accurate maps of Dealy Plaza and drawing a straight line to the Pergola on the Grassy Knoll which is clearly seen directly behind the Presidential limousine.

Now —here is the interesting part: Rosemary showed me a well-thumbed issue of Look Magazine. Look had borrowed her father's photos and published the very slide that I lingered over. I compared the slide with the published version.

"Notice anything unusual?", she asked me. Yes! In the published version, a freight train was visible behind the pergola. There was no train in the slide. Since the original slide preceded the published version, where did the train come from?

"The train was in the original slide," Rosemary explained. "After the Look story, the FBI borrowed the pictures and kept them for several years. When we got them back, the train was gone." But the original picture, the one depicting the train, had already been published. the FBI was too late to shut the story down.

Certainly --there is a railroad track which runs behind the picket fence, the Pergola, and the grassy knoll. Anyone getting out of a freight train has ready access to cover behind the picket fence. That person --or persons --would also have an unobstructed view of the Presidential limousine. If certain experts are correct and the fatal shot coincides with frames 312/313 of the Zapruder film, then anyone behind the picket fence would have been at one third Osweld's distance to the President. A shooter so placed would also have a much longer window of opportunity. A sixth floor shooter would have, at most, two or three seconds of close, unobstructed view --if that!

Anyone behind the picket fence would have had the best shot, the best chance to change history for the worst. By frames 312/313, the view from the sixth floor of the School Book Depository was obstructed by a tree. Photos taken of that very tree on the day of the murder, indicate that within minutes of the assassination, the tree was fully 'leafed'. Reenactments, even the famous CBS reenactment, leave out that fact.

Some credible persons have interpreted the Zapruder films as indicating a "hit" on both frames 313 AND 319. The difference between frames 313 and 319 is a matter of only six frames. Zapruder's home movie camera was most likely shooting twelve frames per second. At 12 frames per second, the amount of time between the two frames is only one half of a second. If that assessment is correct that means that Oswald shooting alone in the book depository would have had to shoot through a liveoak tree and not only get off two shots with a cumbersome Mannlicher-Carcano and HIT his moving target within a period of less than one second. Impossible!

Finally, due to the angle that Elm street takes from the corner with the book depository to the overpass, there is simply no unobstructed view of the motorcade route from the book depository for more than a few frames at a time. Keep in mind that a 'frame' is 1/12 of a second. Yet -- we are expected to believe that Oswald managed to get off three shots in a matter of a few seconds. One of them --we are expected to believe is the magic bullet that did the work of four or more bullets. Yet --it was found unscathed at Parkland Hospital but on the WRONG gurney!

At last, there is only one reason anyone would have felt compelled to remove a train from a slide and that is this: there was something incriminating about the presence of that 'train'. Knowing 'why' they would wish to remove the train would most certainly reveal the culprit. Clue: it was not Oswald. No one would remove a train in order to convict or protect Oswald. Oswald was never said to have either arrived or tried to depart by train. Why was the train important enough to cover up, indeed, remove?

There is no innocent explanation for attempts to alter evidence in such a blatant manner. The destruction of this evidence is, itself, a crime in any context for any reason. In this case, the FBI may have obstructed justice at the very least. If the FBIs involvement in the cold-blooded murder of JFK extends no further than this, this act alone may amount to complicity after-the-fact, aiding and abetting.

If I should ever learn the specific reason, the precise motive that the FBI might have had in tampering so overtly with evidence in the JFK murder case, I will most probably learn who it was who ordered, planned and coordinated the murder of John F. Kennedy. By their act, the FBI has limited the list of 'usual suspects' to the government itself. The FBI and CIA top the list.

Almost everyone has seen the photos of tramps arrested near the tracks. Certainly --Frank Sturgis, Jeb Magruder, and E. Howard Hunt, were among them.
His connection to the JFK assassination came about almost serendipitously, when in 1974 a researcher stumbled across a photo of three tramps standing in Dallas' Dealey Plaza. It was taken on November 22nd, 1963, the day of Kennedy's shooting, and one of the tramps looked pretty much like E. Howard. In early inquiries, official and otherwise, he always denied any involvement. In later years, he'd offer a curt "No comment." And then, earlier this year, at the age of eighty-eight, he died -- though not before writing an autobiography, American Spy: My Secret History in the CIA, Watergate & Beyond, published last month. Not surprisingly, those things he wrote down about JFK's death and gave to his eldest son don't make an appearance in the book, at least not in any definitive way. E. Howard had apparently decided to take them to the grave. But St. John still has the memo -- "It has all this stuff in it," he says, "the chain of command, names, people, places, dates. He wrote it out to me directly, in his own handwriting, starting with the initials 'LBJ' " -- and he's decided it's time his father's last secrets finally see some light, for better or for worse.


But then he starts talking about what it was like growing up the eldest son of Everette Howard Hunt, and a different picture emerges. "He loved the glamorous life, cocktail parties, nightclubbing, flirting, all that," Saint says. "He was unfaithful to my mom, but she stayed with him. He was a swinger. He thought of himself as a cool dude, suave, sophisticated, intellectual. He was Mr. Smooth. A man of danger. He was perfect for the CIA. He never felt guilt about anything."

--ERIK HEDEGAARD, The Last Confessions of E. Howard Hunt, Rolling Stone

Given the involvement that these men and George Bush Sr had with Richard Nixon and the CIA, I find increasingly credible what was once told me by an acquaintance who, when he learned of my involvement in the media, represented himself as a 'former' CIA operative. He told me flatly that the Kennedy assassination was a mob hit with CIA complicity. The fatal shot, he said, came from the front. Oswald was a patsy.

If he is correct, then what are the motives? Kennedy had pledged to "smash the CIA into a thousand pieces". His brother Robert, as Attorney General, had gone after the "cosa nostra". Exiled cubans, the CIA and the mafia had felt betrayed by Kennedy following the Bay of Pigs. See also my previous article: Three Reasons JFK was Murdered.

Who Killed JFK? The evidence points to a right-wing faction of the CIA with some help from its friends. In CIA lingo, friends are referred to as "assets." CIA assets, including media assets, were employed to help cover-up the crime. This CIA faction was angry at JFK for his refusal to commit to a full-scale invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs, and for his efforts to seek an accommodation with the Soviet Union and Fidel Castro. High-level CIA officers are implicated. They include: Richard Helms, James Angleton, David Phillips, E. Howard Hunt, Theodore Shackley, William Harvey, David Morales, Edward Lansdale, and George Joannides. Typing any of these CIA officer's names into an Internet search engine, along with the words "JFK assassination," will uncover a network of conspirators.

To see evidence that Lee Oswald was framed by CIA operatives click here: The Patsy

--Did CIA Hawks Assassinate Ron Brown?
"Sometime in the early Fifties ... assassination became an instrument of U.S. national policy. It also became an important branch of our invisible government, a sizable business, and a separate technology involving weapons and devices the ordinary taxpayer paid billions for but was never permitted to see, except perhaps in the technicolor fantasies of James Bond flicks."

--Andrew St. George, journalist for Life magazine, Gaeton Fonzi, The Last Investigation


George W.Bailey said...

Hi Len. I guess they decided to make assassinations look like accidents/suicides since after Kennedy was publicly executed they failed to convince a majority of the public that it was the fault of a long gunman. And they probably could have if they had made better sense out of it all. Specter's Magic "BS" theory just doesn't wash. It doesn't even source from a ballistics expert--it was invented by a lawyer! No wonder it is a mess.

That's great that you got to interview Rosemary Willis. Great account of the missing train!

Unknown said...

George Bailey said...

Hi Len. I guess they decided to make assassinations look like accidents/suicides since after Kennedy was publicly executed they failed to convince a majority of the public that it was the fault of a long gunman.

It is surprising that it took these 'geniuses' so long to figure out that just 'crashing' someone in a plane is very nearly the perfect crime. Stats, however, have caught up with them. Figures don't lie.

The movie "The Good Shepherd" depicts a novel approach --they just tossed someone OUT of a plane while it was over, as I recall, unexplored portions of Africa.

I have yet to figure out why they would airbrush out the train. My first impulse was that the train was used as 'egress'. But I can't confirm that there was such a train near Dealy at the time. Although, I seem to recall that Hunt, Sturgis, et al were arrested while hanging around a train. They were dressed as hoboes but the Gucci loafers gave them away.

SadButTrue said...

There's never been any doubt in my mind that the Oswald Acted Alone story stunk worse than a sack of week-old fish heads. Nor should it be a mystery to anyone that whoever did it had resources within the US government. No-one else could possibly continued carrying out the conspiracy after the fact. Neither Castro nor the Mafia had the wherewithal to, just for instance, 1) plant the 'magic bullet' on a gurney under the eyes of a Secret Service on the highest possible alert or 2) make the brain disappear or arrange a fake autopsy completely at odds with extemporaneous reports from the E.R.

My money's on Allen Dulles, working through the connections he still had in C.I.A. (even though he'd been fired by JFK.) The agency was 90% Republican and Richard Nixon had been their WH contact all through the Eisenhower administration. You KNOW their loyalties were not to Kennedy.

George W.Bailey said...

That is curious as to why they would composite out the train...your guess is as good as any. I would assume the train had something to do with it, but what?

As you probably know the CIA used to issue agents with a doc, A Study of Assassinations, giving the various techniques and ways of taking somebody out. Basically, it's a how-to manual but not officially listed as such. Tossing people out of buildings was given as an example. A full copy of it is reprinted in Gordon Thomas' book, Secrets and Lies. I guess a Google search will pull it up.

Unknown said...

SadButTrue sez...

My money's on Allen Dulles, working through the connections he still had in C.I.A. (even though he'd been fired by JFK.) The agency was 90% Republican and Richard Nixon had been their WH contact all through the Eisenhower administration. You KNOW their loyalties were not to Kennedy.

I am reminded of the last scene in Stone's JFK. I think that's about as close as it gets. The US government has been illegitimate for a long time. Another JFK will 'smash the CIA into a thousand pieces' but had better have eyes in the back of his head. No one in government can be trusted.

George Bailey said...

That is curious as to why they would composite out the train...your guess is as good as any. I would assume the train had something to do with it, but what?

It is curious. I am sure they weren't just sharpening their air brushing skills. I still lean toward egress. Every account I've ever read supports the conclusion that all attention was on the plaza. The best get-away would have been by rail.

I seem to recall reading that there were, in fact, NO GOVERNMENT agents of any sort charged with securing a possible get away by train. Secondly, the famous 'tramps' --E. Hunt et al --were prowling around among freignt cars! Checking them out? I don't think they were on a picnic.

The scenario is slick. The shooter --equipped with a something like what is depicted in this video --simply puts it all away in a brief case, hops on board the train, while everyone else is distracted at the plaza. Even if the train is not used, the 'shooter' --with a briefcase --just walks away.

Anonymous said...

Did I just miss any reference to the death of JFK Jr. in a plane crash over NYC?

Could the GOP have envisioned him running for president, with that name, and having been selected "sexiest man alive"?

Anonymous said...

Did I just miss any reference to the death of JFK Jr. in a plane crash over NYC?

Could the GOP have envisioned him running for president, with that name, and having been selected "sexiest man alive"?

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

Did I just miss any reference to the death of JFK Jr. in a plane crash over NYC?

Yes, you did! I couldn't get them all in. THERE ARE HUNDRES IF NOT THOUSANDS.

I sought, in vain, for an online reference that I had at one time. It listed hundreds.

Anonymous said...

Simple search for 'political plane crashes' pulled up this:

It's got 2 Kennedys on it, but not JFK, Jr.

While we've got Bush at the Hague, let's put Poppy there, too, and ask him where he was on 11/22/63... I heard he 'can't remember' although there's pictures of him in front of the School Book Depository. Ask yourself.. anyone over 5 can remember where they where that day.. One thing we can take comfort in is that no amount of money will protect these sociopaths once enough people are on to them.

Anonymous said...

JFK Jr.'s plane crash was all timing, his wife needed to wait for the cokedealer to make the delivery before they could take off, he could not fly on instruments, so the dealer was "delayed" the plane took off after dark in foggy conditions, recipe for disaster.

Anonymous said...

Is everyone missing the real point here ! 911... could the widow have found something to bring the whole house of cards down.
So 49 others had to be killed in an accident .Poof problem gone

Unknown said...

Advise all who have a story to tell: Video it: Make Multiple copies and distribute in case of an "accident". Let all know that you have videoed it. This is the best insurance policy against "accidents" or "suicide"

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that is why Nixon left office. He didnt want to answer why they broke into the Watergate hotel, because it would have opened up a can of worms in the JFK assassination.

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Hello all,

As to the importance of the train...

All train cars have an unique number, similar to a serial number that identifies what company originally made the car/engine etc., and can be traced to who currently owns it, where it is located and whether it is being currently leased, and who is leasing it. Realize that no company moves a car for fun. The cars on that train were paid for, or they would not have been on it.

So, would it be much of a stretch to think that if one could find the lessor of those cars, one might find a link to the shooters?

Also, if that train car/s were complicit, then someone had to either know the train would stop where it did so as to predict which position the car/s would be in, or had control over the fact. Meaning the Engineer would have to have been an interested party at some point. (He either would've been complicit, or received an order as to when to stop.)

Anyways, this is my two cents on the train issue... :D

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As to the importance of the train..

It is entirely possible that there were such identifying marks on specific pics in Rosemary's 'collection'. And it must be remembered that the famous 'tramps' --the one's wearing Gucci loafers --had been taken into custody when discovered hanging around the rail road tracks. I am convinced that these 'tramps' were later to become Nixon's plumbers. One of the tramps was most certainly E. Howard Hunt. Another --Frank Sturgis.

I know Dealy Plaza very well. If I were going to assassinate a President coming down Elm, I would set up under cover in a freight car until I took a place behind the picket fence. By that time, all attention is on the motorcade and I would have plenty of cover behind the trees, the fence et al. I would use use a weapon that could be broken down and put away in a brief case. Upon firing the fatal shot, I would just break down the weapon, put away in the case, and just walk away.

If Oswald were the shooter or anyone of a number of shooters, he had NO EGRESS. There would have been no way to get out of the depository which would have been swarming with agents.

It would have been an IDIOTIC plan and it is an equally IDIOTIC cover story.

You may be interested in my story:

Why Lee Harvey Oswald Had to Die!