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The Origins of American Decline in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy

by Len Hart, the Existentialist Cowboy

The Warren Commission's official 'magic bullet' theory was cooked up to cover up the undeniable fact that the shot that killed JFK came from the front, the infamous grassy knoll where witnesses were photographed rushing up the knoll toward a leafy cover just behind the picket fence.

Gerald Ford admitted to tampering with evidence while he was on the Warren Commission. In other words, Ford committed a federal crime the effect of which has kept the truth from the American people since 1963.
The initial draft of the report stated:
    "A bullet had entered his back at a point slightly above the shoulder to the right of the spine."
Ford wanted it to read:
    "A bullet had entered the back of his neck slightly to the right of the spine."
--Gerald Ford's Terrible Fiction
The murder of Lee Harvey Oswald by known mobster Jack Ruby was entirely too timely, too convenient. It necessitated the creation of the Warren Commission which, in fact, facilitated and promoted the government's official cover story.
"According to the Warren Report the missile hit JFK in the posterior neck, then without striking any hard object passed through the neck to exit at the front of his throat. It then entered Texas Governor John B. Connally's back at the right arm pit, sliding along his fifth rib, demolishing four inches of the rib before it exited his chest below the right nipple. The bullet then allegedly struck and shattered the radius of the right wrist on the dorsal side, then exited at the base of his palm and hit his left thigh just about the knee.

The Report then asserts that CE 399 traveled about three inches beneath the surface of the skin, hit the femur and deposited a lead fragment on the bone. Then, sometime later, with a spasm of reverse kinetic energy it spontaneously exited the hole in Connally's thigh and neatly tucked itself under the mattress of a stretcher parked in a hallway of the Parkland Memorial Hospital that the Report asserted was linked to the wounded governor. There it rested calmly under the mattress waiting for its rendezvous with history."
--Gerald McKnight, Researcher
The "chain of evidence" on Commission Exhibit 399 --known as the 'Magic Bullet' --had been broken. The government could not have convicted Oswald with a 'magic bullet'. Moreover, because the 'chain of evidence' had been broken, the 'magic bullet' would not have been admitted as evidence.

A trial of Oswald would have exposed the fraudulent nature of the Warren Commission --motive enough to order the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald who had maintained from the get go that he was a 'patsy'. Oswald, I am sure, would have had much more to say in his own defense had his case gone to trial. Oswald was the man who knew too much.

The death of Oswald was improbably convenient. It relieved the government of having to get a conviction which it most certainly could not have done with inadmissible evidence. Incredibly, however, we are expected to believe a simple-minded cover story that would have been thrown out of court by a competent and/or honest judge. We are expected to believe that a single bullet fired from the Mannlicher-Carcano was responsible for numerous wounds --a fatal one to JFK and serious wounds to Texas Governor John Connally. None of this would have gotten by a spirited, competent defense.

The Zapruder film would have been played back in court, proving to any intelligent jury that the 'magic bullet' was not only wrong and inadmissible, it was irrelevant. The fatal shot came from the front, striking JFK just above his right eye, exploding his skull and driving his head backward from the impact.

Backward and to the left. 

 If you doubt this, here is a link to a unique site: Zapruder Film Frame by Frame. Every frame of Zapruder is enlarged and accessible with a link. Zapruder can be examined, literally, frame by frame.

The murder of JFK may not have been the classic coup d'etat usually announced amid great chest beating and displays of arms and/or militia.

This coup d'etat was a covert takeover by the low profile beneficiaries inside the Military/Industrial complex and throughout the CIA. As subsequent events have proven since that date, Lincoln's vision of a 'government of the people, by the people and for the people' did, indeed, perish from this earth. If it was not the classic coup d'etat, we might have been better off if it had been. Our traitors are cowards who subvert us with secrecy, lies, and subterfuge. Some prefer the tyrant that can be seen to unseen 'spooks' who murder by stealth and proxy.

If Oswald had gone to trial, the 'magic bullet' might never have been debated --powerful motive to prevent such a trial. The 'magic bullet' theory is intended to deflect attention from the grassy knoll where JFKs killer fired a fatal shot to the front from behind the cover afforded him by a picket fence and a considerable foliage.

The attending staff at Parkland said that Kennedy's neck wound was an entry wound --not an exit wound; therefore JFK sustained at least two shots from the front. These are the truths that are highly inconvenient to the government and other proponents of the 'official' Oswald story. It is a 'story' that would have been consigned to the dust bin of history had Oswald lived and had the government been required to prove its absurd case against him.
Numerous witnesses described hearing a shot from that direction; others saw smoke.

What those witnesses saw was captured most dramatically by Abraham Zapruder. His film proves conclusively that the fatal shot [Frame 313] forces JFKs head backward and to the left. Secondly, it is clear that the limousine begins to slow from a forward speed of 9 MPH to 7.8 MPH at frame 310.

Frame 313 is undeniable and irrefutable. JFK was still alive when a powerful shot from the front exploded upon impact on the right side of the President's forehead, just above his right eye. As Dan Rather initially described the film: the head was knocked backward by the impact of a shot fired from the front . In Zapruder we witness the results of a gunshot wound from the front --not a whiplash from a limousine popping a wheelie.

The many official lies about JFKs murder have had the effect, in fact, of deflecting attention from real evidence that disproves the official narrative, real evidence that had it been followed up would most certainly have proven that Lee Harvey Oswald: 1) could not have fired the fatal shot; 2) was probably not even in the depository window at the time of the murder; 3) would have been ill-placed as a shooter even IF he had a part of the bigger conspiracy.

There are many reasons to discount every part of the official narrative, everything said by the government and the Warren Commission about the murder of JFK. There is only one reason people lie in cases like this: they do not wish you to know the truth. They do not wish you to suspect that a shooter in the grassy knoll would have had the best shot, the best chance to murder JFK. There is only one reason 'they' do not wish you to know or suspect this: the government itself was complicit with a grassy knoll shooter.

Otherwise, why is the government so threatened? Why are official conspiracy theorists so adamant, so intolerant, so insistent? How do idiots get so smart, so fast?

Having seen certified pictures of the so-called 'magic bullet', I find it hard to believe that the bullet had ever been fired, let alone slicing through flesh and smashing hard, dense bone as the government shills would have you believe. You can see pictures of the 'magic bullet' [CE 399, posted above; click for larger image] at the JFK LANCER. This is the very picture of pristine. It is highly doubtful that it had even been fired, let alone create multiple wounds and extensive bone damage. Secondly, Zapruder frame 230 proves that John Connally had not been hit by the same bullet that magic bullet theorists say struck JFK. On this point, the expert testimony of a pathologist may be seen in the second video in the playlist posted below.

The Warren Commission simply discounted anything that didn't fit officialdom. The magic bullet was concocted by Arlen Specter though he has no experience in forensics! My opinion is, at least, as good as his and most certainly less biased in favor of anything that might benefit the GOP, the MIC, or the CIA.

Specter may have hoped to deflect attention from the real source of the fatal bullet that struck JFK just above his right eye from the front. Specter may have hoped to paper over the holes. Specter's motives are relevant to the Warren Commission's credibility. If it was Specter's motive to cover up the truth by diversion, then he is guilty of obstruction of justice. Moreover, if the fatal shot came from the front the 'magic bullet' is just another establishment red herring at best, a federal crime at worst. It hinges upon Specter's motives.

The Magic Bullet was entered into the chain of evidence before it had been taken out of Connally's leg --evidence that the 'official magic bullet theory' was concocted in advance of the investigation. The 'state' was looking for anything that would shore up the cover. Real investigations are not conducted in this manner. But cover ups are! Indeed, even the FBI and the Secret Service stated in their separate reports that JFK and John Connally were struck by separate bullets.
A Warren Commission member expressed serious reservations about one of the panel's more controversial conclusions, the theory that a single shot wounded both President John F. Kennedy and Texas Gov. John Connally, a long-secret document has revealed. The "magic-bullet" theory was essential to the commission's conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone assassin. 
Marked "confidential," the released document was a memorandum sent by commission member John J. McCloy to the commission's chief counsel, J. Lee Rankin. It was dated June 24, 1964, seven months after Kennedy's assassination in Dallas, and conveyed McCloy's critique of a draft of the final Warren Commission report. 
"I think too much effort is expended on attempting to prove that the first bullet, which hit the president, was also responsible for all of Connally's wounds," McCloy wrote. (Note: the commas are not in the original.) "The evidence against this is not fully stated." He added that a section of the report dealing with the possibility of shots being fired at Kennedy's motorcade from an overpass was "not well done." Elsewhere, McCloy questioned the commission's account that a bullet found on a stretcher at Dallas' Parkland Hospital - where Kennedy and Connally were treated after being shot - was the "magic bullet." He wrote: "The statement concerning the bullet which was found on the stretcher is not particularly persuasive because there is no indication that the `stretcher bullet' was in fact the bullet which caused the [Connally] wrist wound." 
The "magic-bullet" theory's importance to the conclusion that Oswald alone killed Kennedy lay in the number and timing of the shots fired at the president's motorcade. The commission concluded there was time for Oswald to fire no more than three shots and that he did, in fact, fire three times. One was said to have missed the presidential limousine entirely. A second - the fatal bullet - was said to have struck Kennedy in the back of the head. That left just one more bullet, but it was known that Kennedy also had been struck in the lower part of the back of his neck and that Connally had suffered wounds to his back, right wrist and left thigh.
--JFK Lancer
As relevant as these conclusions are, it is the fraudulent manner in which the 'magic bullet is introduced that makes this a case of obstruction of justice, possibly high treason to which Arlen Specter was complicit.

According to JFK Lancer, on March 20, 1964 the W. Commission took testimony of Darrell Tomlinson who found the bullet on a gurney in Parkland, Hospital. Incredibly, Tomlinson, was never shown CE-399 or asked to identify it as the bullet he found that day. Having Tomlinson ID the bullet would have confirmed the bullet's bone fides.

But that did not happen.

Like 911, the official cover story is built upon a demonstrable lie. Like 911, the official story was and remains pure bullshit! Like 911, the official cover story has had, in fact, the effect of shielding culprits who committed murder and high treason! Like 911, the culprits are found throughout and in positions of power in what is still called the 'government' of the United States. It is a government that repeatedly betrays the citizens, the sovereign people.

How many more lies have been puked up by the Warren Commission in order to cover up the truth about the cold, blooded murder of JFK?

Every crime is a matter of motive, method and opportunity. In this case, those who had the most powerful motives had the most powerful methods at their disposal. Those who wanted JFK dead had methods equal to their designs. They had the awesome power of the state on their side and they would use it in an act of treason against the state, the person of JFK and against the interests of the people who had placed JFK in office. This is murder on the most obvious level but on another it is an act of high treason. That some of these traitors still live and occupy high office is most certainly at the root cause of this nation's demise.

It is not unreasonable to conclude that planning for the JFK murder began with his historic inaugural address. Subsequently, he promised to smash the CIA into a 'thousand pieces'; he threatened to expose 'secret societies' and 'cults' that he believe posed a threat to the republic; he promised to abolish the FED. The nation, having endured the seemingly endless Viet Nam quagmire, abominable abrogations of Civil Rights, a war waged by the CIA and the FBI against civil liberties, it is easy to forget how revolutionary were JFKs words.
Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans—born in this century, tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and bitter peace, proud of our ancient heritage—and unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights to which this Nation has always been committed, and to which we are committed today at home and around the world.
--John F. Kennedy, Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961
Likewise, the entrenched establishment of about one percent of our own population could not have been happy with JFKs commitment to human rights.
To those peoples in the huts and villages across the globe struggling to break the bonds of mass misery, we pledge our best efforts to help them help themselves, for whatever period is required—not because the Communists may be doing it, not because we seek their votes, but because it is right. If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.
--JFK, Inaugural Address
In 1961, many powerful forces in and out of the US government would have felt threatened by JFKs commitment to the United Nations, a body still widely opposed and reviled by powerful forces inside the US.
To that world assembly of sovereign states, the United Nations, our last best hope in an age where the instruments of war have far outpaced the instruments of peace, we renew our pledge of support—to prevent it from becoming merely a forum for invective—to strengthen its shield of the new and the weak—and to enlarge the area in which its writ may run.
--JFK, Inaugural Address
And then JFK struck at the very source of an evil 'livlihood' --the Military/Industrial complex about which Dwight Eisenhower had but recently warned.
Let both sides seek to invoke the wonders of science instead of its terrors.
--JFK, Inaugural Address
The MIC is simply not interested in the 'freedom of man'. Like the Mafia, the MIC is in the death business and, under regimes of Reagan, Bush Sr and Bush Jr, the nation itself has become Murder, Inc.
My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.
The MIC is not interested enough in the 'freedom of man' to bother reading the US Constitution. When Gen. Haydon was appointed to head up the CIA, it was obvious that he had never bothered to read the Constitution and was appallingly ignorant, lacking even a 7th grade knowledge of the Fourth Amendment. This was not surprising in the administration of one George W. Bush who had called the Constitution just a "Goddamned piece of paper!"

What has resulted from the cold-blooded murder of JFK, a murder that I believe was carried out largely by our own government? Certainly, the death of JFK seems to have ushered in the present era, dominated as it is by the right wing. For that reason, the faults of the Democratic party are not found in its opposition to the GOP but, rather, in its failure to oppose the GOP. Since 1980, the GOP simply ran rough shod for all but eight years.

The GOP --party to numerous treasons, lies and betrayals --confirm that the GOP is not a political party. The GOP is, rather, a criminal conspiracy, a syndicate, evincing symptoms of the very worst and evil cults. Comparisons to the Nazi party are not out of line; they are conservative. The GOP must bear the criminal responsibility for having subverted the US Constitution by fraud and force and, most recently and conspicuously aiding, abetting and facilitating the rise to power of George W. Bush whose legacy about whom it is charitable to state the obvious that he was this nation's very worst President ever.


Mauigirl said...

Well said. I've always thought the Oswald-Ruby thing was way more than a coincidence and certainly there is a great deal of evidence that the murder of JFK was part of a much larger conspiracy.

Unknown said...

Mauigirl said...

Well said. I've always thought the Oswald-Ruby thing was way more than a coincidence and certainly there is a great deal of evidence that the murder of JFK was part of a much larger conspiracy.

By the time JFK took office, power no longer resided with the office of 'President'. That is the message of Eisenhower's famous warning re: the Military/Industrial Complex.

JFK biggest mistake was thinking himself in charge. He paid for that mistake with his life.

This was really no conspiracy, unless you believe the government itself is a conspiracy and --at this point --it's all just a matter of semantics. The 'government' simply disposed of JFK because he represented a revolutionary threat to its power centers.

Bush was the opposite of JFK in that he was 'their' man, a little tin horn 'dictator' whose unbridled ambition was catered to as the Praetorian Guard no doubt kissed up to Caligula --until his megalomania became a liability. Then the guard themselves murdered his sorry ass. Bush is LUCKY!

But we are not! The people are losers in both scenarios. Bush may be leaving office but the real axis of evil --the MIC, the CIA and K-Street --is still intact.

We've gained little, perhaps nothing.

Unless Obama has guns to match his rhetoric, he will be unable to effect any fundamental change. And should he try, he will remain in danger.

The nation has yet to bring about any meaningful 'revolution'.

Anonymous said...

I honestly see the seeds of American decline as having been planted in 1948, with the establishment of the CIA and the NSA. Large, unaccountable shadow organizations almost always insinuate themselves deeply into Government, and as such are untenable for a democratic society.

Unknown said...

JollyRoger said...

I honestly see the seeds of American decline as having been planted in 1948, with the establishment of the CIA and the NSA.

Indeed, one of the motives for murdering JFK was his pledge to smash the CIA into a 'thousand pieces'.

See my article: Three Reasons JFK was Murdered

Anonymous said...

The investigation of the JFK assassination was the origin of another bit of folklore that the GOP has exploited mercilessly.

Prior to that "investigation" people who had ideas that the government wanted to marginalize were called Communists, or if that was too obviously ridiculous they were said to wear tin-foil hats. The JFK investigation introduced the new term of derision, conspiracy theorist. Notwithstanding that criminal convictions for conspiracy are not at all uncommon, having a conspiracy theory (such as most prosecutors do, much of the time) became a symptom of mental derangement.

The notion was that anyone who doubted the official line on the JFK killing, that a single deranged killer did it all, must be out of their mind. The term then came into general use for someone who was to be ridiculed.

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

The JFK investigation introduced the new term of derision, conspiracy theorist.

Indeed! You are correct.

It's the perfect cover. If a government, an administration, a political party can convince the gullible public that 'conspiracies do not exist' then they can get away with murder, in Bush's case --MASS MURDER!

Most significant crimes are the result of conspiracies. Petty crooks may work alone. That's why they are petty. At the risk of sounding redundant: SIGNIFICANT crimes are pulled off by crime syndicates and governments.

I urge rational folk to consult Westlaw or Findlaw. Only petty crimes can be pulled off by one person working alone. Because 'conspiracies' are how crimes get done, I urge rational folk to consult Westlaw or Findlaw. Look it up...there are more SCOTUS decisions and US Codes having to do with conspiracies than I care to count.

Obviously, the US Congress and the US Supreme believes in conspiracies and takes them very, very seriously.

Right wing or GOP trolls or paid shills who bandy about mere labels get deleted on this board.

Anonymous said...

Another excellent article.
The following is in direct to holocausts of propaganda, Orwellian twists, and how the last eight years witnessed an administration which had no problem (secretly) modernizing nazi techniques:

Truth & Dissent: Voices of Conscience

Anonymous said...

Excellent article. What the sheeple do not understand is that just about everything our Government tells us is a conspiracy theory! From Hoover to Bush the American public has been conned. What is really egregious, the same people are still in power today and will not let Obama do much change!

George W.Bailey said...

Great post Len! Most certainly, the Magic Bullet is the biggest fraud to come out of Kennedy assassination. I'm glad you quoted Gerald McKnight. His excellent book, Breach of Trust should be read by all, in regards to the WC and political games they were playing behind the public's back.

And there are even more problems with CE 399:
1. No existing FD 302 form which an FBI agent fills out when talking to witnesses and taking evidence in possession. Because of this the bullet is not properly authenticated.
2. Barnwell Odum, listed in an FBI report to the WC as being the agent in charge, says he was never at Parkland, never talked any the witness and never took the bullet in his custody. (Bugliosi brushes this off by saying Odum simply forgot. Odum said to investigators he most certainly had not!)
3. Oddly, days after the assassination, nurses reported they continued to find bullets on stretchers.
4. A large number bullet fragments were taken out of Connally's body. Far more than could have come off CE 399. One one the size of fingernail.

And most areas of the investigation are like this.

Anonymous said...

The motive for the murder was that the military-defense-intelligence complex considered Kennedy a traitor for refusing to bomb and invade Cuba, for refusing a false-flag nuclear strike of the USSR, for refusing to escalate in Vietnam, and for his secret rapprochement with Kruschev and Castro. In other words, the Joint Chiefs, the Pentagon, the CIA, and military-defense contractors were furious with JFK for trying to end the Cold War.

Tim Fleming
author,"Murder of an American Nazi"

Anonymous said...

Until the Civil War, states stood as equals to the federal Government, under the law. After that conflict, the federal power became supreme, with another check to centralised power being removed.
Lincoln feared that the "moneyed interests" were more dangerous to the Republic than the Rebel armies and complained that there were two wars going on, with Money winning.
By the time of the Spanish-American war, big business controlled foreign policy and the new mass marketing techniques of the press sold the public on Imperial Righteousness.
When W.J.Bryan resigned as Secretary of State under Wilson, Bryan was very outspoken about how Money was pushing the U.S. into the war in Europe.
The "left" was destroyed in the U.S. after WWI and has never recovered, being equated with Godless Communism, etc.
WWII put corporate power firmly in charge, and no candidate now dares to expose or challenge this power, as murder is a norm- witness Sen Wellstone, Gary Webb, and hundreds more, known or unknown who have disappeared down the memory hole.
Popular mythology is exclusively pro status-quo, as alluded to above.
The solution is popular education which brings the real history of events to light, though how this may be achieved in a non-literate consumer society escapes me.
Good piece of writing, thanks!
Don Smith

Unknown said...

Great posts from Windharps, George, Tim, and Don.

And I agree with everything you've said.

George, thanks for the add'l info re: CE-399. Wouldn't it been great if a really smart lawyer defended Oswald. He could have turned the tables; he could have put our so-called GOVERNMENT on trial.

Tim reminds that JFK was branded a 'a traitor' because he would not invade Cuba and, at last, refuse air support for the Bay of Pigs invasion. I would have loved to have got into that but lack the time and space on this article. Certaintly --JFKs many enemies made common cause to kill him.

Don sez...

The "left" was destroyed in the U.S. after WWI and has never recovered

Indeed! I daresay that 'thinking' is more 'conventional' in America than in any other nation on earth. It was all by design.

Anonymous said...

There is really not much left to uncover.

You can read all about it here: click !

Tango daddy said...

It’s Just a “Theory until it’s proven. With the JFK assassination all of the evidence has already been given. It just has not been given in the proper venue. The magic bullet theory, only one shooter theory, Warren Commission theory, all just theory.
What has been proven is that magic bullet was an impossible feat of trajectory, a second shooter and gun smoke was seen on the grassy knoll indicating a second shooter. The Warren Commission Report is just a theory when so many other facts have been proven.
No one was ever charged no truth was ever given in a court of law. A government determination of fact was given and all else hidden under national security concerns. Kind of the same old story with a new set of words with 9/11. The government has put forth on both occasions JFK and 9/11 a semi plausible theory, Facts prove otherwise on both occasions. What have been given are lies.
So the question becomes how do we the People get the facts to the proper venue? The Short answer is investigations. Enforcement of subpoenas indictments prosecution let it take its time and not be distracted by political influence let it go where the facts take it. A democracy is flawed before it begins if it is dictated by religion or political influence. The law even though it is a fool and the Constitution even though it is just a piece of paper is all that stand between men and slaves and mankind and justice.

Unknown said...

Tango daddy said...

It’s Just a “Theory until it’s proven. With the JFK assassination all of the evidence has already been given. It just has not been given in the proper venue. The magic bullet theory, only one shooter theory, Warren Commission theory, all just theory.

Indeed! An irrational double standard applies: ONLY the GOP is allowed to indulge STUPID theories like 'trickle down', 'world-wide Muslim terrorist conspiracy', or, in this case, the MAGIC BULLET.

Not only the GOP but the entire right wing mindset is --in the language of Texas --BULLSHIT!

What has been proven is that magic bullet was an impossible feat of trajectory

Sherlock Holmes (A. Conan Doyle) put it this way:

"...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

The 'magic bullet theory' is impossible. The right wing errs twice: 1) they theorize BEFORE they investigate; 2) they NEVER investigate.

Certainly, if Holmes' standard is applied to 911, the 'whole rotten edifice' comes crashing down.

911 was cooked up BEFORE the event. It was a prepared cover story rolled out in hopes that it would shut down objective, professional investigation. Again --the axis of GOP/rightwingidiot-ology/MIS prevailed. Truth loses.

No one was ever charged no truth was ever given in a court of law.

That's one of the characteristics of tyranny. The only reason GOP regimes tolerate a 'criminal justice system' is that it is a SOP to public sentiment even though the administration of it is truly 'criminal'. It's smoke and mirrors, the illusion of justice. There is a reason that in Texas, the prisons and death row are disproportionately filled with minorities. The 'criminal justice' system has been both criminalized and corporatized.

The law even though it is a fool and the Constitution even though it is just a piece of paper is all that stand between men and slaves and mankind and justice.

I have been radicalized by right wing idiocy and extremism. Machiavelli summed it up thusly:

"...all armed prophets have conquered and unarmed prophets have come to grief."

If Bush ever fancied himself Machiavelli's 'The Prince', he was just kidding himself. Certainly, Bush used arms against Iraq but violated Machiavelli's warnings with regard to the expense of armed occupation. It was ruinous in Machiavelli's time. It has been ruinous to the United States.

The enemies of the US are not without but within. The enemies of the US are found among those who believe first in a political ideology and from that false premise (and they are all false) derive equally false conclusions.

The GOP are not merely wrong and wrong headed, they are BACKWARD thinking from preconceived conclusions.

The 'magic bullet' is a case in point. JFKs real killers know it to be bullshit. Not surprising! They are murderers and crooks. It's the GOP faithful are an even bigger problem because there are more of them. It doesn't matter to them that the 'magic bullet' is an impossibility. 'Multiple shooters' challenges their cherished prejudices upon which their wasted lives are premised.