Saturday, March 29, 2008

Evidence That the CIA Murdered RFK

by Len Hart, the Existentialist Cowboy

A new BBC documentary supports the conclusion that the CIA planned and executed the assassination of Robert Kennedy. The new video and photographic evidence -- the result of a three year long investigation --"puts three senior CIA operatives" at the scene of the murder.
Three of these men have been positively identified as senior officers who worked together in 1963 at JMWAVE, the CIA's Miami base for its Secret War on Castro.

David Morales was Chief of Operations and once told friends: "I was in Dallas when we got the son of a bitch and I was in Los Angeles when we got the little bastard."

Gordon Campbell was Chief of Maritime Operations and George Joannides was Chief of Psychological Warfare Operations.

Joannides was called out of retirement in 1978 to act as the CIA liaison to the Congressional investigation into the JFK assassination. Now, we see him at the Ambassador Hotel the night a second Kennedy is assassinated.

--CIA role in Kennedy killing
As with the 1963 murder of JFK in Dallas, lingering questions dog the official theories. Powder burns indicated that three shots had been fired from very close range from 0 to 1-1/2 inches though no witness could place Sirhan closer than three feet. Sirhan's gun held only eight bullets but a total of ten were recovered. Three were found in Kennedy. Two were lodged in a pantry door frame. One was found in an airspace. Presumably four more were found elsewhere. Significantly, four bullets 'touched' Kennedy to include the three that were recovered --lodged --in his back. At no time was Sirhan ever behind RFK.
Inexcusably, the door frames were burned, the Los Angeles Police Dept. claimed no bullets were found lodged in the "bullet holes", and two expended bullets (inexplicably dug out of wood) were soon found in the front seat of Sirhan's car. The LAPD then destroyed their records of the tests that had been done on the "bullet holes" in the doorframe.

--Facts about the Robert F. Kennedy Assassination
Found on the Ron Paul forum:
When the hypnotized patsy, Sirhan Sirhan, opened fire on Robert Kennedy from the front, a CIA agent fired the kill shot at close range into the back of Kennedy's head.

The same agent who coordinated the operation and was at the scene, was later brought out of retirement to "handle" the congressional investigation into the assassination.

All 3 members of the assassination team are now dead, but many of those connected to them still hold high offices in government.
The BBC report by Shane O'Sullivane reveals that CIA operatives and four unidentified associates were at the Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles the night of June 5, 1968, moments before and after the murder. It was broadcast on BBC Newsnight.
The CIA had no domestic jurisdiction and some of the officers were based in South-East Asia at the time, with no reason to be in Los Angeles.

Kennedy had just won the California Democratic primary on an anti-War ticket and was set to challenge Nixon for the White House when he was shot in a kitchen pantry.

A 24-year-old Palestinian, Sirhan Sirhan, was arrested as the lone assassin and notebooks at his house seemed to incriminate him.

However, even under hypnosis, he has never been able to remember the shooting and defence psychiatrists concluded he was in a trance at the time.

Witnesses placed Sirhan's gun several feet in front of Kennedy but the autopsy showed the fatal shot came from one inch behind.

--CIA role in Kennedy killing
It is not surprising that the CIA would be implicated in the murder of RFK. It is tragic that the same scrutiny was not forthcoming sooner --when it might have done some good. It is tragic that the murder of JFK was not likewise scrutinized. It is tragic that the investigation of this murder was left in the hands of an incompetent Los Angeles Police Department about which there is no adjective to describe the utter incompetence given this case. Earlier there was no adjective to describe the criminal neglect given the murder of JFK in Dallas!

The world's number one terrorist organization, the CIA has committed heinous acts of terrorism abroad, murdering critics of US foreign and domestic policies and has done it on behalf of an increasingly tiny, privileged American elite. This tiny elite of some one percent owns more than the combined wealth of 95% of the entire population. [See: the L-Curve] On behalf of this tiny, privileged base, the CIA has placed itself above law and supervision. The CIA's war on the world has claimed an estimated 12 million to 20 million victims, far more than the best estimates attributed to Adolph Hitler's 'Holocaust' of World War II.

The RFK assassination was, like the assassinations of JFK, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., and other prominent figures, a political murder committed by operatives and agents of the US government (including, but limited to, the CIA and FBI), in conjunction with local police (operating as CIA cutouts), and intelligence-connected organized crime figures and mercenaries.

There is overwhelming evidence that the RFK murder was a CIA operation involving the Los Angeles Police Department.

More proof continues to emerge, including this fresh piece of evidence uncovered by BBC investigator Shane O’Sullivan. Conducting research for his own film on the RFK assassination, O’Sullivan has identified and corroborated the presence and identities of three former CIA operatives at the crime scene:

Michael Ruppert, former Los Angeles Police detective, author, journalist and editor of From The Wilderness, conducted his own investigation of the RFK assassination, tapping into inside contacts deep within the LAPD. His investigation definitively proves that the assassination was a CIA operation, and names some of the perpetrators:

--Commentary, Online Journal
There's more
Forty years after Democratic rising star Robert F. Kennedy was killed at a Los Angeles hotel during his presidential run, new evidence suggests the man serving a life sentence for his murder did not fire the shots that killed the charismatic senator.

Forensic scientists met at a conference in Connecticut this week to discuss their independent findings that cast serious doubt on the Kennedy assassination. Sirhan Sirhan is serving a life sentence in Kennedy's death, but the conference presenters argue he could not have fired the fatal shot that killed Kennedy.

One investigator, Dr. Robert Joling, has studied the Kennedy assassination for nearly four decades. He determined the fatal shot came from behind Kennedy, while Sirhan was four to six feet in front of the senator and never got close enough to shoot him from behind, an NBC affiliate reports.

Analysis by another forensics engineer, Philip Van Praag, of a Canadian journalists tape recording, known as the Pruszynski recording, determined that 13 shots were fired while Kennedy was killed, although Sirhan's gun only held eight bullets, according to the NBC reporter. This suggests that a second shooter was involved in the assassination.

Van Praag's analysis led him to conclude that a second gun that was fired matched a type owned by one of the security guards in Kennedy's entourage.

"When that security guard was asked about owning that gun at first he admitted, 'Yes I owned that kind of gun but I got rid of it two months before the assassination.'" correspondent Amy Parmenter said on MSNBC Wednesday. "It turns out upon further investigation, in fact, he did not get rid of that gun until five months after the shooting. Of course, you can see going with this. ... That security guard, was in fact behind Senator Kennedy when the fatal shot was fired."

--New evidence suggests second shooter killed RFK, David Edwards and Nick Juliano

Given the rash of recent outrages by taser happy thug cops and given the incompetent handling of 911 where there is probable cause to arrest the arch criminals Bush and Cheney, one is hard pressed to find an institution of government that is legitimate or competent! I have proposed abolishing the CIA, indeed, smashing it into "a thousand pieces"! Abolish the CIA before the CIA abolish what little remains of America. Alas, America, you will fall of your own corruption and rot. No nation that condones the slaughter of its brightest and best will long survive! The enemy is not in Iraq, nor anywhere in the world but those of our own creation. The enemy is within. The enemy is among the traitors that make up the CIA.


Baldwin Park Democrat said...

I don't know. Part of me says it might be true and part of me says it couldn't be. Absent absolute proof, I'll probably go with the latter.

Bu I just don't know.

Unknown said...

Well, Sirhan was in front. RFK was shot in the back by a coward.

jurassicpork said...

Kneeling down, it ought to be added, since the shots to the back of the head were fired at an upward angle.

Unknown said...

Good point, jurrassic! Next step is to dig up as much as we can about this crew. Morales was in Dallas by his own murderous mouth. The others were as well, I am sure. And, of course, George Sr was hanging around the School Book Depository prior to the arrival of the motorcade.

The CIA, it would appear, had determined to wipe out the Kennedy clan.

I think we should wipe out the CIA.

Anonymous said...

While I wish Obama were more forceful in his demands to bring our troops home now, I also fear what would happen if he were.

SadButTrue said...

Sadly the American people still expect that justice will be restored by the 2008 elections. Nothing less than a second American Revolution is required, and that is notably at least four decades too late.

In the case of the JFK assassination, the involvement of the CIA comes as a necessary deduction from the fact that a conspiracy had to have taken place. Who was in a position to suppress so much evidence after the fact other than the secret government controlled by the military industrial complex?

In the RFK assassination the evidence is even more damning, as you point out.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Andyet, like the other wrongs commited by government and law officials, nothing will ever be done about it.

"If you want a vision of the future, Winston, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever."
--George Orwell

oujiQualm said...

I would strongly recomend the followin book by Turner and Christian (last names)
The Assassination of Robert F Kennedy. This book is more unbelievable than anything Thomas Pynchon could have imagined.

It features right wing evangelical preacher-horse trader-UHF TV station manager- CIA contact who dablles in hypnosis and Los Angeles City Council Politics.

Yet the authors are thoroughly credible and respected authors. Turner was FBI until he qit in the 1950s and Christian worked for CBS in San Francisco. This book is back in print and also has a bizzare publishing history which you must read about by googling the review by Jim DiEugenio.

This book is a must must must read. You will be unable to believe this, and could well turn into a muttering individual.

Unknown said...

SadButTrue said...

Sadly the American people still expect that justice will be restored by the 2008 elections. Nothing less than a second American Revolution is required, and that is notably at least four decades too late.

Indeed! Maybe one or two people in Washington have any integrity.

Hilary is a Republican.

I hope Obama has world class security. As we have seen, our last great hopes were murdered by the CIA. I wonder how many more they 'offed' in the name of God and country.

As you say, a revolution is needed. We need to begin by smashing the CIA into 'a thousand pieces'.

Then we need to rebuild a legitimate government to include wholesale housecleaning, criminal trials for Bush and Cheney, restoration in strong, language that restores the Bill of Rights and the separation of powers. NO EXCEPTIONS! NO ALBERTO GONZALES-TYPE BULLSHIT!

Send all the crooks to prisons in the gulag state of Texas.

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

For those who do not know handguns, sometime with supervision just fire one single handed and you will find how much they wander.

I've fired a few guns. RFK was hit at least three times at close range. It's hard to miss at a range of one and half inches.

Anonymous said...

I'd encourage those interested in the RFK assassination to read my e-book, The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress: New Light on the Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, which suggests that it was actually carried out by the FBI and the ADL working together.

I'm currently working on a second edition which contains further facts that support my case.

Anonymous said...

IMO James DiEugenio and Lisa Pease are the best researchers in both the JFK and RFK cases.

It's also interesting to note that USAID which ties into the RFK case as documented here is back in the news.

Keep up the good work Len.

Anonymous said...

Pease is not a credible researcher. She has been peddling the CIA-did-it theory for ages, but from careful examination of her work I can assure you it doesn't withstand scrutiny. The CIA is the usual scapegoat and always cited as a case for distracting attention from the real culprits.

The same goes for the JFK case. where so much attention has been lavished on the CIA, when, as has been shown, other agencies, including the Mossad, were equally involved.

Anonymous said...

Let's examine the 'CIA-did-it theory':

Why won't the CIA release the George Joannides files? As they should under the 1992 JFK Assassination Records Act.

What was their relationship to the Albert Schweitzer College in Switzerland? The Atsugi Air Base where Oswald was stationed? Or Project QKENCHANT?

CIA document #104-10434-10152, 12/4/63, Russ Holmes Work File

Anonymous said...

Another pointless documentary. Those responsible will never be brought to account, because they are simply too powerful. If they ever looked like being exposed, it would turn our world upside down, as most of those ruling us are involved with these type of events, then and now.
We live submerged in total control systems, and very little we believe about the world is as it really is. I for instance, live in the UK, which is known as a parliamentary democracy, but in which one criminal elite succeeded in dragging the entire country into an illegal war for a foreign power. And yet millions still turn out to vote, convinced they have a voice.
If the criminal elites were ever faced with true exposure, they would drag the world down with them. Israel has possibly the biggest secret nuclear/chemical/biological arsenal on the planet, for instance, and is committed to the Samson option.

Unknown said...

Anonymous suraci said...

Another pointless documentary. Those responsible will never be brought to account, because they are simply too powerful.

Then why did you bother to click on a link to read this post?

We live submerged in total control systems, and very little we believe about the world is as it really is.

If you want to continue living, there is only ONE choice. REVOLUTION! Revolution is what free people do when their goverment ceases to be legitimate.

The great Civil Rights leader, Stokely Carmichael, who was probably waging 'revolution' when you were in diapers, put it this way and I will paraphrase: the Civil Rights legislation is not for the 'Negro'; civil rights legislation is for WHITE FOLK! He continued: I don't need legislation to tell me that I am free! I WAS BORN FREE!

Likewise, I was BORN FREE! An illegitimate regime will never make me a slave. As Carmichael pointed out: there is a higher law. And it's time we brought this illegitimate gang of crooks to book for breaking it.

Unknown said...

MinM said...

Keep up the good work Len.

Thanks for the kind words and thanks for the links. I am exploring them now.

Life As I Know It Now said...

Len, as usual another great post. This stuff has been going on since before I was born. The difference now however is that the world is going down for the final count. Our environment will not permit the tiny elite to continue carrying on. So now we either wise up and stop them and halt the damage and begin the healing (which I might add that there is only a slight hope that this will even happen) or we go down the tubes and either return to a dark ages, much diminished, or maybe mass human extinction. These are sad times that we live in.

Unknown said...

Liberality said...

This stuff has been going on since before I was born. The difference now however is that the world is going down for the final count.

I hope we are both wrong but we are definitely correct --UNLESS the American people wake up and NOW!

I wouldn't be angry if I had not loved this country. I must have loved it a lot because I am 'madder than hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

Anonymous said...

This tiny elite of some one percent owns more than the combined wealth of 95% of the entire population.
Yet they weep before this mountain of wealth over the remaining 5%

This is how you get a nobel prize (presumably in a new category, for blaming the victim):

The Upside of Income Inequality

Should an increase in earnings inequality due primarily to higher rates of return on education and other skills be considered a favorable rather than an unfavor­able development? We think so. Higher rates of return on capital are a sign of greater productivity in the economy, and that inference is fully applica­ble to human capital as well as to physical capital.

That is, we are like cogs in a machine, or factors in a closed (in)equation.

...And why has the proportion of American youth who drop out of high school, especially African-American and Hispanic males, remained fairly constant?

Here's the answer, it's the subhumans:

The answers to these and related questions lie partly in the breakdown of the American family, and the resulting low skill levels acquired by many children in elementary and secondary school—particularly individuals from broken households. Cognitive skills tend to get developed at very early ages while, as our colleague James Heckman has shown, noncognitive skills—such as study hab­its, getting to appointments on time, and attitudes toward work—get fixed at later, although still rel­atively young, ages. Most high school dropouts certainly appear to be seriously deficient in the noncognitive skills that would enable them to take advantage of the higher rates of return to education and other human capital.

Slaves used to have those sort of problems too, which forced their masters to such unpleasant methods of management.
As for the obvious solution:

For many, the solution to an increase in inequality is to make the tax structure more progressive—raise taxes on high-income households and reduce taxes on low-income households. While this may sound sensible, it is not.

Indeed, what a horrible thought....

Only in Chicago, economically, not my kind of town

Unknown said...

Paul, thanks for bringing that to our attention. Indeed, the arguments FOR disparities in wealth and income were stated simply and better by Charles Dickens whose character Scrooge opined:

"Are there no workhouses? Are there no prisons...then let them die and decrease the surplus population."

—Scrooge, A Christmas Carol

Other claptrap subscribed to by Bush, NEOCONS, and other fringe psuedo-intellectuals are half-baked variations of Hegel and other 'state absolutusts'. Some of the best refutations of Hegel may be found in the writings of Bertrand Russell.

A Texas refutation of Hegel goes like this: IT'S ALL BULLSHIT!

I suspect that folk like Zelikow, who got his law education in Houston, might have taken a introduction to Philosophy class and never bothered to take the second semester in which one learns that everything in the first semester was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Like the wealth question, you have to wonder what level of 'non cognition' is enough for these psychopaths?
After all, the likes of reverend moon and rupert murdoch are working pretty hard on doing the 'cognitive' stuff for everyone else.

Anonymous said...

FuzzFlash sez...

Len, inspirational to see you blogging fiercely for justice, truth and we the people. There ain't no finer fight. Your last several posts have thrown down the gauntlet well and truly to the cabal of murderous thieves who perpetuate the present tyranny and I support you and all here who have the courage to do something about it.

Been moseying along the campaign trail closely following the Dem primaries. At times I feel like Ed Tom Bell on the scent of Anton Chigurh and am in stages awed and stymied at a land that once cherished a modicum of common human decency, but is now most assuredly No Country For Old Men.
Lara Croft-Clinton and Johnny Bomb-Bomb are but two hydra heads on the one MIC chimera. Both are grasping, venal, war-mongering scum and perhaps two thirds of the potential voting population know it.

Obama's self-penned Philly Address was a watershed moment in US politics. Jon Stewart said that finally here was a polly who treated us as if we were adults. Racism and all its concomitant ugliness is one of the pillars that consolidates the power of a CIA-backed American elite totally devoted to the imperatives of Moloch and Mammon.
Now here's the interesting thing. Since Obama's Philly Address he has glommed superdelegates, a 10 point lead with Gallup nationwide, and seen Bodicea Brutusina Clinton crucified in the MSM (justifiably) for her serial hyperbole and mendacity, from imaginary soccer pitches to Bosnian air strips. Even Citizen Rupert has cast her aside like a turd in the ocean of political life.

The ease with which Obi handled the seemingly constipated Tweety at a live on campus gig in PA recently was breathtaking. He ain't no messiah and has human foibles like us all but in this game, The Kid's got it all, which is why the people love him like they loved Bobby. How could anyone forget the way materially poor Americans devastated by his assassination, lined the tracks as Bobby's funeral train brought his body home? These folk knew that for their lifetimes at least, The Dream was all over.

So we can take it as a given that The Company & Allied have the junior senator from Illinois very much in their thoughts and soon, their cross hairs or their IEDs.

Len: "I hope Obama has world class security. As we have seen, our last great hopes were murdered by the CIA. I wonder how many more they 'offed' in the name of God and country."
Plenty, Len, plenty. There are thousands of Daniel Plainviews on the loose as we blog. There Will (always) Be Blood.

Sad, Barack Hussein Obama is capable of sparking the revolution you mention and for which so many of us pine. If he doesn’t The Nothing wins and Fantasia will be forever fucked because we will have lost all our hopes and dreams and will thus be so much easier to control by the swine who daily grind their jack-boots into our necks.

Unknown said...

Fuzzflash sez...

Sad, Barack Hussein Obama is capable of sparking the revolution you mention and for which so many of us pine.

Welcome back, fuzz. you are always missed.

With the emergence of Barack, I have gone back to my recollections of folk like Martin Luther King and the more 'radical' Stokely Carmichael. One of my enduring and indelible memories was hearing Carmichael speak at Cullen Auditorium on the University of Houston campus at the height of two 'revolutions' --the peace movement and the Civil Rights campaign.

I was among only four or five 'white' faces in a packed auditorium in which Carmichael, quoted Sartre and Camus exhorted revolution. He had a plan to 'radicalize' every campus in the country. He warned of the danger of an American 'genocide' of black people, reminding that the US founded upon the genocide of the 'red man'. He was right. I am descended of those few 'red men' who survived!

About 'Civil Rights' legislation, he said that those laws were passed for the "Honky". He said, and I paraphrase: I don't need a law to tell me that AM FREE! I was BORN free!

If as few as 30 percent of this nation --white, black, brown, yellow--got into their bones the spirit of that speech, the "man" would quake! The walls of oppression would come tumbling down! The old order, made irrelevant, would simply fade away.

What if EVERY ONE just refused to file an 1040.

What if ten thousand truckers blocked all traffic in and out of DC with their 18 wheelers? Certainly, Bush's "oil" policies have done them no good.

What if ....?

Fact is this government has no more power than we are willing to concede to it!

This government is illegitimate, and when the American people figure that out, it's all for the gang of crooks called "Washington"!

Thanks for your thought provoking comments, as always. Keep the faith. We don't need the government to tell us that we are free!

Anonymous said...

Seems to me I've read recently that candidate Ron Paul has refused Secret Service protection. Could this be why?

~social democrat

Anonymous said...

Oh, wait. My mistake. It's John Sidney McCain III who has refused SS protection. Does he know something?

~social democrat

Unknown said...

part of me says NSA did that and part of me says CIA did that I don know and I am confused which team did that

Anonymous said...

Len your a legend, and i say bloody good on yah for standing up for justice... also i think the american goverment is fucked.

Anonymous said...

I was just reading about MKULTRA and project PINECOMB and now this. I went from trusting the government to hating it in 3 hours. Does anyone have any information on Project PINECOMB, Carole Lieberman or Mari Edelman ? I think they were both created using alien DNA. How would this have been possible in 1948? We don't have the technology to do that today.

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

I was just reading about MKULTRA and project PINECOMB and now this. I went from trusting the government to hating it in 3 hours.

I don't have any information at the moment on PINECOMB...but will check it out as best I can.

In the meantime, you may find this of interest:
Why Lee Harvey Oswald Had to Die!

Anonymous said...

Carole Lieberman did some crazy stuff in the 1960's and 1970's as part of Pinecomb. MK-ULTRA did some scary stuff. This is why we should not trust uncle sam. They have killed, tourted, drugged and lied to us. I have no idea who Mari Edelman is. Does anyone know who Mari is?

gazeteler said...

hile I wish Obama were more forceful in his demands to bring our troops home now, I also fear what would happen if he were.

sikiş said...

Very nice, thanks…

Anonymous said...

I just recently read a book called "Conversations with the Crow - The Final Conversations of Robert Trumball Crowley"

Crowley was the former head of the CIA's dirty tricks department and this is the closest thing one might come to a "death bed confession".

These are transcribed conversations between two former spooks whose lives seemed to overlap and you get to listen in as they are talking shop.

Wickedly funny, disturbingly revealing, utterly fascinating. In it, they discuss several assassinations. Thought you might want to see it.

Unknown said...

thanks for post admin. very nice article.

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The CIA seem to do allot of bad things, why do they exist?

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Kneeling down, it must be added, because the shots towards the back of the go ended up dismissed at an way up angle.