Sunday, January 11, 2009

911 Commissioner Slips Up: Pentagon Struck by Missile

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

Tim Roemer has let the cat out of the bag, referring as did Donald Rumsfeld to a 'missile' that struck the Pentagon. In addition, there were the early news reports before 'officialdom' was able to insist that the media report ONLY the official conspiracy theory. Those early reports consisted of anchors like Dan Rather and Peter Jennings talking about 'controlled demolitions', field reporters declaring that no airliner had struck the Pentagon, and, of course, the famous BBC report that WTC7 had fallen even as it was seen still standing behind the reporter.

Earlier, FBI Director Robert Mueller said, there is no evidence to connect the 'said' 19 'hijackers' with the events of 911. Indeed, several of the 'hijackers' were interviewed by the BBC after they were said to have died in the attacks.

A very serious 'nail in officialdom's coffin' is the fact that Flight 77 was at at altitude of 273 feet at the time of the so-called 'crash' into the Pentagon. That puts Flight 77 over 200 feet ABOVE the Pentagon within about half a second of the impact.

The only plausible explanation is that whatever really struck the Pentagon approached by way of the light poles and at an altitude that, in fact, allowed it to strike and damage the poles enroute. Whatever that was it was not Flight 77 which was higher up at the time and on a completely different trajectory.

A missile might have taken a route that clipped the light poles enroute to the Pentagon. Certainly, Flight 77 approached from another altitude and at an angle that would have completely missed the poles even if had been at the lower altitude.

This is a critical point. A single aircraft could not have damaged BOTH the poles AND the Pentagon from the trajectory that the flight data records for Flight 77. Flight 77 was, in fact, too high at 273 feet. The DOD witnesses, in fact, did not, could not have seen whatever it was that struck both the poles and the Pentagon.

The light poles, only about 40 feet high, are about 50 meters from the Pentagon. At this point the 'Reagan [airport] beacon' and the raw flight data confirm that Flight 77 altitude was never lower than 273 feet. The speed of Flight 77 at some 50 meters was over 500 mph. Even if Flight 77 had been on a trajectory to strike the poles, it would have flown over them. Flight 77 would have flown over the Pentagon on either trajectory.

Could Flight 77 have simply leveled off? Bluntly --no! Flight 77 had only a half second to two seconds in which to dive a couple of hundred feet and then level off thus accounting for both the light pole damage and the hit into the Pentagon. [Aerodynamics Simulation Software] Such a maneuver is outside manufacturers specifications, simply, impossible in that aircraft. Moreover, had that happened the 757 would not have been seen by the eyewitnesses who could ONLY have seen it on the other trajectory.

Calum Douglas presents his investigation into the flight data recorder from Flight 77.
the Indian YMCA in Fitzroy Square, London on 8th June 2007.

It is also 'outside the performance envelope' of one Hani Hanjour who 1) trained on a simulator and, in fact, had never set foot inside a 757; 2) was said by the Washington Post to have never boarded Flight 77 in the first place. Again --to make the point: there is absolutely no evidence that Hani Hanjour was ever on Flight 77.

The Washington Post said that Hani Hanjour did not have a ticket! Nor was his name was on the original flight manifest. Flight manifests are not official. They are simply a head count done by staff. It is doubtful that a flight manifest would be admissible in court. A coroner's report, however, is considered to be evidence. It's official.

Hani Hanjour is not listed among those who were autopsied.

Even idiots of the GOP must admit that nothing can be in two places at the same time unless the laws of physics as described by both Einstein and Newton have been repealed.

There are two reasons for believing Bush, his NEOCON co-conspirators, various Pentagon brass, and complicit murderers inside the MIC are responsible for perpetrating the treasonous, murderous crime of 911: 1) Bush has never told the truth about 911; 2) Bush has consistently and deliberately tried to cover up the crime with identifiable instances of obstruction of justice, lies, and overt intimidation.

Bush had method. He had at his disposal the US military and the intelligence apparatus of the CIA in order to 'pull off' 911. His 'old man' --Bush Sr --had been Director of the CIA and most certainly had 'connections', perhaps a constituency loyal to him and powerful elites to whom the senior Bush may still be beholden.

Bush had motive. He benefited from 911 as no other single person could have. A 'base' of filthy rich elites got even richer short selling airline stocks. A neocon base benefited in numerous ways but primarily the elevation of their radical politics to policy. The oil companies that made up Dick Cheney's 'Energy Task Force' may have benefited most of all. They were prepared to carve up the oil fields of the Middle East.

Bush had the opportunity to order and 'supervise' 911 by way of co-conspirators Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld. That's method, motive and opportunity --more than enough to get you a lethal, injected cocktail for much less ambitious and malevolent crimes in the fascist, gulag state of Texas.

Bush's opposition to the creation of the 911 Commission, his orders to destroy evidence at the Pentagon and at 'ground zero', his interference with the 911 Commission, his ongoing cover up are not the actions of an innocent man. Had Bush wanted the truth out, he would have supported a complete, fair, and impartial investigation. That was, of course, the last thing Bush wanted.

[See: Northrop-Grumman: RQ-4 Block 20 Global Hawk]

There are no hijacker names on the pathologists report released in response to an FOIA request. There is, therefore, no evidence that Hanjour's remains were autopsied, no evidence that his remains were even recovered or buried in Arlington National Cemetery. More to the point, there is absolutely no evidence that Hani Hanjour was at any time on any flight connected with 911.

As pointed out, the Washington Post reported that Hanjour was not on Flight 77 because he did not have a ticket. It's hard to imagine short, skinny Hanjour forcing his way on board and having done so, taking over the controls with force and a boxcutter! It's a ludicrous story on its face. It simply did not happen and there is not a shred of evidence in support of it --let alone proof. You don't get past the gate without a boarding pass. You don't get a boarding pass without a ticket. The 'official' account is pure and utter bullshit.

A 757 airliner is a civilian craft, not a nuclear powered craft. It does not carry a nuclear war head or hardened nose cone. Had a 757 crashed the Pentagon there would have been no need to order decontamination procedures. No such procedures were carried out in New York, but were carried out at the Pentagon. Clearly, 'officials' knew at the time that a civilian airliner had not crashed the Pentagon. The only scenario that fully explains the necessity of decontamination procedures is that of a military craft crashing into the Pentagon. It is my belief that that is what happened in fact. Don't try to tell me that such procedures are just routine. They were not routine in New York and were not carried out!

A set of related facts are explained by 'theories' which must, of necessity, explain every relevant fact. Theories inconsistent with proven facts must be discarded as false. Bush's theory explains nothing and is inconsistent with established science. By contrast, a technology called 'Global Hawk' may very well explain the seemingly inexplicable events of 911 and, at the same time, point an accusing finger.

The Global Hawk is operated by remote control. The US, in fact, outfitted an aircraft with Global Hawk technology and flew it --without a pilot --from California to Australia by remote control. No Arab hijackers were required! The Global Hawk, moreover, would have had no problems with the maneuver credited to Hanjour but which experienced pilots say is impossible in a 757.

A Global Hawk has only one engine rotor and it is of the size of the ONLY rotor to have been found in the Pentagon debris. Had a 757 crashed into the Pentagon TWO rotors each about three times that size would have been found. They were not! And that's because a 757 DID NOT strike the Pentagon. The burden of proof is upon those who have asserted that an airliner struck the Pentagon. It is time for those who continue to make that assertion to prove it, or, at the very, very least support it with a scintilla of verifiable evidence. The black-hearted liars who continue to espouse that absurd theory have not only no proof but no evidence in their support.

With a wingspan of over 116 ft the Global Hawk would have had no problem clipping the four damaged pole, skimming just above the pristine lawn, crashing into a portion of the Pentagon that was undergoing extensive renovations at the time. At the very instant of the crash, Flight 77 as above it all at 273 feet.

It's not enough that the Bush administration actively covered up evidence even as it sought to quash every investigation of 911, Bush and Condoleeza Rice would lie about the event after the fact, specifically, both Bush and Condo stated that the crashing of airliners into buildings could not have been foreseen, were not foreseen. [Bush: No evidence that US could avoid 9/11] Bush lied! And so did Condo Rice:
Today's Sydney Morning Herald prints an extract from Shenon's book which provides further details about Rice's incompetence. "Emails from the National Security Council's counter-terrorism director, Richard Clarke, showed that he had bombarded Rice with messages about terrorist threats" before 9/11, Shenon writes.
In fact, just such a 'scenario' was the basis for security when Bush attended the G8 Summit in Italy, July 23, 2001 [See: "Italy: Bush Targeted at G8." New York Newsday 19 Sept 2001, unsigned; "Extremists 'Planned Genoa Attack on Bush'", BBC News, 27 Sept 2001]. Secondly, Dick Cheney supervised precisely that scenario on the very day that it happened in fact --a highly improbable coincidence' that would repeat later in Britain on 7/7. Cheney supervised what are called 'exercises' within a bunker --the Presidential Emergency Operations Center --located under the White House. There is damning testimony against Cheney from former Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta who contradicts 9/11 Commission Report's Account of Dick Cheney's timetable.

That's not all. Cheney had already been put in charge of a 'domestic terrorism study group' [See: 911 Coincidences], a clever cover from which to commit high treason and mass murder.

Since those events, the Bush administration has worked overtly, assiduously to quash and interfere with every effort to investigate fully the events of 911. Only guilty people do that.
# Scot J. Paltrow, "Government Accounts of 9/11 Reveal Gaps, Inconsistencies. Questions Arise About Who Put Nation on High Alert; A Threat to Air Force One? Panel Assembles Timeline," --Wall Street Journal, March 22, 2004.

Condoleezza Rice, "9/11: For The Record," Washington Times, March 22, 2004: "Despite what some have suggested, we received no intelligence that terrorists were preparing to attack the homeland using airplanes as missiles, though some analysts speculated that terrorists might hijack airplanes to try to free US-held terrorists." Also see "Promoting Icon Condi" in the August 4, 2003, Daily Howler.

--National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States - SourceWatch
Rice's statements were bald faced lies and only the guilty try to cover up their crimes.
If the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated or at least deliberately allowed by the Bush- Cheney administration and the Pentagon, then the motivation to cover up this murderous and treasonous act would be unlimited. No expenditure of time and money would be considered too great."

--Professor David Ray Griffin [4], The True Story of 9/11: Part IV
By this time, everyone in America should know that alleged 'plane crashes' into the Twin Towers could not and did not result in their collapses. Descriptions by numerous witnesses, including that of professional firefigters describe controlled demolitions and thermite/thermate fires which burned for weeks. Ordinary fires can be extinguished with sand by robbing the fire of oxygen, but if one covered a thermite fire with tons of sand, the reaction, the fire would not stop. Certainly that was the case at WTC where the fires burned 'slowly and more moderately for weeks'. Jet fuel fires are spent very quickly. They do not continue to burn for weeks. I've covered airliner fires but never one which continued to burn for days, let alone weeks! Most fires were spent by the time reporters arrived on the scene. That fact alone disproves the official bullshit story.

On videos, molten steel can be seen streaming down the outer walls. The relatively cool kerosene fires were already spent by this time and could not have melted steel in any case.

In summary, the first reporters on the scene at both the Pentagon and the so-called 'crash site' in PA were correct. There was NO airliner debris at either location. The narrow ditch at PA could not have accommodated a 757 and, in fact, did not. The ditch was most probably created by the backhoe that was seen in the very earliest photos from the PA crash site.

It is LUDICROUS to suppose that Flight 93 buried itself underground leaving mere scraps topside. [See: Hoodwinked at Shanksville]. If Flight 93 buried itself like a gopher, then let's excavate that site. Let us find out where all that missing debris is. If there is an airliner down there, let's dig it up. We have the technology to do it: backhoes and shovels. In the meantime, check out the how the Bush government's 'best case' for the Flight 93 scenario is proven to have been a cynical fraud:

There are no longer any reasons to believe any aspect of the Bush official cover story. Only idiots --on the one hand --and guilty conspirators on the other will put forward the official conspiracy theory with a straight face.

On 911, our 'government' declared war on the people of the United States and, thus, became illegitimate. As Che would have put it: the peace is already considered to be broken. Thomas Jefferson would have already declared 'our' independence of a cabal that has, in effect, already destroyed the 'legitimate' government of the United States. I am not sure that the election of Obama is by itself enough to restore legitimacy. Perhaps, if every traitor and every traitorous, criminal accomplice were charged and brought to justice!
Section 3. Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.

--Article III, US Constitution
The word treason covers the more egregious acts of betrayal or disloyalty to a sovereign or nation. Under the US Constitution and, in Britain by common law, sovereignty resides with the people themselves. What had been called the "United States" no longer exists. It was, in fact, overthrown in Bush's coup d'etat, and since that time systematically subverted and dismantled by Bush and his gang of treasonous usurpers. Accomplices who must certainly stand trial with Bush and Cheney will include Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice, and various Pentagon brass.

There is, therefore, no admissible evidence that supports the absurd cover story that 'Arab hijackers' pulled off 911. At the Pentagon, for example, the 'official coronorers' report was released to Dr. Olmsted in response to his FOIA request. There was not a single 'Arab' or hijacker name on the list.

While there is no verifiable evidence to support Bush's version of 911, there is probable cause to indict Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice and numerous others for the crimes of mass murder and high treason. Let's get on with the indictments, arrests, and trials. We tried Nazis at Nuremberg. Will we prove to the world what heinous hypocrites we are if we let 'out own' get away with precisely the same crimes?

911: Inside Job Update [Thanks, windharps]!

Media Conglomerates, Mergers, Concentration of Ownership, Global Issues, Updated: January 02, 2009




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jurassicpork said...

So what happened to Flight 77 and its passengers?

Anonymous said...

Ok, those who point out problems with the "official story" don't have to construct an alternative theory and couldn't if they wanted to. Challenges based on the idea that one should stfu if one doesn't have an alternative theory are simply irrelevant.

radiodujour said...

Dr. David Ray Griffin shows that the greatest obstacle to seeing the truth - that 9/11 was an inside job - is not the lack of evidence, but what can be called “nationalist faith” - the belief that America is the “exceptional nation”, whose leaders never deliberately do anything truly evil, at least to their own citizens.

Audio available at:

Anonymous said...

It's perhaps worth restating briefly some of the Flight 93 anomalies. Flight 93 was 40m wide and the hole in the ground where it hit was only 25m wide. A photo released by the US government shows exactly that. The flight data recorder had the plane impacting upside down at an angle of 40 degrees to the horizontal yet the impact images do not match an impact which was closer to horizontal rather than vertical. Witnesses at the site were stunned by the almost complete absence of aircraft debris. Only one piece of fuselage was found and it was two meters long. And the 180 cloth seats, they must have burned, right? Wrong. There would have been thick smoke fumes and residual seat frames above ground yet neither of these aspects were seen. If the 180 seats went underground then they would not have burned and would have been recovered. They weren’t, only a handful of tiny cloth fragments—along with a red bandana allegedly worn by one of the hijackers and a terrorist's drivers licence, another one's passport, a third one's business card, a terrorist visa, a hijacking letter copies of which were found in the debris from Flights 11, 77 and 93! -- and two bibles!. How’s that for good fortune? The 17 tons of fuel at the time of impact did not show up as a fireball and when the EPA tested the ground a few days later they found no jet fuel residues. So where did the fuel go? The 4 tonnes of passengers turned into 200 kgs of tissue in one second of impact. Funeral directors normally take 2 hours of high temperature crematoria to produce a similar result but here it happened in an instant as if by magic. The FBI says it recovered 95% of the plane (60 tonnes) and returned it to United Airlines yet there is no documentary or photographic evidence to support such a claim. Somerset County Coroner Wallace Miller reported that they had found “unspecified human remains and enough minuscule pieces of plane debris to fill one-third of a dumpster.” That’s right, 1/3 of a dumpster. The FBI did not undertake any official steps to establish the identities of any of the hijacked aircraft. They prohibited normal NTSB and FAA inquiries that were legally mandated for aircraft crashes. What we are presented with is fiction. People are entitled to insist on an independent review of the events of 9/11.

Here's a few links on Flight 93: 1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8

And then there's the strange case of CeeCee Lyles whose driver's licence was allegedly recovered from Shankesville, a licence issued on 12/2/1997 -- except that her then name was CeeCee Ross(!) and she only became Lyles upon her marriage on 5/1/2000.

Of the 266 9/11 passengers only 11 are listed in the Social Security Death Index, as of 02/08/2006.

There the curious connections between Flight 93 passenegers Todd Beamer and Mark Bingham both of whom had work connections to Eric Benhamou: "In 2003, Mr. Benhamou was appointed to the Joint High Level Advisory Panel of the U.S.- Israel Science and Technology Commission...also the chairman of the board of directors of 3Com Corporation", described in one submission to the US government as "a world leader in intrusion prevention technologies designed to prevent cyber espionage and warfare in the computer networks of its customers, including the United States Department of Defense (DoD)".

Other anaomalies:

1. No Grieving Relatives -- "It is an American custom, after a flight crash, for the bereaved to gather at the airport where the plane was due to arrive, to share their grief.... No family members showed up at San Francisco International Airport to greet the passengers at its normal 11:15 a.m. arrival time."

2. "UA flight 93 was not a regular, scheduled flight, but had been newly inserted into the system. Taken at face value, 11th September 2001 saw the maiden Tuesday voyage of United Flight 93 from Newark to San Francisco. In that respect, Flight 93 could not have been a regularly scheduled and recurring flight."

3. Dodgy Passengers -- "Who were the passengers? From the list of forty names given, sixteen of them appear as only on that plane 'by chance,' due to a last-minute change of schedule."

4. Todd Beamer's mysterious phone calls.

5. A C-130 that previously had witnessed the alleged AA77 PentaCrash also flew on to the Shankesville site. (See also 1 2 3 4)

6. And did Flight 93 land in Cleveland?

7. There's three minutes missing from the Flight 93 voice recorder and the reported impact time of the aircraft.

Sorry it's all incomplete. It does prove however that the American people have not had a proper accounting of 9/11 and that the official explanation in regard to Flight 93 simply does not stand up.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to mention. None of the families from Flight 93 claimed from the government victims fund. As far as I can tell, not one.

Unknown said...

jurassicpork said...

So what happened to Flight 77 and its passengers?

That the fate of the passengers is in doubt is another BIG HOLE in the official conspiracy theory. Theories which DO NOT EXPLAIN are invalid. If the official theory had been true, then the fate of the passengers would not be in doubt. But there is yet ANOTHER big hole with regard to passengers: the AUTOPSY REPORT, released to Dr. Olmsted does not list a single Arab passenger --the fancy graphics posted elsewhere notwithstanding.

In short --the OFFICIAL CONSPIRACY is more full of holes than Swiss cheese.

werkshop said...

Ok, those who point out problems with the "official story" don't have to construct an alternative theory and couldn't if they wanted to.

Indeed! I will settle for facts over theory. If the OFFICIAL THEORY had been true it would have explained ALL THE OBSERVED PHENOMENON as ALL VALID THEORIES MUST. But --it doesn't do that. The official theories are pure bullshit.

What people MUST get into their heads is that THE OFFICIAL THEORY CANNOT BE TRUE. In fact, it's not even a good effort. Common, runofthemill gangsters and crooks could have come up with better and more believable cover storijavascript:void(0)es.

I am interested in the fate of Flight 77. If it was at an altitude of 273 feet at the time of impact it most certainly could NOT have crashed into the Pentagon, a fact that is consistent with the apparent fact that NO AIRLINER wreckage was recovered. If it did not crash into the Pentagon, I suspect that Flight 77 was 'directed' offshore and probably lies under thousands of feet of water just beyond the continental shelf. But that's just my suspicion based upon what I might do if I were an evil, lying bastard who sought to STEAL the government in order to commit the additional crimes of aggression and mass murder.

damien said...

Oh, I forgot to mention. None of the families from Flight 93 claimed from the government victims fund. As far as I can tell, not one.

If I understand correctly, the families are thus eligible IF the victims --indeed --perished on 911. Interesting post, Damien, as always. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Len, I won't burden readers with a whole pile of stuff on Flight 77, except for two links. There are a lot of good details about Flight 77 here. And Carol Valentine's account of the attack aftermath at the Pentagon contains some very interesting factoids. Firefighters from the nearby Reagan National Airport were nearby on another call and were first on the scene at the Pentagon. They put the fire out in seven minutes and when they left it mysteriously flared up and continued to blaze fiercely for 60 hours! At the bottom of Valentine's article are links to other articles by her about the Pentagon attack in which she raises a whole series of interesting points: how the FBI controlled everything, including the collection of classified military documents; how NTSB and FAA officials were only allowed into the site months after 9/11 when everything was cleaned up; how Rumsfeld declared late on 9/11 that there could not possibly have been any survivors in the debris (and that's why they used a wrecking ball to bring down a wall when they had on hand unlimited amounts of specialist military recovery teams who could have extricated injured survivors); how local hospital ambulance helicopters were turned away and only a Parks and Wildlife helicopter was allowed to transport the injured; evidence of an earlier explosion at 9:31 (when the official time given is at 9:37); the claim that the autopsy specialists were the same ones used to cover up WACO, and the explosion specialists were the same ones used at Oklahoma City. And so on. I don't think she mentions the fact that of all the immediate witnesses to the attack, the ones providing the most certain reporting of a UA 757, were all journalists affiliated to the same organization and to the military. Anyhow, she's worth a read.

I know there are too many links given above for people to explore at length, but the CeeCee Lyles link and Beamer-Bingham connections are intriguing. Thanks for the great article. There's stuff there I hadn't seen before. Cheers

Unknown said...

Damien, thanks for your GREAT posts.


If it is OK with you, I would like to put both your recent posts in a new article and credit you as 'guest columnist'.

I hope the time is not too late to really put the heat on these guys. So far, Bush and his gang have gotten away with cold, blooded mass murder.

These people should be rounded up, tried, and shot!

kelley b. said...

So what happened to Flight 77 and its passengers?

A human body, partwise, is worth about $10,000 in the right market.

Just sayin'...

Unknown said...

kelley b. said...

So what happened to Flight 77 and its passengers? A human body, partwise, is worth about $10,000 in the right market.

Excellent point! In the cases of Flight 93 and 77, Bushco may have been just flown them over DC into the Atlantic where they were 'dumped' just past the continental shelf. At that depth, they would NEVER, EVER be recovered.

Anonymous said...

In direct relation to 9/11 Truth:


Anonymous said...

Len, thanks for your kind offer, but my notes here are genuinely ramshackled and incomplete and are just offered in case people want some related links. Leave it for a while and I'll post an edited version at my general hack blog. If you like it, then by all means put it up at EC. There are plenty of so-so articles on 9/11. There really is a need for coherent, compelling ones. But do whatever you think best. cheers

Unknown said...

Damien, that sounds like a plan. Give me a shout at
when you've revised to your standards.

Re: radiodujour...

Thanks for the link:

and for your welcome comments.


Welcome back, my friend and thanks for the links. I recommend these vids.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Len for your efforts to shake Americans awake. It's like trying to pull a steer out of quicksand. I can't get my own family to look at the facts. They just don't want to know. It's too horrible for people to grasp. Thanks Damien for the additional info. I know what really went down. I fear for the future. We are at the twilight of modern man. It's weird that the Mayans predicted 2012 as a time of catastrophic change.

marain said...

As ever, Len, thank you for featuring this issue so prominently in your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hello Len ~

Very honored that my 9/11 Truth video is on your site. I still have hope for someone to come forward (with ultimate bravery/courage) during the next administration.

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Len for your efforts to shake Americans awake. It's like trying to pull a steer out of quicksand. I can't get my own family to look at the facts. They just don't want to know.

You summed it up perfectly. People just don't want to know. Jacob Bronowski stated in his 'Science and Human Values' that there is a MORAL IMPERATIVE implied in science and that is: behave in such a manner that what is true MAY BE VERIFIED TO BE SO. I would add that the corollary to that is that people have a moral obligation to not merely demand the truth but must seek it out.

marain said...

thank you for featuring this issue so prominently in your blog.

You are very kind and thank you for helping keep this issue alive.

WindHarps said...

Very honored that my 9/11 Truth video is on your site. I still have hope for someone to come forward (with ultimate bravery/courage) during the next administration.

I share that hope. However, Obama inherits an UTTERLY CORRUPT AND EVIL MIC and CIA. I doubt he can do anything about it. The last President to warn of the MIC was Eisenhower. The last President to promise to SMASH the CIA was JFK and he paid for having said that with his life.

Sadly, folk! There is something very, very rotten in Denmark. And I don't see any substantive changes short of a REAL revolution --one in which the MIC is put out of business and the CIA is smashed into a MILLION pieces.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Kyle was behind 9/11. I thought everybody knew that. Don't you guys watch "South Park".

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Hart.
Many people are probably reluctant to face the reality their own country using the device of "False Flag" operation.
Most would prefer to salute the flag, open a bottle of spirits, and fall neatly into line behind whatever war their government declares.
Might one offer perspectives from "over the pond".

However, in Germany, a former minister,(Technology/defense)Andreas Von Bulow, is on record as stating without doubt, the agencies of the CIA and Mossad were behind the nefarious attacks of 9/11.

In Italy, the former prime minister, Francesco Cossiga, has also gone on official record stating that he too is absolutely certain that the CIA and Mossad were the perpetrators of 9/11.

Most of the UK government has been lamentably tight-lipped over what they may or may not know, with the possible exception of labour party "outsider", Michael Meacher who quite some years ago, added his deconstructionalist editorial of the "official version."

Your article explores many tangents, and hopefully the day is almost nigh when there is sufficient internal pressure to bring the full truth of this sordid matter to public exposure.

Unfortunately for the decent ordinary people of America, this can anly occur from within, as no nation on earth has the capacity or intention of intervening on your behalf.

Peace, and best wishes.

Mohamed O`Flanagan.

Unknown said...

Mohamed O` Flanagan. said...

Hello Mr Hart. Your article explores many tangents, and hopefully the day is almost nigh when there is sufficient internal pressure to bring the full truth of this sordid matter to public exposure.

Thanks for the links and your 'take' on this. Indeed, I would prefer to believe that all our administrations were merely fighting for 'truth, justice and the American way'. Fact is, I haven't been exposed to the Superman myth since the last episode of 'Lois and Clark', a series made palatable by the comely Teri Hatcher.

More realistically, the US government, perhaps most governments, are little more than gangs that have at their disposal the awesome power of military force. Think about it! WE --the people --PAY with our tax monies for the 'privilege' of being bullied, threatened, and, in the case of 911, made war upon by our own government.

I am of the opinion that ANYONE in our government, having ordered, consented, or conspired to pull off 911, should be stood against a wall and shot! Or perhaps frog marched up on a scaffold and hanged.

Wake up, America! Your government has betrayed you.

Anonymous said...

What WAS under that blue tarp military personnel were so keen on removing unseen from the crime scene?

I'd wager a very easily recognizable part of a Global Hawk...and when DID that Nevada base that USAF pilots remotely guide their Predators over the Afghanistan/Pakistan border and conduct missile attacks become "operational", anyway?

Last but not least, let's not forget that USAF EB-4 "flying command center" witnessed over NYC and D.C. DURING the "attacks." Videotaped and photographed.......I'm thinking the USAF has "some 'splaining" to do....never mind they never SHOWED UP to 'defend" us, now did they?

Yet testified they tracked a "hi-jacked" plane from Ohio straight into their own damn building???

"LUCY!!!!!. You have some 'splainin' to do!!"


Anonymous said...

"So what happened to Flight 77 and it's passengers?"

If I had to guess, I would say "The Dead Tell No Tales", and they were shot down in the "exercise" Cheney was running. IF it can be proven it even took off that day. I don't know. That would be my "Occam's razor" reply.

However, I DO know the official 911 commission report has a flaw regarding the events that day. At least in my opinion.

Seems that the official version is that after the AA11 flight turned off it's transponder, the ground controller asked UA193 if it "could see" AA11? And the reply? "Yes"!!!

Now keep in mind, according to official records, AA11 took off (wheels off) 12 minutes before UA 193. Yet 12 minutes later, the pilot of UA 193 "could see" AA11?

Ever sit on the ground, looking up and watch a commercial jet fly across the sky? How long before you can't see it anymore? 2 minutes? 5 minutes? For SURE, after 12 minutes, you can NOT see this plane anymore.

It gets better.

Now, after this UA 193 flight responds in the affirmative to seeing AA11, and the ground controller says they think it is a possible hijacking, the UA 193 pilot says this: (official commission report, mind you, not exact words but the gist is correct) "While we were still on runway (both UA 193 and AA11), I thought I heard someone taking over (or hijacking) AA11."

WHAT THE FU..?????

Are we to believe this United pilot HEARD a possible hijacking ON THE GROUND, and did not EVEN RADIO AA11 or Ground Control to ask if everything was okay?

NOT BELIEVABLE. At least to my mind.

Oh yeah, and immediately after reporting this "ground hijacking" of AA11, the UA 193 transponder goes dead: Hijacked. Suuuure, I suppose with his hearing a possible attack on the ground, and then having the Ground Controller tell him it is a possible hijacking in the air, he allows unauthorized passengers into his cockpit......Bullshit.

These pilots are TRAINED to FLIP THE PLANE UPSIDE DOWN and break the necks of potential hijackers. That's a fact. And, oddly enough, two witnesses of Flt. 93 stated they saw it fly over a mountain UPSIDE DOWN and ON FIRE. (oops! No "Let's Roll" scenario possible)

No witnesses claimed to see it impact, though.

For some reason, these two military veterans (who also stated they heard a missile fired) are seldom quoted by msm sources. Well, not "seldom", never is more like it.

And, to my mind, it sure looks like UA 193 is guided into the second tower by someone "painting" the tower with a laser. I am not sure if the laser was airborne, or on the ground, but that IS a laser, and the plane almost hits it (laser spot) exactly (and may explain the odd and harsh "correction" the jet makes to impact tower.)

So the whole flight scenario of 9/11/01 needs to be PROFESSIONALLY investigated by NEUTRAL, FOREIGN investigators, say a German, Swiss and French consortium.

Then charges brought.

Looking more and more to me like we are coming down to a few choices, and one of the key ones is whether we de-fund and de-claw the military through peaceful, political means, or after a violent face-off, with many innocents killed and injured.... Either way, The Beast will fall. It is the "muscle" of the NWO, of "Globalization" and has fewer and fewer friends, domestic and foreign, by the day.

We can't afford this beast, and I can not see the world continuing to fund the American national debt, thereby American hegemony, keeping the American military conquest machine operative. As well as it's alter ego: Israel.

I mean, would it not be less expensive AND more effective militarily and economically for China to stop loaning us money (buying no-interest Treasury Notes), then to continue to fund us, and our military, while spending billions to defend themselves against us?

Would it not be in OUR VERY BEST INTERESTS as a NATION OF RIGHTS AND LAWS, to simply stop PAYING TAXES to an Unrepresentative government acting criminally out-of-control?